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What is the dream of the garden on the dream of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Nostradamus

Why the garden dreamed — we interpret on various dream books

Not one rural, country resident does not do without a kitchen garden. How much work, effort and creativity is invested in several square meters of land.

Where then, with joy and satisfaction, summer residents collect a rich harvest. Why dream of a garden, we learn in the famous dream books.

The world that the garden: everything grows in it

Most interpreters associate the garden with the daily affairs of the sleeper, his plans, goals for the future, experiences, worries and anxieties associated with the realization of his capabilities.

The appearance of the plot is an indicator of the current state of affairs of the dreamer, his current mistakes, and possible consequences. Such a dream can prompt the sleeper in which direction to move to achieve their goals. Well-groomed garden, correctly and neatly located bushes, seedlings on the plot indicate that there is no cause for concern.

Your development path is promising, and the decisions are correct and accurate.

What is the dream of the garden on the dream of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Nostradamus

Even more confidence in the future can be betrayed by a dream, where the harvest of a good harvest has been envisioned — this portends great prosperity, a decent profit for the hard work and talent of the dreamer.

Choose a wife not in the dance, but in the garden

For a woman, the important role of such a dream is played by the earth on the site. As one of the foundations of the universe, it personifies the feminine.

Chernozem expresses the ability of a woman to fertilize, fertility, pregnancy, all sorts of family joys and goodness.

A good sign is to water the land or to see how the rain pours on your site. Moisture, feeding black soil, gives life to germinating shoots and seeds, personifying the fact that all conditions have been created for you to become a mother, a good period for conception and pregnancy.

Motherhood at this time foreshadows to be especially happy and successful.

The man does not throw ashes on the road, but carries him a little into the garden

For a man to plow the land in his own garden in a dream is marked more with an erotic beginning, symbolizing your participation in the continuation of the human race. Carefully planted seedlings, watering and fertilizing them — in reality be ready for a serious relationship.

You have reached the point where your puberty is equal to your wisdom and life experience. Understanding your goals and defining future achievements, you are eager to find a strong family, children and enjoy your home with your loved ones.

In your garden pebble — author dream books

Sigmund Freud

All that is connected with the elements of the earth carries a feminine principle. Activities in our own garden area are associated with experiences in family, intimate life, relationships with children and parents.

Digging something with a shovel, loosening the earth for a woman symbolizes her ability to bear children and is associated with a future pregnancy.

What is the dream of the garden on the dream of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Nostradamus

The neglect of the plot, the lethargic and rotten fruits hint to the dreamer about the problems that are imminent in your kinship. For a woman, it can mean health problems, difficulties in conceiving a child.

For a man, an overgrown grass garden — in reality expresses sexual problems, low potency or indifference to the opposite sex. To a married man, such a dream speaks of a lack of interest in his wife, your indifference and coldness, which can lead to the divorce process.

Gustov Miller

Represents a negative interpretation of the dream, in which the garden was ghosting. For men, he represents hard ungrateful work, for which you should not expect great honor and generous reward.

Most likely, your merits will not be appreciated, and what seemed to be due to you will be given to the will of a happy event.

It was a dream of the virgin fallow land of your hacienda — in reality, in order to ensure minimum prosperity for the family, you will have to work hard for more than one year, increasing your professional skills and gaining experience. Perhaps this is simply not the business that will bring profit, make your life stable and happy.

A timely decision can change the life of you and your family.

For a woman, working on your own plot of land is a dream for daily worries, petty troubles that can tire and unbalance you. Dry cracks underfoot are a sure sign of failures and imminent problems.

Weeding and watering seedlings personify change for the better, thanks to your perseverance, perseverance and faith in the good. Fruits ripen and ripen vegetables — in reality you are close to victory, goals will be achieved soon, and your maximum efforts will bring financial returns.

To water with a big pressure of water — to receive large dividends from the perspective project. Your intuition did not let you down, you will receive everything that you need with pride and recognition of those around you.

The invasion of insects on a crop in a dream indicates an increase in the negative influence of competitors on your business. Pest control means that you are able to crush enemies and envious people with tough authority and reputation in your circles.

Planting vegetables, especially potatoes, is a very positive sign for the sleeper. You are accustomed to work since childhood, so whatever the situation in the country, you are not afraid of the financial crisis, unemployment.

You have a clear understanding of how you can provide for your family, and you can solve any problem.

What is the dream of the garden on the dream of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Nostradamus

The lush greenery that decorates your garden hints at a comfortable life for many years to come. You should not be afraid of old age, since your reserves will be enough for a long full life of the whole family.

To see the empty ground, enclosed by a fence, is a symbol of hard times. You are exhausted and pessimistic, withdrawing into yourself, unable to solve the current accumulated problems.

Without outside intervention you can not do. Only the influence and help of relatives are able to raise you to the previous level and return faith in your own strength.

There were huge failures in the earth — the harbinger of global catastrophes, natural disasters and cataclysms. It is necessary to insure property, real estate from fires, floods and various unforeseen disasters.

Incomes during this period may fall sharply, so you should not waste money on excess and entertainment, they will be very useful to you in the future.


A positive meaning is the interpretation of sleep, where you are engaged in farming in your own garden. A garden full of flowers, fruitful trees and shrubs awake foreshadows a long and comfortable life.

You can safely take up any business, fortune is on your side. Your ideas, strength, energy and perseverance, with which you embody all your plans so quickly, can make not only you happy, but also the people around you happy.

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