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What to do to make the dream not come true if you had a bad dream

Sometimes dreams, in particular nightmares, are so detailed that after awakening a person can remember any trifle. Dreams that appear neutral at first glance can also foreshadow misfortune.

That is why there are ways to protect against the realization of bad sleep in reality. Using special prayers and conspiracies, you can avoid the reincarnation of sleep in life, but for this you need to properly perform the process.

And knowing some secrets, you can even try to change the course of sleep.

Until now, the nature of dreams has not been fully studied, since our brain reproduces certain scenes from life in its interpretation.

Depending on what night of the week the dream dreamed, it carries a certain symbolic significance in a person’s life.

What to do to make the dream not come true if you had a bad dream

All that dreamed on the night from Monday to Tuesday, determines the creative success of a sleeping person. Often these dreams are filled with emotions, feelings and impressions.

Interpreters of dreams recommend to pay attention to the general state after awakening. If the dreamer woke up in an optimistic mood, rested and filled with new ideas, then it is more likely to begin to bring them to life.

Everything will be as good as possible, so do not hesitate.

If a person saw victory this night, then such a dream should be considered prophetic. If nothing happens after ten days, you no longer need to wait for the implementation of the plans.

What to do to make the dream not come true if you had a bad dream

Dreams in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday are more like unfolding chaos with an incomprehensible plot. It is not recommended to take seriously the dreams of abstraction, since such dreams do not turn out to be prophetic.

However, it is worth hoping for the possible implementation of individual parts of sleep, which usually shows only the good.

What to do to make the dream not come true if you had a bad dream

Interpreters of dreams are advised to pay attention to the quality and meaning of sleep, which dreamed it was from Wednesday to Thursday. Sometimes decoding it can help in making a fateful decision and show new ways out of real problems.

It is recommended to remember the dream as much as possible and pay attention to the details. They will tell you how to get out of a difficult situation.

The interpretation of these dreams is more suitable for those who are concerned about the love side of their lives. All that dreamed on the night from Thursday to Friday is considered prophetic.

This happens due to the exacerbation of the sixth sense — intuition; Everything seen on such a night is considered the result of foreboding.

Interpreters advise to remember all the details and the dream as a whole. This will help answer many questions.

Also important is the emotional background of the dream.

Deciphering these dreams can also be things; but still their power is less than that of the visions of the previous night.

If from Friday to Saturday I dreamed of something pleasant, joyful — then we should expect pleasant impressions in the coming days. The interpretation of dreams will affect not only the dreamer himself, but also his entire inner circle.

The implementation of the dreamed plot is to be expected in the very first days after it, starting as early as Saturday morning.

The embodiment of dreams that arose on the night from Saturday to Sunday, usually comes the very next day. A big role is played by the mood of dreams and the general emotional state.

Poor development of the plot in real life should not wait, as it may not occur.

The interpretation of dreams, dreamed from Sunday to Monday, is closely related to the psychological and emotional stress on the dreamer. Most likely, the reason for this is that on Monday you need to go to work and the person is worried about upcoming activities and plans.

The treatment helps to analyze the workload of a person and to understand how strong the nervous system is under pressure.

After a bad dream, every person is afraid of his fulfillment in life. Therefore, there are methods to protect a person from the embodiment of a terrible dream.

The most effective ways to protect against a nightmare:

  • pronouncing the events of sleep out loud;
  • the use of salt or water;
  • prayers;
  • conspiracies

All methods are time tested, so the effectiveness of these methods has been proven in many cases.

To make good events in a dream prophetic, they are recommended to be kept secret.

In order for events from a nightmare or a bad dream to not come true in reality, you need to tell all the details that are stored in the memory of this dream to as many people as possible. This will have its effect in the form of sympathy for others, and worries about a bad dream will disappear.

In order to avoid the realization of a nightmare in life is recommended to use some of the signs:

Older or superstitious people recommend:

  • knock three times on the window;
  • unscrew the pillow on the pillow inside out;
  • morning after waking up open the door to a nightmare "gone".

Conspiracy is one of the most powerful ways to get rid of the effects of bad sleep.

Conspiracies should be spoken out loud in bed immediately after waking up. You shouldn’t talk to anyone before, and after pronouncing the magic words you need to cross yourself 3 times.

Effective words for protection from bad dreaming:

  • "Where the night went, go there and sleep" — pronounce only looking at the sunrise.
  • "Dream had a dream, from the servant of God (name) drove away into the far distance, into the vast boundless distance".
  • "Where the night goes, there is a dream " — repeat 3 times.
  • "As this salt melted, so my dream will disappear, it will not harm " — Before pronouncing the phrase should drink a glass of water with a small pinch of salt.

For implementation, you need to go to any water source and say the phrase: "Water, take away my sorrows and troubles ", thereby causing the bad dream to go away. It is important that the water in this source is not standing; It is best to pronounce the plot near the river with a fast current.

There are a few more powerful conspiracies to keep dreams from coming true:

  • "Good sleep resurrection, bad half (or half) burst ".
  • "Whose dream comes true, but it does not concern me. The Lord is with me, not a bad dream. Amen".
  • "What I saw in a dream, I will not see in reality ".

After uttering these words, it is necessary to wash three times with clean cold water. At such moments, the mind is cleared of evil influence and the person who saw the nightmare is reborn again.

The power of prayer has always been considered one of the most important and effective. The prayer book contains a huge amount of texts that help to neutralize a nightmare and prevent bad sleep from materializing.

Whatever the dreamer of religion, the words of prayer will put a powerful barrier that prevents the penetration of bad dreams into reality.

Strong Orthodox prayer from bad dreams:

"O holy saint of God, holy Martyr Cyprian, speedy helper and prayer book of all who come to you. Receive from us unworthy our praise and obtain for us from the Lord God in a weakness fortification, healing in sickness, consolation in sadness and all that are useful in our life.

Lift up to the Lord your prayers of good power, may He protect us from the fall of our sinful ones, teach us true repentance, may He deliver us from the capture of the devil and every action of unclean spirits, and deliver from those who offend us.

If we are a strong champion of the visible and invisible enemies, in temptation give us patience and at the hour of our death show us an intercession from the torturers in our air ordeals, let us go to Gornoago Jerusalem and be honored in the Kingdom of Heaven with all the holy glory and chant the All-Holy The Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen ".

In the scientific world, this kind of dream has its name — lucid dreaming. The essence of this method is that a person is aware of what is happening to him in a state of half-sleep and can control his actions, changing the course of a dream depending on what he wants to see.

However, to achieve this state is quite difficult, for this you need to learn how to control your mind during sleep.

In order to see a lucid dream, you must get up in the morning a few hours earlier than usual and walk around the apartment in a state of half-sleep. You can drink a glass of water, and then return to bed, in which it is desirable to lie on your back.

You should try to relax as much as possible, remove all unnecessary thoughts from your head and imagine the place where I would like to be.

While falling asleep, you must try to fully control your actions and sensations, trying to change the location and development of further events. The first attempts will probably not end in success, but do not give up.

After several attempts, the sensations will begin to change and an internal force will be felt that can control the sensations and change the course of the dream.

Everything is subject to a person, even to control and manage his dreams. If you achieve a high level of skill in their management, you can easily change the course of dreams and ward off fear.

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