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What is the dream of the sentence on the dream books of Smirnov, Miller

You were called to marry in a dream — what to expect now and how to decipher the message

Or maybe you did the proposal in their nightly dreams? What is the dream?

Does the dream book consider a proposal addressed to or received from a loved one, a mysterious stranger, or even two applicants at once?

What is the dream of the sentence on the dream books of Smirnov, Miller

General interpretation of this dream

  • People say: get an offer in a dream is a great sign. But it is only if the dream you saw «from the bay-floundering», that is, without even thinking about any wedding. If the couple has been living in a civil marriage for many years, and more than one friend asked for the tenth time “well, when you are already …”, then such a dream will simply be a reflection of the dreamer’s subconscious desires.
  • If in a dream you didn’t say yes or no, since you couldn’t decide anything, your subconsciousness hints that you have a rather frivolous character. About such often say: they can not be relied upon.
  • Did you say yes? In real life, you can be responsible for your words, for which you are greatly respected by those around you.

Dreamgirl — a young girl

  • Why dream of a sentence received from your «legitimate» guy in a cafe in a very romantic setting, like in a movie? That means: you made a great choice by associating your fate with this guy. When he really calls you to marriage, do not hesitate for a minute, he will be a husband — a “stone wall”.
  • In the dream, did your boyfriend escort you to the house, and offered a ring near the door (entrance)? Did he look into your eyes? If so, the interpretation is identical — you will become a great, happy couple.
  • Has everything happened at sea? Your relationship with your beloved will be very romantic, tender, passionate. True, he will often leave on business trips.
  • Loved up on my knee: your marriage will be unequal, you will become the head of the family.
  • You brought a ring with a proposal, but you do not know who gave it? The ring in the velvet box says: you are not yet familiar with your betrothed, but you are about to meet him. It was open: a familiar person will call you in marriage, from whom you do not expect a marriage proposal.
  • Did a stranger call you to marriage? Your life will change, and it will be a positive change.

Dreamer — married lady

What is the dream of the sentence on the dream books of Smirnov, Miller

  • Your spouse offered you a hand and a heart? You will start a new «honeymoon».
  • Was it your colleague? At work, someone brazenly marks on your place. Sometimes these people make their best friends of themselves, and they carry a stone in the bosom.
  • It was a stranger, and you said yes to him? Subconsciousness hints: you would not mind to instruct your rightful spouse horns. And if you decide on such an act, it will not be a “one-time night”, but a serious relationship.
  • Was it just two guys? In real life, you will have a lot of problems, though not too intractable.

Dreamer — man

  • Did you offer a lady to marry you? Your heart is sure: next to you is the one with which you would like to live your whole life. If you are not together yet, do your best to conquer it, otherwise you will be very sorry.
  • And vice versa, to see the offer from the lady of your heart is not the best sign. Someone will try to deceive you. Most likely, it will be a cleverly drafted business or monetary contract — do not sign a single piece of paper until you read and comprehend every line!

Opinion authoritative books

What is the dream of the sentence on the dream books of Smirnov, Miller

At the end, we traditionally offer the opinion of an esoteric interpreter known in our country, as well as a world-famous psychologist. Oddly enough, the deciphering of dreams from these authors does not differ much from the general interpretation.

Dream interpretation of Smirnov (wanderer)

  1. As this dream book says, the offer that the stranger made to you indicates a real future offer, only this time most likely — a business plan, which at times improves your well-being, as well as your position in society.
  2. Have you ever called your chosen one to marry? Your life will be full of problems. However, you decide them by becoming even stronger because of this.
  3. If the dreamer man saw some guy calling his sister, aunt or another relative in marriage, the dream says that he will be alone for a long time.

Dream Miller (psychologist)

  1. If in a dream your beloved is calling you under the crown, this is a sign: soon your destiny will change. How exactly? This will indicate the clothes of the beloved and the circumstances in which he made the proposal, as well as your feelings at the same time.
  2. The ring you received from a stranger? The dream promises: you will soon become acquainted with the very family and the only one with whom you are destined to become a couple.
  3. If a dream was seen by a married woman, this is a sign: behave decently.

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