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What is the dream of the lake according to the dream of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov

Dreamed a lake: the nuances of interpretation by dream books

In Nicaragua, there is one single lake in the world where sharks are found. Why dream of a lake, we learn in proven dream books.

Drop by drop the lake fills

In ancient myths there was a belief that lakes are sacred places where gods live. Immersion in water meant, on the one hand, destruction and death, and on the other, resurrection and rebirth.

This freshwater source was a symbol of purification from filth, healing from disease. A lake with clean freshwater water, where lotuses grow, was marked by the source of life in general.

The interpretation of the surface of the lake, its surface is reduced to the meaning of a mirror and carries with it the energy of calm, peace, reflection on the eternal, contemplation of all living and good. A swampy lake with a boggy bank and reeds personifies barren fantasies, illusions and impossible utopian dreams and desires.

What is the dream of the lake according to the dream of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov

Philosophers call the lake — the eyes of the earth, through which underground spirits can contemplate our world. The deeper the lake, the more secrets it has.

For a sleeper, this multi-valued symbol can predict a lot and become both a negative and a positive subject of sleep.

Chinese mythology interprets this water source as absorption, fecundity, pleasure, wisdom, understanding. Water levels can have a double meaning, being both light and enlightenment, as well as darkness and ignorance.

Russian interpreters identify the lake with the accumulation of something. It can accumulate and give strength, positive energy, and it can concentrate and collect evil and misfortunes.

A dream, where the lake is covered with mud, mud, gradually swamps — a bad sign, foreshadowing the dreamer excessive calm, laziness, infantilism and indifference.

Such a swampy lake hints that a person becomes unresponsive to many immoral and asocial things. Conscience falls asleep, limitation, weakness and stupidity wakes up. Such people may have sexually abusive relationships, abuse alcohol and drugs.

And the worst thing is that this does not seem to them a complete degradation, but is part of their normal life.

A troubled lake with ripples and waves on the surface means the natural power of the dreamer, which will be difficult to control for someone else. You have enough courage, character, and independence to live this life with dignity and be the master of your own destiny.

How dear to me is your lakes eye

A young lady to enter the dirty water — consciously experience a negative experience of communication with the opposite sex. This relationship will save you from subsequent reckless connections.

What is the dream of the lake according to the dream of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov

Collect water lilies along the coast — to meet a wealthy, decent groom. If the bouquet quickly wilted and crumbled — much of what your loved one shares will turn out to be a fiction and stupid fantasy of his imagination.

The man is homeland alive, duck — by the lake

Diving and out of the reservoir — to analyze and weigh the decisions you plan to make. You should not rush into what can become a solid foundation for the future, affecting the financial prosperity and well-being of your family.

If you managed to swim across the water surface — to succeed in business and implement our plans. Experience will help, excellent physical training, energy and your persistence.

To fish in a dream means a clear desire to marry a particular person who is the embodiment of your feminine ideal. You mistakenly think that this is exactly the woman who should seek and conquer. After that there may come a deep disappointment and loss of faith in love.

It is worth considering whether you need this goldfish.

Quiet lake, and devils full — author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

The lake is a dream for those who, in their intimate life, are quite adequate and reasonable. Sex for you is a way to give pleasure to yourself, to relax your partner and experience a lot of positive emotions, stretching the time of joint leisure.

To bathe in clear, transparent water — in reality it promises romantic acquaintance in an unusual setting that will influence and quickly arrange for close acquaintance and continuation in bed.

To walk along the shore of the lake and be buried in the quagmire — succumb to vicious bonds that can seriously draw you into trouble. These contacts can ruin a career, undermine the authority of colleagues, turn away relatives and friends.

What is the dream of the lake according to the dream of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov

Gustov Miller

The muddy waters of a troubled reservoir may foreshadow anxiety in the soul, repentance for past deeds, denial of faith and disregard for virtue.

A woman can go boating on big waves, which they are trying to overwhelm with water — in real life they are under pressure and influence of those who impose false ideals and beliefs. If you managed to swim out and get to the shore — your common sense and prudence will prevail, you will be able to overcome difficulties, hardships and change your view of life.

To swim in a calm, clean and bright water reservoir with close people — in reality, wait for favorable events and opportunities. Waiting for you love, prosperity, understanding and well-being.

A muddy lake with inviting green beaches for the sleeper is a good sign, foreshadowing that your common sense and prudence will prevail over passion and seduction of vice. The moral strength of your nature will help you to get off the wrong path, turning your energy to creation and good.

A girl to see her reflection in the clear surface of the reservoir will be an excellent reason for joy, fun and celebration. A good period to find true friends and reliable protector and guardian of your loving heart.

If the foliage appeared in the mirror of water — love and happiness settled with you. It is important not to miss the chance to forget the pride and prejudices for meeting with real feeling.

To hold in the hands of the slippery and creepy leeches living in the lake — greatly disappointed in whom you have spent a lot of strength, health, energy, time and financial resources. The pain and chagrin will pass faster if in a dream you managed to throw out the slugs and wash your hands.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

Feel the fear in a dream, floating somewhere in the middle of Baikal, — to experience the consequences of ill-considered decisions, going through a series of trials and troubles. All the negative circumstances that suddenly hit you will be solely the fault of your whimsical and unpredictable.

Will lead excessive self-confidence and determination, but at the same time temper the character and give experience.

Trying to swim to the shore, where someone is waiting for you — means a long separation from your beloved, which may result in separation. If you managed to swim — the relationship will resume after some time.

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