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What is the dream of the fog on the dream books of Freud, Miller

What was hiding in the fog that prolonged your dream

“Everything is foggy” — this is how they talk about an incomprehensible life situation. And what would the dream book say if you had a dream like that?

Why dream of a forest covered with water vapor, and even strangers wandering in a grayish haze?

What is the dream of the fog on the dream books of Freud, Miller

The overall interpretation of this «foggy» dream

  • What dreams of thick fog, like a curtain — stretch out a hand, and the brush is not visible? This dream foreshadows the most «vague» prospects: for a while you will be completely confused, not knowing what to do. Do not panic, it will pass, but for now prepare for everything — for example, relax, get new knowledge …
  • It was light and transparent: in real life, something will confuse you, but not much. For example, a stranger will greet you on the street, and you will remember half the day who it was.
  • He was weak, dissipating in his eyes: not so long ago, the difficult situation did not give you rest, and finally you will find a way out of it, also to your advantage.
  • You saw a misty wave rolling on you from afar: a person will want to ruin your life, but you will guess about everything in time and stop the insidious plans.
  • You have seen the fog through the glass window: you are tormented by loneliness. Meanwhile, there are people who would like to be friends or even intermarry with you. Understand yourself — how do you push them away?

In a gray haze someone wandered?

  • These were human silhouettes. People wandered, not finding a way out: in real life you will have the opportunity to capitalize on the mistakes of others.
  • You were standing in the fog and saw that someone was coming to you: the person you need is about to enter your destiny.
  • To see the fog from which the monsters came out: you are afraid of either what lies inside your soul, or something from your own past. The subconscious asks: leave the past, live the present. In the end, who besides you can dictate your actions and desires ?!

You yourself walked in the fog?

  • You walked along the long gray veil of the road: you met new people and have not yet decided whether to rejoice in it or not. It is not worth much to make friends, but it is too early to quarrel too. Time will tell who is a friend, who is an enemy, and who is «so.»
  • You ran through the foggy terrain: life seems to be a complete hassle, so as not to breathe. But all worries can be streamlined — for example, try to master time management.
  • You floated in a boat on a misty river: you are afraid of your future. Throw away this fear: having thought hard over your every decision, you will build a happy life path.
  • We flew through a gray veil: no matter how hard you try, the situation that annoys you will not change. We’ll have to endure.
  • You are lost in a gray veil: it is not always necessary to obey your heart or intuition. If you are dealing with finances, it is better to “turn on” the head, that is, a solid logic.
  • You were hiding there, trying to hide from someone: you will soon get into trouble, but it seems that Heaven itself will “cover” you, not allowing it to disappear.
  • You were looking for someone in a couple of clubs, catching up through the fog? Subconscious warns: someone lies to you. Soon this lie will be declassified.
  • You went along with one of your relatives, went into the fog and lost your companion: you feel that in real life you are not telling this person something, or maybe he is not completely honest with you. To return the old friendship, you need to sit down and talk heart to heart.
  • You could not breathe, the fog clogged your lungs: now your life is very complicated, you are at an impasse. Try to “turn off” the heart and “turn on” the head — perhaps everything will become clearer.

What was the «landscape» in your dream?

What is the dream of the fog on the dream books of Freud, Miller

  • Fog in a dream, which delayed the road, is deciphered as follows: you fear that the future will not work out the way you want. However, if you worked hard, you will succeed.
  • The bridge in the gray clubs says: in fact, it is a “bridge” to a person with whom you can’t make friends or work together. Be kinder, and then the person himself will reach out to you.
  • Swirling mist over the water (river, lake): to money, success.
  • The forest in the lilac «smoke» says: you have long dreamed of leaving the countryside. Well, so what stops you?
  • The fog in the mountains is interpreted differently. If you saw him in the valley, looking from a high mountain — this is to meet with a man whom you already forgot to think about. Conversely, if you climbed a mountain hidden in the fog, it means problems at work that you solve.
  • A field in a water shroud: to great life opportunities. Do not be shy, be bolder!
  • You have seen a house almost hidden by fog: it means doubts on a personal front. Did the fog fade before your eyes? Soon you will find a way out of the impasse. He on the contrary, condensed, hiding the structure finally? You will have to “work through” the doubts that have arisen for a long time.
  • The foggy city promises you a trip to a strange, unprecedented place.
  • A graveyard shrouded in mist says: Depression sucks you. You need to cheer up urgently — maybe new acquaintances will help?

Author’s transcript of sleep

If the popular wisdom looks at this natural phenomenon optimistically, how does the author dream of the fog? Yes, and written by an experienced psychologist?

We chose quotes from two such books — which one would you like more?

The dream of Gustav Miller

  1. If in a dream you are very shrouded in fog, the dream warns: there can be problems in the family.
  2. The fog has cleared: the troubles that have begun will not be staying with you for a long time.
  3. In silhouettes of opaque water vapor, human silhouettes wandered: you will earn, but it will cause significant inconvenience to someone (maybe even a material plan).

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud

  1. Did you go wandering through the fog? Look like you see your current life situation, only instead of bad weather your life is filled with unfamiliar people, and you do not know what to expect from them. Be careful, but do not forget about good parenting. The time will come, and everyone will show what it is worth.
  2. You admired the fog through the window: you refuse sex, and maybe even consider yourself frigid. But this is not a disease, you just get in the way of something inside of you — soon you will understand everything.
  3. A man walked through the gray «captivity» to you: soon you will have a new lover (lover) who will plug the previous partner into the belt. In erotic terms, of course. And even if you are still in a relationship, you will not be able to resist the temptation, it will be so great.

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