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What is the dream of washing clothes by the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga, Tsvetkov

Dreamed of washing clothes: interpreted by Freud, Miller, Vanga

Our dreams are not subject to control or consciousness. During the day, we can occupy a high management position, be a talented composer or a high-class pilot, and at night in our dreams we can do simple everyday things.

And only wise interpreters of dreams, the authors of dream books will help to unravel what dreams to wash clothes?

General interpretation

The dream in which the washing takes place, above all, personifies the need to change your world view, attitudes, values, purification of consciousness, thoughts or speech. This is an occasion to reflect on the changes in life.

And first you need to start with yourself. It is during this period that there is time to engage in self-development and self-study.

Dream books predict the one who erased in a dream — a bright turn in destiny. But how favorable events will be in life depends on the details of sleep and emotional color.

Clean linen is an excellent sign, your work will be rewarded with success in business. And if at the same time you hang up clean washed laundry — your achievements will be appreciated according to merit.

Dirty clothes after washing — in most dream books — to failure, which will befall you thanks to your wrong decisions and actions.

I dreamed how to wash clothes by hand — do not trust others, rely only on your own strength in solving problems. A dream where washing occurs in a washing machine — the dream books interpret as a series of events, after which there will be a change of the closest environment among colleagues or close friends.

A man dreamed of a beautiful girl who washes away — to the desire of intimate pleasures. If a man himself erases dirty things — this means a period when you need to put your affairs in order. Gossip, scandals and squabbles that are now pursuing you will soon end.

But you have to make a lot of effort to restore the reputation and position. If erases a dirty shirt — treason sweetheart or spouse is not far off.

And if the water after washing the shirt was clean — suspicion and jealousy have no reason.

What is the dream of washing clothes by the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga, Tsvetkov

A woman washes dirt from laundry — to financial troubles, to the omission of benefits through her own fault. Wash underwear — wait for the influx of strength and energy, your activity will be enough to put all your affairs in order.

Dreamed of clean washed clothes — a good sign for a woman — a bright and honest relationship with her lover. Wash hands — to the challenges associated with the struggle for personal happiness.

Try — and the battle will end your victory over a rival.

Author’s dream books

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud

Washed clean clothes — the personification of the feminine. If the washed things are clean and appear quite brightly, the dreamer is clearly satisfied with his intimate life.

And his sexual partner completely suits him.

Washing in a dream means striving to get rid of some moments in real life that clearly compromise and hinder further peaceful existence.

Washing clothes from stains had a dream — wait for treason.

If an attractive female person erases — in real life you seek to diversify boredom and conservatism in intimate relationships.

Independently wash clothes — you want to hide the details of your sex life.

Hanging washed laundry means your desire to show off love affairs to friends.

Dream Vanga

Squeeze the washed laundry had a dream — wait for trouble and grief. Washed laundry washed in dirty water is a sign of provisions and gossip around you. Perfectly clean laundry after washing — establishing business relationships and partnerships.

If in a dream after washing the laundry is dirty, all the work in real life was in vain, there will be no progress.

What is the dream of washing clothes by the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga, Tsvetkov

Dream Gustov Miller

Wash underwear — expect more intrigue and scandals. Gossip in the immediate environment is unavoidable and no wonder you have something to hide.

If you dreamed of washing a beautiful and expensive underwear — this indicates the subtle and elegant taste of the dreamer, his burden to the beautiful.

Washing is first of all overcoming obstacles, a battle for a place under the sun. The outcome of events depends on you.

If you dreamed of dirty water when washing — in real life, someone condemns you from the inner circle, not supporting your plans and ideas.

A young girl sees in a dream how she washes and strokes clean linen — a good sign, a successful and happy marriage awaits her soon.

Dream David Lofa

The focus in the interpretation of the dream about washing is given to the cleanliness of linen. If it was dirty, this series of negative events will happen in your life.

Unpleasant situations can appear not without the help of your close colleagues or relatives.

Wash things completely means to get out of difficult situations with a victory and a standing ovation. You can easily cope with the flood of problems.

Dream Eugene Tsvetkova

Dreamed of washing bed linen — wait for a difficult job. The difficulty will be that you use inefficient methods or means and thus come to a standstill.

Wash holes in things — you will quarrel with a partner. Misunderstanding will aggravate the conflict.

Dirty laundry has dreamed — to health problems. New clean linen washed in a dream — to the material wealth.

Laying the bed on the bed — a very good sign — your financial well-being will rise and be stable for many years.

What is the dream of washing clothes by the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga, Tsvetkov

Personal wardrobe items

Children’s things — a symbol of excessive love and custody of children. Children will grow up and will surely repay you with care and attention.

Wedding dress — to the dissatisfaction of the future married life.

If you dream of washing pants: if with pockets — for profit or gain, without pockets — get ready for a financial collapse, you can just «stay without pants.»

Dress — wait for a date invitation from a lover or a fan. A married woman such a dream promises a fatal temptation.

Underwear — to change, as your and partner.

Others socks — marriage is not far off. Your socks — reconsider your plans, the former will not come true.

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