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What is the dream of the deceased relative of the dream Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

The deceased relative in a dream — the nuances of decoding by dream books

A deceased relative in a dream may come in several cases. The first of them indicates that you are missing this person and you are experiencing an emotional and psychological disorder.

This affects the external behavior, there is nervousness, aggressiveness, temper and anxiety.

General interpretation

In another case, deceased relatives portend some situations that you wish to warn about. Perhaps these close family ties help you on a subconscious level, directing you to the direction where your life will be more stable and carefree.

What is the dream of the deceased relative of the dream Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

A different alignment may mean that a relative wants to remind you about the promises or vows you give. Apparently, it’s time to pay the bills and do what you signed up for.

A bad omen if the dead person invited you to go with him. This can turn into health and mental problems.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Deceased relatives in a dream may come as a sign that sexual activity now worries you less. Now you are determined to devote more time to the spiritual development and comprehension of a new reality, abstracting from sexual addictions, preferences or fantasies. Perhaps that moment came when you are more ruled by the fear of the approach of old age and the awareness of your mortality.

And before you moved only carnal pleasures and an endless search for sexual pleasures.

A deceased mother in a dreaming woman can be a reminder that you have not yet realized yourself as a mother, you have not experienced this tender parental feeling. It’s time to think about finding a candidate for the role of the father of your unborn child.

The moment when conception and pregnancy will not contradict the state of health by age.

Gustov Miller

Deceased relatives who come to our dreams may testify to grief, longing and sadness. But this applies to the case when a loved one died relatively recently and time has not yet let go the pain of loss.

What is the dream of the deceased relative of the dream Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

On the other hand, dead people may indicate acceptance of their own limited life. Such a plot is not uncommon during severe fatigue, stress, and general deterioration of health.

They serve as a hint that you need to arrange yourself more often, to be more attentive to your own body and its problems.

Dead parents are blessed — good sleep. He is able to give strength, energy and confidence in the future. The period when you should not hesitate to make a decision.

It’s time to take action to implement the goals. Difficulties will seem easily surmountable and will not take a lot of strength to eliminate them.

Parting words from the dead often dream on the eve of important negotiations, financial transactions, other events that can make big changes in the life of the sleeper. It is necessary to remember the words and take note of them.

An equally important reason why dead people come in their dreams is your promises to this person during his lifetime. Perhaps the deadline has come, and you should keep the answer.

This may concern some financial obligations, donations, patronage of arts. And for some it will affect your personal life, for example, if you promised to marry by your mature years.

Dreamed of distant relatives from the other world, who suddenly resurrected — a sign that they are trying to exert a bad influence on you. Do not give in to the opinion of others, even if it turns out to be very convincing.

Listen to your own intuition and the voice of the heart.

A deceased relative ghosted sick in a dream — will have to face total injustice. This does not necessarily happen to you personally.

It is likely that your loved ones will be affected. Feel free to talk loudly about your rights, learn to seek justice and be heard.

What is the dream of the deceased relative of the dream Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

Many dead were seen — to an epidemic or a seasonal virus. Be extremely attentive to your own health, avoid public places where it is likely to pick up a serious illness.

Hugging with a dead man who was a close relative to you — in reality you face unexpected turns of events. You will not be ready for cardinal changes, but perhaps something that takes you by surprise will be very useful and promising for you.

They were present at the funeral of a relative who had long since passed away — a dream indicates the cunning of a person from close circle. Definitely someone weaves intrigue behind your back, pursuing personal mercantile goals.

In your case, you should trust yourself only now. Openness and sincerity are not the qualities that should be shown during this period.


To kiss a deceased relative in a dream is to get rid of unnecessary fears and doubts while awake. You will be able to overcome this feeling of insecurity and in their own insolvency.

The one who has long been partial to you and sincerely wishes you happiness will help you to inspire your deeds.

A relative who went to the other world calls for him — a bad sign. Try to avoid this in every way.

It threatens with prolonged depression or severe illness. To repel a dead person and go the other way is to cope with difficult life circumstances.

Deceased parents ghosted alive — you have a difficult fate, which will require you to independence and the will to win. In order for the souls of the dead to receive tranquility and not visit often, one should go to the temple and put candles for the rest.

David loff

Dead relatives come in a dream to those who are in a state of heightened anxiety, nervous excitability. The reason for this may be stress, fatigue, unstable financial or marital status. You need to bring thoughts and feelings in order, assess their capabilities and prioritize.

The best life shifts occur after a short vacation, where you have the chance to be yourself and really understand what you are dreaming about.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

A recently departed relative dreams of sadness and hardship. Some of them can be created by the dreamer himself, in which case the dream draws attention to the behavior of the sleeper.

If you ignore the deceased parent in a dream, it means that close people in reality experience cold and indifference from you. You have an exclusively mercenary interest in them, which is easily noticeable.

Such behavior may serve as a reason for the early refusal of assistance. And you obviously need support.

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