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What many children dream about dream books: Miller, Vanga, etc

Many children dream, a detailed interpretation of the dream

Most often, our dreams are a reflection of our own desires and feelings for people around us. However, dreams can carry a different meaning, which one the dream book helps to understand.

Why do many children dream? According to the night dreams, different dream books give their explanation.

What many children dream about dream books: Miller, Vanga, etc

General interpretation of sleep

To see a lot of children in their sleep, who joyfully play and do not cry — to great happiness, general well-being and prosperity of your family. For a mother to see many children who are sick with something, in fact means the good health of her own children in the future, but she faces many other troubles with her beloved children.

Many children in a dream who are seriously ill or dead are — to great trouble in reality and trouble for all members of your family. If your family has a child that you saw in such a state in a dream, then you should go through an unplanned examination by doctors.

What dreams of many children who are drawn to you? This dream can mark the beginning of improving your relationship with others, relatives, work colleagues, and even strangers.

Many children who cry in your dreams — a symbol of impending disaster and alarming forebodings. In this case, you must be extremely careful to avoid false situations on the part of insidious and imaginary friends, or business partners.

Bathing kids or children in the water — a symbol of your plans for life, which soon was destined to come true. Ugly, dirty kids in tattered clothes — to disappointment and sorrow in reality.

Perhaps soon you will be deceived or embroiled in a sham deal. It is worth being more careful and wary of tempting offers from strangers.

Adopt children in a dream — to fulfill all your cherished desires. Playing with guys is an auspicious sign, which promises you to achieve all your goals in love affairs and commercial projects.

After such a dream, you can safely take up the implementation of their business ideas, or start a relationship with a person to whom you feed tender feelings.

What many children dream about dream books: Miller, Vanga, etc

To see oneself as a father or mother of children in night dreams is a sign of unfulfilled needs for self-development. Perhaps you have been putting some aspirations and spiritual matters aside for a long time, without noticing their necessity in your life.

It can also mean having a keen, subconscious need to influence someone.

Interpretation of different dream books

According to Miller’s dream book

This dream book presents several interpretations of dreams with children:

  • little laughing children — to great success in the future. Soon all your current problems will be resolved, and harmony and comfort will come to your home;
  • your children are sick in a dream — to their good health in the future. Do not worry again, nothing terrible your child does not threaten;
  • children who do their homework — to harmony and order in your family;
  • the death of a large number of children is a warning about the misfortune that will soon fall upon your family;
  • children in tears — to strained relationships with colleagues or relatives. It is necessary to be prepared for the fact that against you will begin to build nasty machinations;
  • play with children in the sandbox and experience fun — to achieve their goals. This applies to both love affairs and commercial sphere.

According to the dream book of Lofa

Dream Lofa has several interpretations of dreams with children:

  • unfamiliar children — a symbol of your internal contradictions. Nayavu You can not solve for yourself some simple questions, the answers to which are literally on the surface;
  • kids who call you mom or dad — a sign of the desire to have your own children. Such a dream can also talk about improving your relationship with your own parents;
  • small children in a dream — a reflection of your feelings, fears or relationships with other people. Perhaps you should be more attentive to the events surrounding you.

What many children dream about dream books: Miller, Vanga, etc

According to the dream Wang

The famous seer believed that the dreamed little children meant many problems in your real life. Perhaps these problems are not so significant, but this does not negate the need to solve them. In the dream book are other interpretations of dreams:

  • kids cry — to the sad events of reality. You should pay more attention to your relatives and friends. Perhaps one of them will soon become seriously ill;
  • children with disabilities or just sick kids — a sign that you should give up bad habits. It may be too detrimental to your health;
  • playing with the kids is a symbol of the fact that your hobbies and activities have ceased to satisfy you morally. Your subconscious tells you about the need to find another hobby for everyone.

According to Freud’s dream book

To dream of children according to Freud’s theory is considered to reflect the state of your sex life in reality. Caring for babies in a dream speaks of the good functioning of your reproductive system and stable sexual relationships.

A dream in which children cry symbolizes your sensual sexual nature, which is willing and able to get complete satisfaction from intimate intimacy. If you punished babies, then in reality you suffer from dissatisfaction with your sexual fantasies.

According to the Nostradamus dream book

In the Nostradamus dream book, children are a symbol of the future. Interpretation of dreams with their participation:

  • sick kids — danger warning;
  • Laughing and healthy kids — auspicious sign that predicts a change in your life for the better;
  • looking for children in a dream — an attempt to find lost happiness in reality;
  • crying babies — a symbol of minor troubles in the future;
  • to keep young children (babies) in your arms is a symbol of the fact that soon you will gain new hope and again believe in your own strength.

According to the dream book Hasse

A dream in which the children were joyful and happy, promise the dreamer material well-being or the expected profit in the near future.

If you lulled the kids in a dream — you expect a great joy in reality, they beat the kids — a sign of impending family quarrels.

A large number of children in night dreams also testifies to the groundless troubles, anxieties and experiences in your soul. Perhaps you should be more at ease with the petty troubles in your life.

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