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What many cats dream about: dream interpretation

What dreams of many cats: the interpretation of various dream books

Dreams of cats, most dream books are interpreted as a negative sign, foreshadowing betrayal and disappointment. If they are accompanied by a cat meow, then trouble can not be avoided. For the correct interpretation of a dream one should pay attention to the details: the color of the cats, their behavior, where they were, whether the kittens were healthy or sick, clean or dirty, and other nuances.

To make the interpretation of sleep as complete as possible, it is necessary to remember as many details of the dream as possible.

What dreams of many cats:

Dream interpretationDecryption
Child predictorAn unfamiliar girl will do something that will affect the dreamer’s fate.
Dream MillerFoes will deal a crushing blow. It should also be wary of scammers and thieves.
Dream for the whole familyWait for bad news
Small Veles interpreterTo dream a lot of dirty and fighting cats — to clarify the relationship not only in words. Sleeping woman will have to apply physical strength.
Dream Dream Prince Zhou-GongIf cats that catch mice are dreaming — to get a big reward in reality
Interpreter TsvetkovaTo treason lover
Dreaming nostradamusThese animals symbolize dark forces.
Interpreter of AstromeridianIt is a symbol of the dreamer’s independence and independence.
Dream interpretation of the 21st centuryCats have a bad meaning, and kittens portend profits. In the near future, the sleeping person will be offered to participate in a profitable event.

What many cats dream about: dream interpretation

Aggressive, evil, attacking animals foreshadow moral and material losses.

If the cats scratched the dreamer, he will not be able to come to his senses after a misadventure.

Cute and gentle cats foreshadow communication with hypocritical and deceitful personalities.

Sleeping cats — potential enemies for a long time will remain inactive and passive.

Births — foreshadow a series of sad events and a lingering losing streak.

To hear a prolonged and mournful meow — to irritation and misunderstanding on the part of loved ones. Homeless cats climbed into a house or apartment and the dreamer drives them away — to the beginning of a fierce struggle for a place under the sun.

To see the lost kittens — to small life troubles, which give way to great joy.

To dream of angry cats that attack a stranger — to disease and loss of strength. If you dream that wild cats attack a loved one, then this is a false friend who only pretends to be in a good intentions towards the dreamer.

The plot, in which a friend helps to fend off cats attacking the dreamer, is evidence of help from this person in real life. Burn the animals alive — to deal with their enemies, using radical methods.

The value of sleep depends on which cats dreamed.

Big cats foreshadow major problems in all spheres of life.

Dead animals are a good sign, promising victory over enemies.

If pregnant street cats dreamed, it means that something unkind is being started around a sleeping person. He is surrounded by evil and greedy people who spread dirty rumors about him and weave vile intrigues.

Dream interpretation gives several interpretations of dreams about cats, depending on their color:

  1. one. Redheads — to manifestations of ambiguous tokens from the opposite sex. The girl warns such a dream about the danger that comes from men. If a young man dreams of red cats, then soon a lady will appear in his life, to whom he will experience a strong sexual desire, but her deceit and cunning will know no bounds.
  2. 2 Black — Fortune will turn away from the sleeper for a long time, in any case he will be expected to fail. However, if the dreamer in real life does not believe in superstition about black cats and treats animals of this color with great sympathy, then failures will bypass him.
  3. 3 Whites — to the perfidy of the best friend. For single men, such a dream is an auspicious sign and promises a fateful meeting with a lover who never betrays the dreamer.
  4. four. Different colors — things will soon go smoothly, and good luck will smile to the sleeping person. This interpretation applies only to friendly animals.

Cats of unnatural colors — a sleeping person will fall into a ridiculous situation and will feel uncomfortable.

If a sleeping person succeeds in driving away or killing animals, he will be able to cope with his enemies and recognize enemies who hide their true intentions and pretend to be friends.

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