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What is the dream of the phone in a dream — interpretation by various dream books

The influence of a dream about the phone on the life of the person who saw

The dream about the phone is pretty straightforward. This is one of those dreams that cannot be clearly interpreted.

You will receive some news that will change your life, but this is a general interpretation and depends heavily on the circumstances. So what is the dream of the phone?

As already mentioned, you are waiting for strange or interesting news that you can get on the phone in real life. But it is necessary to recall more details before drawing conclusions on dreams.

Try to concentrate and remember these circumstances, without thinking it out.

What is the dream of the phone in a dream - interpretation by various dream books

Interpretation of a dream for individual subjects — what does sleep mean

Now you need to relax and present in front of you the picture of sleep that the subconscious mind recently showed you. Everything should remain in its original form, no need to think out any details, according to the dream books, this greatly interferes with interpretation.

Try to rely only on your memory, otherwise it will be problematic to interpret a dream.

So, if the whole picture appeared before you and you were able to recognize the sequence of events, then we are ready for interpretation. Our site will provide all the necessary information for interpretation at home, take a close look at the plot options that we have given below, and interpret your own dream:

  • Break your own phone in a dream. You project the impossibility of attaining some dreams to sleep, as a result of which all the rage spills on him. You need to anticipate your own mood, so that there is no embarrassment in real life because of a very stubborn temper;
  • You very quickly typed numbers. Such a dream testifies to your extremely revolutionary attitude towards life — it always seems to you that rivals bypass you in something that is not always true, but your own superiority is part of your dream, which is what the speed dialing of a subscriber says;
  • You are talking on the phone with someone from your surroundings. It is quite possible that in real life it is very difficult for you to communicate together and you literally dream about how to meet this person who is tormenting your soul;
  • They call you, but as soon as you pick up the phone, nothing happens — the phone also rings. This is a reminder for the future from your subconscious — it is important not to miss the upcoming call, otherwise your life can turn in a completely different direction no matter how you imagined it;
  • If you were going to talk on the phone in a dream, but the conversation did not take place. Such a dream should be projected onto reality — in the near future with the «subscriber» the relationship can deteriorate badly, you can stop communicating at all or strongly pat each other, which cannot but affect your well-being;
  • Your phone was stolen. Similar action, you can say abuse. in a dream it symbolizes your own unreliability, you constantly plan ahead, but you are not going to carry out the plan, which is why in real life, as a result of this vision, you are only disappointed and nothing more, but you should not get very upset;
  • If the dream was a dream for a woman on the eve of marriage. It is worth reconsidering your decision and do not jump out of marriage, as you should without consulting with yourself and your surroundings. There is a possibility that all your relatives are against your marriage, and your ambitions are passing all the rules, you should also think about this;
  • You get interesting news by phone. Such a dream can be safely interpreted and projected into real life — you will receive similar news in real life, so you should be extremely responsible in addressing these words. Do not think out anything, but only remember what you were quick to say on the phone;
  • The phone was broken. You want to abstract from real life and avoid all conflicts, which is not possible in this situation. You are very reluctant to clash with the environment, but there are too many reasons, and you need to calm down the heat of your acquaintances, so do not be afraid, go to meet difficulties;
  • Redirected call — they called one, forwarded to another. Dreams with a similar plot predict the dreamer a dangerous role to play in the situation in the near future. You will need to show all your professional skills, although most likely in this situation, cunning and general potential will be more useful;
  • The telephone in the dream was discharged. It is worth paying attention to this type of sleep, as it reminds you, using the subconscious mind — you need to make yourself rest, since constant loads already make themselves felt, you constantly want to think about work and you only spend all your free time, so not long workaholic;

What is the dream of the phone in a dream - interpretation by various dream books

Interpretation of dreams by famous personalities and dream books

  1. According to Vanga. The Bulgarian seer interprets such a dream as the appearance of sudden possibilities, which can both change the life of the dreamer and stand him in a good direction, and try to destroy his usual way of life, one should be much more careful;
  2. Miller. The psychologist interprets this dream as the appearance in the near future of new obstacles on the way, or opportunities, like Vang, but only they, as a rule, are aimed precisely at getting the dreamer astray, you should look to your surroundings and not fall into bad companies;
  3. According to the dream book Hasse. Hasse believes that the telephone, and especially the receipt of new news, is a forerunner of excellent opportunities in the near future, you will not be bored, and your emotional spectrum will expand to the point that there will simply be no reason to recall your former life.

What is the dream of the phone in a dream - interpretation by various dream books

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