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What is the dream of the trial of the dream of Miller, Freud and Vanga?

Dreamed a trial — what does it mean

The trial is an unpleasant process, which is accompanied by a large loss of time and nerve cells. And why dream — dream interpretation dream book.

What is the court dreaming? — general dream interpretation

Such an image in a dream can speak of the inner depression of a dreamer. Perhaps he is condemned by society for any misdeeds.

To cope with all the problems, you need the help of friends.

But for a more accurate prediction, you need to remember the dream in full detail, and only then look for answers in the snoops.

What is the dream of the trial of the dream of Miller, Freud and Vanga?


You will not be happy if you knock on the door to you in the morning of the day off and hand in a subpoena. If you have received such a “letter of happiness” in a dream, then in reality you will find great excitement and unpleasant events.

How long they will last will depend only on you. Perhaps the emergence of a strong competitor in your life path.

If businessmen have seen this image, it means that a heightened interest in tax and high-ranking officials will soon reach your enterprise.

Stand in front of the courthouse

You need to develop self-control and leadership skills. The only way you can achieve your goals.

Late for a court hearing

Your non-punctuality in real life will soon play a bad joke with you. It is also worth more responsibly to cases, otherwise you are waiting for big disappointments associated with the loss of work.

Murder lawsuit

  • If in a dream you are accused of murder, but you are defending your non-participation in the case, then in the present life you will have a long war with enemies and enemies. You can not do in this battle without the help of his loyal friends;
  • When in a dream you did not manage to defend your innocence, and the court sentenced you to prison, in reality you should find a common language with your own «I.» This symbol personifies the inner struggle of the dreamer with himself;
  • To be justified by the court — your detractors and enemies will be forced to admit defeat;
  • Acting as an accuser or a witness — all your serious misconduct will soon become known to the public. You may have to pay deserved punishment for it.

Testify against yourself

If you testify against yourself, then your relationship with your loved one is completely cold. Continuation of such a union will not have.

The same interpretation for dreaming, when you see yourself from the side on the bench dock.

God’s judgment in a dream

This is a very strange image. But do not be afraid, nothing bad, he does not mean.

This is a warning that you should start to change your behavior and lifestyle. But if this is not done, then it may suffer more serious consequences.

This image is the subconscious desire of the dreamer himself to change.

See the court with execution

The dreamer is on the wrong life road, because of this, success is so hard. It is necessary to change the scope of activities or your action plan.

Also, this image shows the hypocrisy of the sleeper, which will soon play a very bad joke with him. This image is enhanced if the dreamer himself is judged.

The trial of people who are no longer alive

If you saw the trial of a deceased familiar person, then in reality you will soon have to pay bitterly for the offenses committed, which are not yet known to the public. Only sincerity and repentance will help avoid a terrible punishment.

What is the dream of the trial of the dream of Miller, Freud and Vanga?

The interpretation of the image of the well-known interpreters

Dream Miller

  • You are a participant in the judicial process — to appear on the path of life of serious enemies and detractors. They can ruin your reputation very much, thereby setting the public against you;
  • Consider the sentence unfair. This image marks the fact that someone from your environment dissolves gossip and intrigues behind your back. Your intuition will help to understand this situation;
  • Going to court for trial — you should reconsider your behavior towards others and your lifestyle;
  • Stand in front of the courthouse. This image speaks of your determination and internal energy, which is so ready to break out.

Interpretation of a dream according to Freud’s dream book

  • To dream a trial — you have reason to condemn yourself. Recently you have made a lot of mistakes and blunders. There is an opportunity to think and analyze their actions;
  • Win the case. The dreamer subconsciously wants to leave his family for love joys. Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud recommends not losing your head for one-time entertainment. In the future, you will punish yourself for such a misdemeanor;
  • Lose the case. You are sorry and very worried that you can not give your sexual partner enough pleasure. Also, this image marks the imminent break in relations;
  • Being in the role of a judge — you are too biased towards your partner sexually. Perhaps this is due to the inexperience of the chosen one.

Deciphering the image by Vanga’s trailer

  • Play the role of a judge in your nightly fantasies. This is a very auspicious symbol. It marks success in all financial matters. Soon you will receive a well-deserved promotion at work;
  • If you win the case in a dream, then in reality you will be able to win in an important dispute;
  • Losing a case is an unfavorable sign. You will soon be seriously punished by fate for your inaction and negligence.

What is the dream of the trial of the dream of Miller, Freud and Vanga?

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