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What is the dream of the guy by the day of the week: interpretation of the dream?

Secrets of the dream book: why is the guy dreaming on days of the week?

The dreamed guy symbolizes the inner strength, activity and bold decisions of the dreamer. He dreams when a girl realizes that at the moment everything depends on her and only she can decide how best to act. Sometimes a guy appears in night dreams when a girl lacks love or sensual emotions.

If she is secretly in love and suffers from a non-reciprocal feeling, she may dream of a lover who behaves seriously and sternly. Through a dream, he tries to awaken in her determination and self-confidence.

If the guy is friendly, the girl is waiting for a pleasant acquaintance.

Often a dream in which a guy dreams of a girl promises new acquaintances and pleasant meetings in reality:

  • If he is unfamiliar and handsome — it means that the dreamer is supported by higher forces, it is preserved and guided in the right direction.
  • Unpleasant or aggressive young man It does not foreshadow negative events, reporting only unpleasant meetings and minor problems.

To accurately interpret a dream, you need to consider on what day of the week the guy had a dream.

What is the dream of the guy by the day of the week: interpretation of the dream?

Sleep from Sunday to Monday is influenced by the moon. The man at this time is in arousal, and his emotions are subject to sharp drops.

Dreams raise to the surface the thoughts that the sleeper hid deep in the subconscious.

Events in night dreams show the true relationship of partners to each other:

  • If at this time a girl dreams of her beloved, it means that in reality she wonders if her feeling is deep or if something is lacking in the union. If in a dream he kisses or hugs his beloved — their connection is strong and sincere. If it is cold or pushes away — the sleeper has doubts, but they are based on fears, and not on the real state of affairs.
  • Dreamed a stranger — the girl is waiting for a new acquaintance, which can develop into a great feeling.
  • The former visited in a dream — love is still alive, as is the hope of a renewed relationship.
  • Dreamed a friend — familiar guy admits to liking.
  • Little boy in the image of a loved one means its unpreparedness for family life.

What is the dream of the guy by the day of the week: interpretation of the dream?

A dream from Monday to Tuesday should be understood as a guide to action.

Tuesday is ruled by Mars, the planet of activity and courage. She pushes for impulsive actions and spontaneous decisions.

  • If you had a particular guy, you need to be bolder in communication with him, not to be afraid of first showing interest.
  • The appearance in the dream of the former means meeting with him soon and frank conversation, after which the renewal of the novel is possible.
  • Dreamed a nightmare with a young man — in reality there will be an annoying, unpleasant fan, or a dreamer will offend a stranger.
  • Guy pushes woman — in real life, her words are doubted, and her beloved suspects treason.

What is the dream of the guy by the day of the week: interpretation of the dream?

Dreams from Tuesday to Wednesday are under the control of Mercury. This planet symbolizes information and communication.

The interpretation of sleep is associated with the contacts of the girl in real life:

  • I dreamed about an unfamiliar guy — in reality there will be an opportunity to communicate with new interesting people.
  • Familiar or beloved man — have fun time.
  • Handsome young man dreams to meet with a smart companion, from whom the dreamer learns a lot of useful information.
  • Former — the girl will be plagued by boring people who she wants to get rid of as soon as possible.
  • If a woman had a dream about her boyfriend, but with a stranger’s face — beloved deceives her or hides something important.

Dreams on the fourth day of the week speak of past events and influence the future. They are the result of spiritual experiences that find a way out in dreams.

This day is subject to Jupiter — the planet of luck, fulfillment of desires and great opportunities. Dreams from Wednesday to Thursday are rarely negative.

If a girl dreamed of a loved one, it speaks of love and a gentle attitude of the guy in reality. The unknown handsome on Thursday dreams to fulfill a wish.

Having dreamed of the former means that all problems will recede, and a new, more favorable period will begin. If a woman in a dream saw fun in a circle of young people — she is waiting for popularity and success with the opposite sex.

If in the night from Wednesday to Thursday the pleasant guy has dreamed, the girl will be carried all next week.

Dreams on this day predict both pleasures and disappointments and are prophetic. Friday is ruled by Venus, which is responsible for tastes, flirting and sympathy.

It is a planet of beauty and preferences that gives love tones to dreams.

You should pay attention to dreams from Thursday to Friday, as they predict future events.

  • If you dreamed of a loved one, it means that he is ripe for family relations and is ready to make an offer. If he is upset, looks bad or does not look like himself, the couple will soon break up.
  • The stranger dreams of problems in relationships, jealousy and resentment.
  • If the former has dreamed up, it means that he remembers the girl and can again invite her to meet.
  • To quarrel with a guy in a dream — to clash in reality.
  • If a man pushes a dreamer, she will have to clarify the relationship, not necessarily with her beloved. This can be any close person, girlfriend or boss at work.

If a guy dreams on Saturday, it means that a person is alarmed, and he is ready for a little deserved rest.

The first weekend is under the influence of the dark Saturn. By his influence he limits, disciplines, teaches patience through overcoming difficulties and restrains the expression of feelings.

If a guy is dreaming from Friday to Saturday, soon the sleeper will face difficulties in communicating and expressing his emotions. A stranger young man predicts a cooling sensation or misunderstanding in a couple.

If the guy is not there, the girl will be difficult to establish contact with representatives of the opposite sex throughout the month. During this time, she will be discouraged, but will draw the right conclusions, which will definitely help her in the future.

The former guy foreshadows tears in reality and indifferent attitude of loved ones. If in reality he again offers to meet, do not agree, since the couple still has no future. If a woman dreams of a guy who likes, then she thinks about him a lot in real life.

He noticed this, but did not decide whether he wanted to get close to her.

If a few guys had a dream, the day ahead will not meet the expectations, it will be boring and uninteresting.

This day is ruled by the Sun, which promises celebration, love and fun.

The value of sleep from Saturday to Sunday:

  • Dreaming of a loved one — a quick wedding is possible.
  • Stranger — to have fun in a new company and meet interesting people.
  • The dreamer did not remember the face — soon she would be invited on a date.
  • Cried in a dream because of the guy — she expects a gift, a pleasant surprise.
  • The young man pushed away — it is better to part with his beloved or not to start a new romance.
  • Dreamed of the former — life will be serene and happy.

If a man says something, you need to remember his words: they express real feelings for the dreamer and predict the development of further relations.

The meaning of dreams with the participation of a guy may differ from different interpreters.

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