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What is the dream of the male organ of Freud, Tsvetkov and Miller’s dream books?

Why the male sexual organ dreamed — dream interpretation

In his dreams, a person can see a lot: visit the fictional world, learn to fly, etc. But it happens that the Kingdom of Morpheus takes a person far beyond the bounds of decency. Why dream of a male organ?

Dream interpretation give different interpretations of this image. Worth to understand.

What is the dream of the male organ of Freud, Tsvetkov and Miller's dream books?

Dream Interpretation: sexual organ — general interpretation

Images of most dreams are born deep in the subconscious. Therefore, it is worth considering what people have been thinking about lately and what they have seen in a day.

To understand this question, it is necessary to take into account a number of details: gender, age of the dreamer and other circumstances. Most dream books pay much attention to this.

Many dream books do not give such an image any positive predictions for the future, but on the contrary, they believe that it is a symbol of great disappointments, the evil eye and black magic.

  • If the virgin girl managed to contemplate the male organ in his dreams, most dream books personify this plot with puberty and hidden sexual desires. But if in a dream the male sexual organ frightened the maiden, then in reality there is a number of troubles to endure, perhaps they will be associated with the first sexual contact. Evil glory may be permanently entrenched in the young girl;
  • To see the sexual organ in a dream to a man. There are many interpretations of this situation. One of them is an inferiority complex. He may be caused by an unfortunate love affair or sexual contact with his mistress, who is sometimes better not to remember. The image is enhanced if, in a dream, a man watched his organ;
  • I dreamed of a large sexual organ — in front of the dreamer waiting for serious trouble and obstacles in the path of life. It is also possible betrayal of a loved one, which for a long time to drive the sleeper into depression. Also dream books do not recommend to step aside from the help and advice of friends;
  • To see a male sexual organ in a dream to a mature woman. This dream symbolizes complete sexual dissatisfaction. Also, the woman longs for the days of youth;
  • See the organ of your relative — to the troubles. It is worth waiting for the deterioration of the financial situation in the family and problems at work;
  • If the young lady managed to contemplate the organ of a stranger to her man, then in reality she will meet the man of her ideal. But this meeting will not bring anything good, but will only leave pain and frustration on the soul. Dream women are advised for married women not to lose their heads, since cheating on a spouse will bring only negative consequences. For men, this image is interpreted as a deception of friends and close people. You might fall for fraudulent tricks;
  • I dreamed of a giant body — to a pleasant pastime with a loved one alone. This image marks a fateful meeting for young girls who are free from relationships;
  • To look at the genitals of a friend — to betrayal. The interpretation of a dream applies to both men and women;
  • Contemplate the organ of his boss — to hard work. Also, your superiors can substitute you to put «your man» in your place;
  • Older people see this image when regrets due to missed opportunities in their youth rush out. Regret not returning anything. Also dream books mark a meeting with unpleasant people or past enemies;
  • A very strange image when the genitals are out of place. He warns about a quarrel with close people from scratch. Disagreements can hardly be avoided, but you can easily smooth out their consequences;
  • To dream of an adult male organ in a little boy — to deceit and gossip behind your back in real life.

What is the dream of the male organ of Freud, Tsvetkov and Miller's dream books?

Deciphering a dream by Miller’s snepolkatel

Gustavus Hindman Miller believes that the male sexual organ in dreams symbolizes success in business. Also, you will discover unexpected talents that will greatly surprise the people around you.

If you correctly use this opportunity, you can achieve unprecedented heights.

Interpretation of the dream of Sigmund Freud

The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud pays a lot of attention when interpreting to hair in the intimate area. The hair on the organ symbolizes the heightened sensitivity and sexuality of the dreamer. And to shave off hair — in reality a meeting with a new sexual partner is possible.

Remove hair from intimate places — Dr. Freud believes that you need to put an end to annoying relationships that not only do not bring any moral satisfaction, but also moral.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova — dream interpretation

  • If a woman in her nightly dreams watched the male sexual organ, then in reality she completely feels safe with her beloved man. Also, this image marks success in business;
  • For a man, this dream is very ambiguous for interpretation. If you see your genitals, then the reputation will remain clean, that would not happen. This man is surrounded only by the most devoted people. And if you see someone else’s reproductive organ, then the reputation will be lost. This man let into his life «wolves in sheep’s clothing,» who maintain contact with him only for personal gain. It is worth looking at your surroundings. Intrigues are possible behind your back, so you should protect yourself once more to save space under the sun. In addition, it is worthwhile to think carefully about every minute of your life.

What is the dream of the male organ of Freud, Tsvetkov and Miller's dream books?

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