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What is the dream to write (urinate) on the Miller dream book, Psychoanalytic, Freud, Vanga

If you dream to write — in reality you should wait to ease the situation

There are some things to talk about which is not accepted out loud. For example, the natural process of emptying. It happens that during a dream, visions come in which the dreamer urinates, I don’t even want to tell about such an unseemly plot.

Therefore, people are in a hurry to look into the dream book in order to independently guess what this dream is dreaming of.

What is the dream to write (urinate) on the Miller dream book, Psychoanalytic, Freud, Vanga

What visions spell — relief or danger?

Referring to the snoot for an explanation of the dreamy picture, what dreams of writing, one can see the surprising solidarity of the authors. Just as in real life, the process of urination brings relief to the body; in the night illusion, emptying the bladder symbolizes release from accumulated aggression, preparing the transition of the individual to a new stage of development.

To correctly determine the dream prophecy, you should pay attention to the details. It is important to remember where it was possible to celebrate need, what sensations accompanied the natural process.

After all, urine is considered a symbol of the dark side of the human soul.

Getting relief

Excess urine, symbolizing the demonic principle, increases the negative energy, bringing it to rage. If according to the night scenario I had a chance to write in a dream and feel this relief afterwards, it means that in reality the dark thoughts will leave the dreamer, anger will disappear.

Pain sensations

According to dream books, a similar situation in a dream can have a double interpretation — a harbinger of a new appointment or health problems. And health problems in the urogenital area.

Therefore, upon awakening, it is better to go to the doctor for a check.

Difficulty urinating

The sleepy picture, when it is difficult to write, is often considered a warning to the sleeping person that he cannot overcome a series of problems and obstacles alone. However, the authors of some treatises associate a long stay near the toilet with the dreamer’s fatigue, which is difficult to get rid of.

What is the dream to write (urinate) on the Miller dream book, Psychoanalytic, Freud, Vanga

Departure of need in a public place

In real life, animals mark territory with urine. By analogy, some dream visions of night vision, in which the dreamer urinates on people, are associated with a desire for leadership in the family or at work.

Urinary incontinence

Nighttime dreams, where I happened to wet myself, do not foreshadow anything shameful in real life. The contemplative of the dream is waiting for the realization of the conceived plans, or the person should immediately wake up and visit the toilet.

Dreaming with urinary incontinence can warn of feelings of guilt or fatigue in reality.

An interesting interpretation of phantasmagoria, where the dreamer pees directly on another person. Illusion shows the desire of the dreaming to humiliate this person, whom in reality he considers a rival, which can lead to a cruel quarrel and opposition to reality.

How snolkovatel decipher the act of defecation

  • According to the psychologist Miller’s treatise, to see the illusion where one had written (urinates) is considered a warning to the dreamer about the heightened pace of work in reality. Such a load can lead to illness, because urine is a product of processing. If it is cloudy, the disease will be severe and prolonged.
  • The dream dream of Vanga the seer foreshadows the struggle for some property in reality if the dreamer urinates at home. The act of stool at work symbolizes the dream of a high salary, urine spilling over the ground — the dream of acquiring a plot.
  • According to Freud’s dream analyst, associating the disposal of urine with a sense of bliss, nightly dreams with the act of stool are interpreted as liberation in wake of complexes, constraint. The contemplation of the naked genitals during the process is a harbinger of power and fertility.
  • What is the dream to write on the modern dream? The process of freeing the body from the products of processing is considered intimate in reality, watching it in a dream is akin to invasion of privacy. Therefore, if according to a sleepy scenario for a bowel movement the dreamer tries to retire, it means that in reality he feels the pressure of someone else’s will. The fact of someone else’s presence is a sign of someone else’s superiority in reality.
  • According to the Psychoanalytic dream book, urine personifies the infantile form of sexuality. The authors associate liberation from the sacred fluid with purification, and the physiological fluid itself with the label of the territory. The more tags, the wider the territory. If you dream to write, it is a dreamer’s protest against the departure of love.

The authors of the Dream Interpretation from A to Z offer an interesting interpretation of dreams with urine. A urine test will warn you of a slight discomfort that will pass quickly.

If a man urinates in a dream, you should await an argument with the second half. If the dreamer himself writes, under real circumstances he will suffer from the envious gossip.

What do the dreams with someone else’s urine symbolize?

  • Sleeping with dog secretions — a close friend can cope with minor problems if urine gets on the dreamer.
  • Sleep with cat feces — in reality the person responsible for your troubles is a man who managed to pretend to be a friend.
  • Dreaming with baby urine symbolizes a lack of attention in reality. However, the dreamer himself is to blame for his own loneliness.
  • If the dream happened to write and see a puddle of urine, then cleaning it from the floor portends a disease or a disastrous situation in real life.
  • Contemplation of a vessel with urine prophesies not only health problems, but also an increase in irritation to others.

Attention! Sleepy phantasmagoria, the scenario of which happened to write and see urine with blood, is an important warning about the need to be examined.

If there is no such possibility, do not refuse preventive measures.

What is the dream to write (urinate) on the Miller dream book, Psychoanalytic, Freud, Vanga

Interpretation of sleep by other dream-books

  • Removal of fluid from the body is associated with a sense of guilt in reality, meaning aggressive vampirism associated with eroticism.
  • If the contemplator of the illusory picture, suffering from the disease, managed to spray urine in a dream, he will be cured. For a healthy sleep — a harbinger of disease.
  • The dream, according to which the child is writing, is interpreted by the dream book as the complaints of the authorities that are coming up in reality, accusations of incompetence.

In order to unravel the value of the sleepy picture in collections, where you had to write, remember where your urine was poured. If she was in a pot or a bucket — the situation in which you fell into reality is not just difficult, but even terrible. The toilet related process predicts a career takeoff.

On the occasion of a simple desire for relief, wait for the sutra to be invited to meet your loved one.

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