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What is the dream of winter in the dream of Miller, Tsvetkov, Freud

I dreamed of the winter — features of interpretation according to dream books

Winter is a time when nature freezes, and everything seems to be sleeping around under a white blanket of snow and cold cold. Someone she brings joy with their winter fun: skiing, sledding, ice skating.

And someone is waiting for the summer as soon as possible, as he is tired of ice and colds.

In the winter cold — every young

Winter personifies a calm and measured emotional state of a person. The cold period of the year, without serious elements in a dream, means a temporary pause in affairs, a decrease in immunity, and general activity. Blizzard and blizzard suggest in real life of a person a storm of passions and emotions in a relationship with the opposite sex.

And for serious businessmen the cycle of events in financial affairs.

Heavy snowfall is always interpreted as grace from heaven, which will bring monetary gain, glory, success and love. All in equal quantity, in proportion to what you expect and deserve.

What is the dream of winter in the dream of Miller, Tsvetkov, Freud

Abnormally warm weather in January, with rain and slush for women, will result in disappointment in men, colds and just a bad mood when they want to cry to someone in a waistcoat.

For men, such dampness is a hint not to plan large-scale transactions and business trips. In one moment everything will go wrong, and you will not be able to fix something.

For a woman to feel severe frosts and cold all over her body means to experience serious health problems. You can be so devastated by the struggle with the disease that you lose hope and faith in healing.

But to watch the sparkling white flakes of a young lady — to get hope for better and happier times. You are full of charm and feminine charm, with one glance capable of attracting many fans.

It remains only not to make a mistake and make the right choice.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

A mild, snowy and warm winter speaks of your temporary permanence and calm. You have entered the phase of a serious relationship, a relationship with a partner is measured and calm, an intimate life without passions and excessive emotions.

One gets the feeling that you have walked and calmed down, but it only seems to be, rather you are content with what you still have, waiting for the right occasion.

For single men, the impending cold in a dream is a signal to action, while there is still time and energy for a decisive offensive, the goal of which is to conquer the heart of a beautiful stranger. This applies to those who are confident and not accustomed to sit and wait.

You are drawn to madness and adventures even in moments of financial instability and workload.

Getting into the epicenter of a winter storm and not coping with a blizzard — plunging headlong into a passionate, but short-lived affair, which would rather take away your strength, empty out and make you suffer than it does to good deeds. You need to abandon surging feelings, otherwise you will not avoid serious consequences.

Gustov Miller

Winter is seen by those who are not satisfied with the result of their work. This business took away a lot of time, effort and energy from you, but it did not bring emotional and physical satisfaction.

The body is depleted, but the income remained the same.

What is the dream of winter in the dream of Miller, Tsvetkov, Freud

Leave labor-intensive matters for a more favorable period in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, weakening of health, financial losses. And the most important thing is to avoid depression, which can be comprehended as a result of sketching gloomy prospects for yourself.

The main thing is to believe in yourself and your lucky star.

Protracted cold, which seems to never end — prepare the dreamer for a series of tests, problems and long monotonous work. Thanks to your patience and diligence, this period will end without loss, with a positive result for you.

Winter in a dream predicts a period of difficult life situations, when you do not have to wait for a peaceful and serene existence. But one should not be afraid of difficulties; favorable changes will come to your house, as a gentle thaw comes after the cold cold.

The pre-New Year bustle and feeling of celebration will bring the dreamer pleasant moments of communication with family, playing with children and any activity for the benefit of the family.

Slush or snow and rain promise quarrels, spoiled mood, disputes and squabbles with relatives.

A visit to a snow-covered cemetery in a dream — they predict an early departure not on their own accord, all sorts of hardships and fates. Lost in the winter forest — a serious illness awaits reality.

For business people, such a dream — to the obstacles and the machinations of competitors and envious.

A snowstorm also promises a negative prediction, if you get out of it, then in reality stand and overcome obstacles and obstacles on your way.

Yuri Longo

To see oneself in summer clothes walking through snowdrifts is to be disappointed in people whose words differ from their actions and actions. You understand that the world around us is imperfect, but you cannot cope with indignation and bad mood.

Humble yourselves and do not spoil your life.

I dreamed of a real Russian winter, with high snowdrifts and severe frosts — expect a big profit or a good result from a promising business. You will succeed in everything you take.

And the slush and mud mixed in snowflakes do not foretell anything good to the sleeping person. In the near future it is better not to start anything, but to try to finish current affairs.

Fortune is not on your side now; therefore, professional failures are possible, but as a result — a fall in authority and a low rating of your professionalism in the eyes of others.

What is the dream of winter in the dream of Miller, Tsvetkov, Freud

Evgeny Tsvetkov

The winter that came to the dreamer in the summer promises huge cash inflows, especially if you see large flakes of white snow. Material wealth, like manna from heaven, will pour on you from heaven.

But all this will happen not due to chance, but due to painstaking endeavors, long work and overwhelming success.

Snowy uncharted expanses have dreamed up in winter — to the long-awaited well-deserved vacation. In your soul, now there is serenity and peace, having managed to sum up all the cases, you are not afraid to leave someone from your relatives or colleagues without your care.

Everything is calculated and controlled, and you are ready to plunge into the world of travel.

On the eve of the wedding, the young man dreamed of a severe frostbite — do not hope for a happy marriage. The bride will show herself to be a cold and wasteful wife who will be more disturbed by your salary and bonuses than the care and attention to her husband.

Watch the slowly falling snowflakes — in reality plunge into a romantic date, which will bring a lot of positive emotions. Perhaps these pleasant meetings will soon turn into a serious relationship and will become the key to a grumpy, friendly family.

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