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What is the dream of the pillow on the dream books of Miller, Lofa, Hasse

The pillow in the dream — the value, interpretation and interpretation of the details

It is unlikely that a restful sleep will do without a soft pillow, but if you see a pillow in your sleep, this should not be ignored. Every detail of a dream has a meaning, even if in reality we do not attach much importance to it.

To understand what the pillow is dreaming about, you need to remember your dream in full detail and look into the dream book to find a match there.

General interpretation

She is most likely to dream of a person who is overloaded with work. If this bedding appeared in your night dreams, you can assume that you are incredibly lucky: both in real life and in dreams, it symbolizes rest and relaxation.

Pleasures, long-awaited news, successful business management and personal happiness — the variations are varied and depend on details: the material from which the pillow is made in a dream, its size, the actions in which this subject took part.

What is the dream of the pillow on the dream books of Miller, Lofa, Hasse

This sign is especially favorable for women. If a girl in her night vision embroider her — the dreamer is waiting for a beautiful future, this dream can mean a happy marriage soon.

If this bedding dreams of a child — it reminds him that he needs to control his emotions and evil thoughts, no matter how difficult it may be, even if he considers his anger to be fair.

If you dreamed about bedding of a small size, it means that you will lose control over the events of your life, but your friends and relatives will reach heights in all spheres. And when a woman sees this dream, it speaks of her thirst for independence and the desire for spirituality.

If this bedding is made of silk, and you put your head on it, it means that for the sake of your peace, your close people had to worry and worry.

A mountain of pillows on the bed warns that your laziness may be the cause of your failures.

And if a sleeping person sees them with embroidery — consider that your life is a success — it means success and good luck in everything!

Interpretation by action

A pillow in a dream can not only be seen — the actions with it in a dream are as varied as in reality. Every action, like every thing, means something when dreaming.

What is the dream of the pillow on the dream books of Miller, Lofa, Hasse

  • If in the dream you were given bedding, wait for important changes in your life.
  • Turn it over to the other side — take the trouble away from you.
  • If you have seen how to whip a pillow, you should say goodbye to illusions and delusions, because in reality they will not be embodied.
  • A bad sign is to dry bedding in the sun. Your dreams will be severely and roughly ruined by enemies.
  • Good omen — to fill the bag with down — it promises pleasant surprises and success.
  • Stretch a pillowcase on a pillow in a dream — in reality there will be trouble. And if you change pillowcases, it means that you will be stronger than your competitors and will succeed.

Interpretation on other details

  • If in a picture seen at night, fluff from a torn pillow flies everywhere, you should treat the weaknesses of your friends more gently if you do not want to lose their location.
  • To see a torn pillow — in reality you will have to be vigilant in order not to become a victim of deception.
  • The size of the pillow also matters. If it was big — it means that you will spend a lot of effort that will be rewarded a hundredfold. If she was small, you will feel like an extraordinary person.
  • A soft pillow in a dream promises to get rid of troubles, a hard one is not a good sign, and you will have to move planned cases.
  • Lying on someone else’s pillow foreshadows loneliness.
  • But no matter what bedding you have dreamed of, it is better than not having one if you wanted to rest in a dream. If you are lying in bed without a pillow, it means that friendship and love will not bring you joy and happiness.

What is the dream of the pillow on the dream books of Miller, Lofa, Hasse

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

The psychoanalyst offered a deep interpretation of the image of the pillow: a person who sees a pillow in his sleep, subconsciously dreams to be back in the mother’s womb, where it is warm and full.

Dream loft

This symbol in the interpretation of Lofa is also associated with the image of the mother’s womb, which appears as a room upholstered in pillows. This night vision can be seen by a person in need of protection.

A multitude of pillows speaks of the dreamer’s striving to perfect our world.

Dream Miller

This dream book gives a very attractive interpretation — this affiliation promises a vacation, vacation or weekend. An unmarried girl will marry when in a dream she sews or embroiders a pillow.

Dream interpretation Hasse

Night picture of the ordinary pillow — a sign that the trailing trouble passed you. If the item you purchased turns out to be dirty, you need to take a closer look at your health so that it does not cause problems.

A miniature pillow in your hands means a fair reward for your labors.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

Esoteric offers an unusual interpretation of the image, usually associated with sleep and rest: in his opinion, it is — a symbol of dating, which will grow into a close relationship, strong friendship.

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