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What is the dream of the subway in the dreams of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

Metro in a dream — how to decipher by popular dream books

In our age of congestion of city roads with cars, endless traffic jams, interruptions in public transport traffic, the only way to solve all your daily activities is to resort to the services of the metro. What dreams of the subway, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

The metro in a dream personifies the forced limitation of the sleeping space, putting it within a certain framework of possibilities, desires, goals and prospects. To feel the closure of the dungeon, to experience fear means to desire change, inspiration, freedom of opinion, opinion, the desire to get rid of narrow-mindedness, stereotypes, cliches, to expand the scope of your consciousness.

What is the dream of the subway in the dreams of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

Intentionally descending the metro escalator to get from one area of ​​the city to another — this expresses a desire to avoid difficulties, obstacles, speed up time to achieve the goal. Such a plot predicts a positive outcome if, in a dream, you traveled this distance in a trailer without complications and nothing caused unpleasant sensations.

To be stuck somewhere in the middle of the tunnel and to experience a lack of oxygen — in reality, choosing a tempting but unprofitable path, in which you will have to experience many problems before reaching the final first.

Get out of the car and go to the exit on your own — to renounce the usual way of life, warm place, stability, for the sake of finding an independent and successful source of existence: discovering your own talents, inner potential. At the same time, the dreamer, his true purpose, is looking for the meaning of life.

A long ride in a subway car is a sign of a difficult period, a confluence of difficult life circumstances. The moment when you can check the strength of character, temper the will, test the strength of mind, rethink and analyze past mistakes.

For a girl, such a plot can personify unrequited love. If a young lady is destined to marry, it will be solely on the calculation.

Family life in this case will be stable and comfortable, but without emotional bursts of the dreamer.

Get out of the crowded metro — overcome all obstacles and achieve success. Sometimes, it means that you will be able to prevent and protect yourself from the negative of evil and hypocritical people. The environment in this sense reflects your close circle of acquaintances, in which the last time you are very uncomfortable and restless.

Now you should not enter into trusting relationships with friends and demand increased loyalty and attentiveness to the common cause. Most likely you just need to change the team of like-minded people.

To stand on the subway while waiting for the train — hope for a happy accident that is not at all expected. It is necessary to show their business skills, courage and resourcefulness for making operational decisions.

Otherwise, you will miss the precious time that can save you a reputation and an acquired state.

What is the dream of the subway in the dreams of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

Sit not in your train and leave in an unknown direction — to make a hasty, rash decision that could lead to undesirable consequences. On the other hand, an extraordinary person will help to see the situation in a new way and open up other horizons for future development.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Metro, as a closed system of tunnels, is a symbol of the feminine and female genitals. A man to go down in the subway — to know the first sexual experience, which is able to greatly change the consciousness of a sleeper.

For a woman to watch the passengers of the metro — to have numerous sexual contacts that will not bring much satisfaction.

The pleasure of sex will experience that lady who dreams of a quick ride in a subway tunnel on the train. So you are completely satisfied with your personal life and are not going to change your partner.

To move from car to car to get to the desired station — to seek to find the perfect partner who would contribute to the maximum orgasm of the woman. But the cause of dissatisfaction lies rather in the dreamer, her emotional stiffness and shyness.

For a man, a long trip to the subway may reflect his concern about sex life, or rather, its absence. The reason for abstinence can be a search for the ideal of a beloved, time-consuming work, which takes a lot of time and effort, or the lack of material opportunities that repel potential partners.

But if before going for a ride in a trailer, you went down the escalator — you will have unforgettable sex with someone you really like.

What is the dream of the subway in the dreams of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

I had a disaster in the metro — a symbol of the fact that you too doubt your ability to please your partner. Your insecurity may affect intimacy.

Interrupting sexual intercourse and showing your own impotence, you can lose the second half forever.

A woman to be on the subway, where there is plenty of water, means getting pregnant in the near future. Such visions often dream of an unwanted pregnancy, so it’s worthwhile to worry about contraception and the safety of your health these days.

Gustov Miller

Metro tunnels and mines talk about the complexity of the path chosen by the dreamer. You are full of hopes and expectations that are unlikely to come true.

I saw a daily descent on an escalator — this reflects the paucity and routine of life, which for a long time does not bring bright and memorable moments. The lower you go down, the more you immerse yourself in your inner experiences, doubts and torments.

Getting lost in a crowd under the ground suggests that you are feeling fear and insecurity before a significant event that may affect the future. The state of uncertainty is also explained by the fact that you cannot predict the outcome of the case.

To arrive before the expected time and greatly rejoice in the dream — to succeed where they did not expect to succeed at all. This can affect some life principles, changing your attitude to the usual things.

Fall asleep in the subway — a dream warns to be more careful and cautious. Danger can be expected in places of large concentrations of people.

Do not be too gullible and open. Valuables during this period should be kept in a safe.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

Politely bypass the flow of people on the subway crossings — to conclude a number of transactions that will affect the financial well-being of the sleeper. The regularity of cash flows will delight you with stability and reliability.

Work during this period will be prioritized.

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