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What is the dream to measure the shoes on the dream book Hasse, Miller

In a dream, I measure shoes: we interpret Hasse, Miller’s dream books

What dreams of shoe fitting is not always clear. Most interpreters of dreams will say that in real life you will have to solve various difficult issues. To understand what the dream foretells you, it is necessary to take into account even tiny details.

This may be the condition of the shoe, its color and style, other nuances.

The legs symbolize the dreamer’s position in real life. Footwear acts as factors that facilitate or complicate life.

Trying on while shopping

Remember how you saw the store and how exactly you had to measure shoes. If before your eyes there was a huge number of beautiful models of shoes, you expect great and tempting prospects.

In life, you have to choose from a variety of pleasant and profitable options.

What is the dream to measure the shoes on the dream book Hasse, Miller

A meager assortment is a sign that soon you will have to tighten your belt and revise the distribution of resources. You will not particularly profitable life expectancy.

Trying on new shoes

Measuring new shoes is always good — such a dream means that you will soon be able to attract the attention of people important to you. At work, you may be offered a better position, you may even move to another organization, to a profitable place.

Such changes will bring you the long-awaited well-being.

Measure shoes that do not fit

Trying such shoes in a dream is a warning. You are very likely to be engaged in a business that does not bring big fruits, prevents you from developing and distracts from really useful ideas.

Try in life to prepare yourself for the changes that you expect. Sometimes these shoes can dream of a sign that you will soon meet a new person who can make a noticeable change in your life.

Fitting shoes on one foot

You are in a rather unstable position. We can not expect that things will go exactly according to plan.

It is necessary to treat with utmost attention to everything that is happening, you may have to pull yourself together in order to complete some things.

What were the shoes you tried on in your sleep? If you put a new shoe on one foot, and the old, worn out one remains on the other, you probably would like to change a lot around you.

Old, dirty shoes on your feet mean real-life problems that cause you great anxiety.

Shoes with a heel

What is the dream to measure the shoes on the dream book Hasse, Miller

Is ambition your hallmark? Then, if you measure shoes in a dream, you should consider this a warning. In the near future, you may have to take a few positions.

If you tried on new heeled shoes and managed to take them off, expect minor troubles from the authorities.

If your character is calm and quiet enough, such a dream can be a harbinger of promotion.

If a man sees in a dream, as he tries on shoes with heels, in real life he will be compromised in a rather unpleasant way.

Trying old shoes, in addition, symbolizes a return to an unpleasant, burdensome situation. Old things mean problems created by your past actions.

In reality, you may be denied appointment because of past events, you may lose touch with recently acquired acquaintances.

Girls Trying on in a dream old shoes, can return to the old gentleman.

A man after such a dream must wait for problems from his former partner.

Why dream of measuring shoes of the deceased

A dream in which you try on shoes of a dead man is, of course, not a pleasant one. In addition, he can warn of danger.

You need to think about this if in a dream the deceased gave them your own shoes, or you tried on them after you took off your feet.

To get rid of the danger that promises a dream, it should be told «to the wind» — this is done at midnight or before noon. You can write down the content of sleep on paper and burn it.

Then a bad dream will not come true.

Trying in a dream shoes, belonging to the deceased, can symbolize that the dreamer will repeat his fate. If the dead person was familiar to you, remember why he died.

Perhaps sleep is a warning.

To measure shoes in a dream — interpretations of different dream books

What is the dream to measure the shoes on the dream book Hasse, Miller

Every dream book fitting a shoe in a dream can be explained a little differently. If you really want to find out the meaning of the picture, you can look for interpretation in different sources.

Rely on intuition — and you can easily determine what the vision means in your case.

Dream Miller explains that such a dream, like fitting shoes, shows good luck, success. This is a sign of acquaintance with a new person who is able to become an object of love for the dreamer.

If you dreamed a large number of shoes on the shelves of the store, it can be interpreted as the need to choose the path. See yourself surrounded by old shoes — to the chagrin and everyday troubles.

According to Freud, torn shoes are a sign of infertility.

To dream about how you measure your shoes, according to Lofa’s dream book, may mean that you will soon have to help a friend out of trouble.

In Tsvetkov’s dream book, fitting large-sized shoes means multiple troubles and worries, the need to solve other people’s problems. You may hear unpleasant news about your loved one.

Dream interpretation Hasse so deciphers similar dreams: polished shoes, worn on the leg — the speedy resolution of financial difficulties. To measure shoes unpaired, differing styles — tangled relationship.

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