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What is the dream of the market for Freud’s dream, Miller?

In the dream you were on the market — what did you “buy” there, the nuances of decryption

Noise, din, abundance of goods — or emptiness and destruction … What market did you have and what was this dream about? How does dream dream interpret, in which you went to trade?

What is the dream of the market for Freud's dream, Miller?

General interpretation of “market” sleep

  • The market is not so much a commodity as a communication. Often he appears in the dreams of people who are destined to go to the conference, where they will communicate with a large number of listeners. It is also possible that you have a noisy celebration ahead — for example, a wedding, corporate party or a meeting of classmates.
  • Another popular interpretation of this dream: the “market” dream foreshadows some kind of incident. And it can be both positive and negative.
  • If you are caught here by the rain (or he has driven you to the market), you are a spender. With this you need to do something!
  • Did you trade in warm, clear weather? Sleep promises you a good bargain.

What was this market like?

  • With new rows, beautiful awnings: you have a good “business band”, so if you want to start your own business, go ahead!
  • The old, dilapidated, many trays are broken: do not start anything new, do not buy expensive things, and in no case take loans. You are waiting for losses.
  • Empty: you face financially difficult times. You will not starve, but the state of your wallet will be extremely unstable.
  • There were goods, there were no people: a dream foreshadows loneliness.
  • He was locked up: something was stopping you from working or implementing plans.
  • It was small: you are waiting for spending, but small.
  • Open rows (visible sky): friends and family are honest with you. Rows were closed? So you are deceived, and even with envy.

Did you sell products there?

What is the dream of the market for Freud's dream, Miller?

  • Yes, and you saw this market in a dream in good weather: to profit. Maybe at work you will be rewarded, or your favorite will give something.
  • Top-class products, order on the shelves, polite sellers: fortunately in personal life. If you are a young girl, a dream means that you will be called to marry, or you will move away from your parents.
  • On the contrary, spoiled products, broken counters — to a family quarrel.
  • You bought great products and then took them out of the bag — and they turned out to be rotten? Your partners swear that things are going uphill — but in fact the business is almost at a low ebb.
  • You walked around the grocery market, holding the arm of her husband (wife)? Soon you will buy your first lodging.
  • You bought everything on the list: in life you are well planning your budget, daily routine, work. In general, moving in the right direction!

Fish Market

  • Female dream. See the market where you bought the fish — you are internally ready to become a mother. You were looking for a separate variety of fish for exquisite food: finally, you will be able to express yourself at work or in your family. Choosing a fish, you checked it for freshness: you are considered an authority in your business. You sold fish (shrimp, mussels …): if you invested your money in some business, be prepared to lose this money.
  • Male dream. Waiting for you money offer. If you bought a small fish, it means that you will accept the offer and earn good money on it. If you sold it, sleep to loss.

Or maybe it was a clothing market?

  • If there were a lot of clothes there, the dream speaks of your desire to break free from the crowd, make dozens of new acquaintances.
  • Bright, flashy things, beautifully lying on the shelves — to interesting events, vivid emotions.

Female dream

  • In the dream of a young girl to buy everything: you are windy, so you can not create a long-term relationship.
  • Why dream of a market where you chose things for yourself? At work you will be entrusted with an important matter, for which you will later be promoted.
  • Bright dresses that you tried on and bought: friends will invite you to relax together, you will have fun.
  • You wanted to buy something ugly, or you bought a good thing, but it turned out to be “neither here nor there”: your new friend is lying.
  • You saw yourself as a saleswoman: you barely manage in your real job. However, if it is good to “hide”, you will get enough experience to start your own business.
  • Were you a saleswoman who lost her job? The subconscious speaks of your inner search for yourself. You might want to get an unloved job for a high salary. In vain: it is better to become a pro in that you like — a decent payment will not keep you waiting long.

Male dream

  • You have reached the market: new business acquaintances.
  • Try on clothes: you will be in demand, you will choose a job to your taste. From what you tried on, did you like everything? On what offer «in real» you would not stop, it will bring success and excellent income.
  • You did not buy anything, in the market you just met someone: it will be difficult to communicate with partners.
  • You were a merchant, you sold clothes: you will be invited to a business event, maybe you will be asked to become a speaker. Was it underwear? Gossip about your relatives or even about yourself will reach you.
  • Did you just walk along the rows, admiring the beautifully arranged things? In real life, there is a successful, cash job behind your back. But do not think that it will always be like this, and in no case take loans.

What did you do in your dream?

  • You have squandered all your money, or you have bought something very expensive: in real life, you can get caught up in the «hands» of a fraudster.
  • You went to the market in another city: a dream promises a long journey.
  • You sold your own stuff: to poverty.
  • See rows with heaps of raw meat: to the disease.
  • In the salesman you found out a relative or acquaintance: in real life you will meet a person with whom you have not seen for a hundred years.
  • They proved something to a merchant, tried to bring down the price: you are self-confident. If you “turn on” this property at work, you will go far.

Interpretation of author’s dream books

What is the dream of the market for Freud's dream, Miller?

For comparison, we offer to know how experienced psychoanalysts look at your dream. They do not believe in esotericism or magic, only in science and analysis.

What will they say about “market” dreams?

Sigmund Freud is sure …

The market can lead to a quarrel in the family. Moreover, its reason will be the most banal — domestic troubles.

So that this quarrel does not grow into a big scandal, you need to admit to yourself: there were minor inconveniences, there are and there will be. They are not worth to ruin the life for themselves and their neighbors because of them.

Miller wrote …

  1. A person who “gets out” into the market at night is very active and economical in real life.
  2. Trays and rows were empty? You will have to contend with failure in affairs and even internal humiliation.
  3. In addition, Miller’s dream book, a market filled with spoiled food, is considered a symbol of failed transactions, material losses.
  4. If the dreamer is a girl, the market prophesies good events in her life to her.

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