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What is the dream of TV on the modern dream-book and interpretations of basic values?

What does it mean to watch TV in a dream and how to interpret a dream on dream books

TV in our life is a wide window into the world. A huge plasma on the wall that can accommodate a veld and selva from the canal about animals and travels, a tiny screen on the fridge, boomy news in half with TV shows — all this gives a special shade to life.

And we can choose that of this diversity will enter our consciousness, change lives, affect our choice in the supermarket. TV in a dream is a sign of the relevance of consciousness, a possible protest against an imposed opinion, a controversy that becomes an internal dialogue due to the absence of a real interlocutor.

Consider why the TV dream of dream.

What is the dream of TV on the modern dream-book and interpretations of basic values?

Basic Values

The dream shows dreams, fears and aspirations. In fact, as a subject, a good TV can be a dream come true. For example, if you want to play FIFA on a huge plasma.

But such dreams are peculiar to children and adolescents, it is a sign of infantilism.

For children, such desires are permissible, because such expensive purchases they can not afford, respectively, the dream has a development — to grow up, earn a lot of money, buy a huge TV, play games for as long as you want. By the time of the appearance of work and money, the dream loses its relevance.

In other cases, the TV acts as a substitute for reality, displacing interlocutors, hobbies, hobbies. To dream about TV is a sign of excessive attachment to the subject.

It seems that you are wasting an inadmissibly long time at the expense of communication and life as such.

  • An idle antique TV box gives an ironic attitude to life, especially if it is made in a mahogany case, with carved decorations.
  • Quite a frequent plot — the TV instead of the fireplace, which has gathered a family, everyone is silent and looks at the screen. The allusion is simple — your life is consumed in an invisible fire of advertising and meaningless information.
  • Black — white image — you are trying to find an excuse for some actions in the past.
  • The noise of the TV in the dream is disturbing and annoying, but in fact you dream about this noise — get ready to repel serious gossip attacks. Self-reliance, a healthy complexion and a charming smile will not hurt you. A guilty or sick look will convince others of the most absurd rumors.
  • The old antenna does not catch the signal and it has to be corrected — in real life there is no normal connection between management and employees. Perhaps the lack of normal communication and understanding relates to the family. You do not hear each other.
  • If you see your lovely and cozy home, the usual evening in front of a blue screen, while on a business trip or on vacation — you miss home and dream of returning. Take care of your family and still find time to relax to get bored.
  • A broken screen indicates ambitions that were failed.
  • Switch channels — to experience boredom, inability to concentrate.
  • Watching a sports match in a cafe or in a club — the atmosphere is really important for you. You would go to the stadium, but not always spend the championship in your city. You are exactly waiting for success, regardless of the winning team.
  • If you dream of news, especially frightening — you have outstanding creative ability. You are quite capable of independently inventing the continuation of news stories, simply grasping the general style and tone of the messages. Nothing prophetic happens, but I would like to recommend a more worthy role model. For example, you could write great stories for TV shows.

What is the dream of TV on the modern dream-book and interpretations of basic values?

Interpretation of authorities

The great dreamers of the past did not have time to leave the interpretation of such an ambiguous device as a TV. Let us turn to modern dream books.

  • A modern dream book treats watching television in a dream, as a dependence on extraneous opinion.
  • Family dream book claims that you are too immersed in current experiences and try not to look into tomorrow, do not stand serious plans, do not think about a career, you are stuck in the current moment in time, like a fly in amber.
  • The male dream book, paradoxically, says that if you dream of a house with several huge TVs, you have a tendency towards same-sex relationships. Dream interpretation explains this by the fact that household appliances demonstrate the male principle. Excessive demonstration is peculiar to non-traditional inclinations.
  • Dream interpretation Wanderer treats dreams in two ways. On the one hand, it can be laziness, unwillingness to change, a huge amount of small hindrances and insignificant difficulties, which you don’t want to take up. On the other hand, in rare cases, a television can become a channel for transmitting important information, akin to clairvoyance. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to distinguish an important message from ordinary nonsense and advertising.

What is the dream of TV on the modern dream-book and interpretations of basic values?


If you dream of a TV — you watch too much. As a result, you get the illusion of a life full of events; it seems to you that you are at the epicenter of the most important and interesting.

In fact, your life is empty and absolutely nothing happens in it. And can not happen.

What can happen to a person who sits on a chair for hours and does not even talk to anyone?

Absolutely nothing. Take time for walks, take a photo, go on a tour of interesting places, meet interesting people, spend time in good and different companies and in communication.

In this case, you can rely on the fact that your life will get off the ground. You will find new features, interesting offers.

Perhaps you will have new ideas. Many people refuse to television at all to live their own lives.

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