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What is the dream of the guy on the interpretation of dream books and basic values

What does the guy mean in the dream of the girl by leading dream-book?

Let’s figure out what the guy dreams of. To begin with, let’s define who this guy is — a mature boy, ready for sexual relations, having certain ambitions and demands, but not a man, that is, the guy is not ready to be responsible for the possible consequences of sexual relations, pay for courtship for a woman, fully bear the financial burden in life.

A guy in a dream is a risky and dangerous sign for women and girls. In the card deck, a handsome young man, fit for love and tender feelings, but avoiding the coarse realities of life, is interpreted as a jack. A guy is not a groom, this is not a husband, this is not even a friend.

This is just a pretty male creature to whom you feel sympathy.

What is the dream of the guy on the interpretation of dream books and basic values

Basic Values

  • Guys dream about girls who haven’t decided on their life priorities. It’s too early to start a family, serious relationships are not yet possible, but guys, as an element of a beautiful life, funny and charming fill your dreams. Such a dream speaks of healthy sexuality and a high level of intelligence. You are doing well, you are trying to live to the full, but with reasonable restrictions.
  • A cute guy you literally caught a glimpse of a dream. Far from the fact that this is the man of your dreams, but some kind of gesture could have sunk into the soul. Take it easy. You just have high sexual potential. Men suffer with similar visions regularly and survive. There is nothing in common between how to straighten hair or draw back hands, playing with muscles, and the happiness of eternal love, no. Normal bright physiological attraction. Nothing special. This is not a sign of fate and not a destination above.
  • A former guy in a dream means a slightly deeper relationship than you would like. There is some incompleteness. Something you did not finish with each other. Perhaps you had other perspectives, you could have become a real couple, but it didn’t happen. Fragments of unfulfilled love scrape into the heart and ask out. If not to process these fragments properly, they can seriously spoil life. For example, you can start to pick up guys on the principle of similarity with the former young man, and get angry if the similarity is not complete. Unenviable role for the new boyfriend, completely excluding the person. You can try to speak out the problems alone. In a difficult case, if the attachment does not let go, contact a psychologist and work out the problem. Even if you plan to renew the relationship, you must first remove all the obstacles and difficulties of the previous period.
  • Stroking the hand in a dream — the development of relations depends only on you.
  • The young man is hiding and hiding — he is afraid of serious feelings. Anything is possible if you can convince him of the frivolous intentions.
  • Quarrels, accusations from the guy — he got into trouble.
  • Hugging and kissing with another girl in front of everyone — trying to arouse jealousy, the young man perceives himself as a valuable prize, for which you need to fight.
  • The young man eats, but does not share — is it worth contacting the greedy even in small things?
  • The dying guy is a dream. The guy dies not seriously, just your relationship is no longer interesting. Soon new ones will begin. Not the fact that more interesting, but others.
  • The young man passes by without recognizing — he has a new hobby, with which he is absorbed a little more than completely.
  • Sit on the guy’s lap — he is interested in sex.

What is the dream of the guy on the interpretation of dream books and basic values

Interpretations of authorities

Dream Miller calls for a certain prudence, especially if the guy in a dream tries to show himself from the best side. In fact, he, like all people, has many sides and not all of them are attractive.

The guy who in a dream tries to please with maximum probability will deceive all expectations and is not worth the dream. The challenging, bright behavior of a guy speaks of his possible transformation into a man. In general, the guy dreams of a girl for money.

Romance is also important, but if you dream of a boyfriend, you will get a promotion and a good pay rise.

Dream Vanga recommends even in a dream to look closely at the young man and note the details of his behavior. Already waking up, you can analyze taking into account that all situations are modeled by your imagination. The scruffy, dirty, drunk, aggressive guy in a dream is a clear demonstration of self-doubt.

You think you are unworthy of more. It is better to temporarily slow down with the relationship and do building self-esteem.

The heavenly beauty of a guy, if he has an equivalent in reality, shows that the girl underestimates her feminine charms.

Swearing with a guy means a quarrel in reality, a gap. You have nothing to share, coffee sets did not have time to accumulate, because emotions and displeasure with each other easily lead to rupture.

According to the Wanderer’s dream book, a guy in a dream may not even be a person, but be some conductor of higher powers. Angel means spiritual power, a sorcerer of opportunity to witchcraft, foresight.

For a sensible girl it is better to stay away from such delusions.

What is the dream of the guy on the interpretation of dream books and basic values


To dream of a guy is an interesting dream. It is important that for girls engaged in a career it has a positive financial value, especially if you are not going to spend your premium on expensive gifts for guys and champagne. The guy — a sign of youth, frivolous relationships, sympathy.

If guys continue to dream and in adulthood — this means that you are not created for a family. This also happens and there is nothing surprising in this.

What is the dream of the guy on the interpretation of dream books and basic values

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