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What is the viper dreaming about in Miller, Vanga, Freud’s dream books?

The viper dreamed: the nuances of the interpretation of sleep by dream books

Rarely does a snake evoke trembling feelings, especially if it is poisonous. Rather, people experience an incredible tremor at the knees at the sight of a viper.

What dreams of such a plot, we learn in the famous dream books.

The snake will not take away its own poison

Universal and multi-valued symbol — a snake. Dear and revered by many nations of the world. The Viper is poisonous, which means it has the ability to kill, bringing death.

But at the same time, she can self-fertilize and change the skin, showing a new life. Her sinuous rings are identified with the cycle of events, the change of phenomena: life, death, light, darkness, wisdom and blind stupidity, the beginning and the end.

Living by instincts, the adder can give a man exceptional strength of mind, a cold mind, uncontrollable energy. Women are endowed with deceit, cunning, refinement and magical grace.

In mythology, snakes are called upon to protect untold riches, and various directions of Eastern philosophy reward her with superpowers to penetrate into human nature and his conscience.

What is the viper dreaming about in Miller, Vanga, Freud's dream books?

In Christianity, the serpent is Satan, the enemy of God and the participant in the fall, bringing evil and destruction. But a snake. a twisting tree is an auspicious symbol for the sleeper.

After such a dream, one can gain wisdom, craving for enlightenment and great knowledge.

The woman is both an apple and a snake

The adder attacking you means the danger of becoming a victim of robbers or fraudsters. Try not to go with a large amount of money and adhere to elementary security measures in public places.

What other situations with a viper can dream:

  • To see an unmarried girl on the way is to meet face to face with a rival who will try to steal your chosen one away from you;
  • The bite you felt was to experience the anger and hate of a woman who was once your friend;
  • Sting someone before your eyes — to shock and stress, which will subsequently change your outlook and outlook on life;
  • They scored with a stick — you will overcome all the hardships and obstacles prepared by fate;
  • Rushing, trying to bite — a dream, prompts you to include attention and dexterity. Your future career, business success and financial well-being depend on your speed of decision making and follow-up;
  • Quickly creeps away — in the wake of a series of troubles comes to the final stage, and soon luck will smile;
  • To see small cubs — to your illegibility in colleagues and friends. Someone is trying to do great harm to you, but you don’t notice even one share of the cunning and meanness of these people.

A married lady to feel that the subculture is near, but not to see it — to feel strong jealousy and anger. Distrust of your faithful will bring discord and anxiety into your life.

But doubts about his loyalty will not be in vain. Intuition does not fail you, somewhere that temptress lurks, who is waiting for the right moment for a deadly bite.

I fed a snake on your neck

For a man, a haunted viper can be interpreted in two ways — it all depends on its location to you and your relationship to it. If she agitates aggressively, throws herself and strives to bite, it means that everything in your life is not all right at work, in your family or in friendly relations.

Since this primarily characterizes the negative side of the relationship: lies, betrayal and deceit.

What is the viper dreaming about in Miller, Vanga, Freud's dream books?

Such a mood of a mammal reveals the behavior of some personalities of your circle in real life. During this period, you are like a magnet attracting those who see you as an opportunity to get something, to enrich themselves at the expense of you.

Try not to be too open, kind and generous with strangers, this is especially true for women. Seeing your spiritual warmth, weakness and softness, they continually look for an opportunity to warm themselves on your chest.

Stroking and touching a cold-blooded pet, who continually tries to encircle you with rings — this is a good sign if you enjoy it. Sleep predicts a series of favorable events that will change your attitude.

You will have new ways of spiritual development, wisdom, knowledge of your own being.

What else the viper promises:

  • Floating on a calm river — to leak information that is important for the development of your business. If you dream before a big deal — to the loss of profit and loss;
  • He sleeps in the sun in a vicious circle — stagnation in business and life in general. Because of minor problems and troubles, you have lowered your hands and hovering around in a circle, afraid to move forward. This is fraught with the fact that you will be written off from the accounts in the business sphere, will stop appreciating your professional qualities and competencies, and will appreciate only your current work;
  • Bitten by poisonous teeth — threatens to exacerbate a chronic disease or manifest a disease that has long lurked in you;
  • Hanging from a tree like a rope — more negative moments in life will appear. If you are not afraid of her — the line of problems will be a little delayed, but you can overcome everything;
  • Wounded and wriggling — will cover the insult and misunderstanding of others.

In the serpent’s den, you yourself must be a viper. Author’s dream books

Gustov Miller

Find the viper on your favorite chair — in reality there is a high probability of being a devoted man who has been trusted for a long time with all his secrets and secrets. Kill a mammal — sever communication with the traitor, thereby preventing the leakage of important information.

To see the many writhing vipers under your feet — to experience anxiety and nervousness due to minor troubles, which rivals adjust. And they burned on the chest — you will feel a deterioration of health.

Urgently take care of your health.

What is the viper dreaming about in Miller, Vanga, Freud's dream books?

Look into the eyes and feel the touch of the snake — do not avoid communicating with the hypocritical and deceitful people who surround you. Colleagues may not present you in the best light before the authorities for their own self-affirmation.

A business companion will hide from you part of the profits, citing additional costs or costs.

Snake dance in a dream can mean tricks and intricacies of enemies who want to distract you from the basic situation. Try not to succumb to provocations, trust someone else’s compliments or agree to dubious adventures.

Sigmund Freud

The snake has a phallic meaning. Brisk and wriggling — to active sexual relationships, rich and diverse intimate life.

Trying to grab the mammal, crawling away from you into the hole — the partner will look for affection and pleasure on the side.

Sleeping Viper — to the decline of your masculine energy and the subsequent potency. Workload and a constant state of stress need to be removed by women’s warmth and passion.

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