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What is the dream of the deceased mother of Miller’s dream book, Freud?

Returned for an hour: why did the late mother come to you in a dream

Mom is the closest person in the world, and having lost her, we passionately want to see our own soul once more … But when she comes in a night dream, we immediately flip through the dream book — what if this is an alarming sign? What dreams of the visit of the deceased mother, what does she want to tell us?

What is the dream of the deceased mother of Miller's dream book, Freud?

General interpretation of this exciting dream

  • If she went into another world quite recently, the dream speaks only of your longing and unwillingness to part. It will be right to visit the church and light a candle for the repose of a soulmate.
  • If mother has been living with the Lord for a long time, her visit was for a reason: she wants to warn you about something.
  • For a pregnant woman, seeing a dead mother is an excellent omen. Your mother wants to say that she will protect you, both now and during childbirth. Everything will be fine with you and the baby.
  • She was busy at home (washing, cooking, cleaning). The dream says: you do not have enough harmony in communicating with your relatives or husband, and only in your power to create it.
  • Have you seen her die again? The dream says that you still deeply yearn for the parent, not wanting to let her go. Find the strength and say goodbye to your mother! Someone can help go to church, and someone — a psychoanalyst.

What was she like?

  • Silent and quiet. Mom stood aside — whether a person or an invisible spirit … She wanted to say: even if you feel lonely, in fact you are not alone. She is always there, even if you don’t notice her now.
  • Cheerful and young. You will soon have a white stripe. If you plan children, check — young girls and women will often become pregnant with such a dream.
  • Sad, anxious, nervous. Most likely, mom is upset by your current lifestyle. What are you doing wrong? Maybe it will be reasonable to change something?
  • Crying. Your real experiences have passed into this dream. You feel bad or just sad, so mom shares these emotions with you. Tune in to a positive wave, shake off your sadness!
  • Pregnant Your subconscious says: you are lonely and scared, you would like to be not an adult, but a baby on the mother’s hands … However, you need to pull yourself together and solve your own problems!
  • Drunk. As the dream-book assures us, a deceased mother in such a strange “role” is a sign: you are utterly outcast, just that — you will fall into depression. Take an urgent vacation and rest.
  • Sick. You will be blamed for something — it is quite possible, these suspicions will be empty, but still offensive. Be attentive to what you are saying, do not take debts, and if you have taken it, give it away, and you may be able to avoid this slander.

Did you communicate?

What is the dream of the deceased mother of Miller's dream book, Freud?

  • What is the dream of the deceased mother with whom you quarreled? Subconsciousness hints: at this time, your conscience is not entirely clear. What exactly did you do wrong? If the disputes took place in your home, the dream says that you are not behaving well with your household.
  • Have you complained about something? Such a dream speaks only about one thing: something upset you in real life, and your own soul came from the other world to listen and encourage. To whom it is still possible to cry, if not your own mother! But remember: in addition to the mother who has already left, there are other close people near you. Do not forget about them, they are also worried about you and want to help!
  • Did you kiss her? This is a sign of your wisdom, strength of character, ability to forgive. You can behave nobly even with enemies who have offended you.
  • Did you hug? In real life, something scares you.
  • Did you work together at home? A dream can say: cleanse life from all unnecessary. Maybe you should get rid of outdated relationships, empty classes?
  • If you received something from it (thing, money) — this is good. Soon life itself will present you with a valuable gift.
  • You gave something, gave mom? And this is not so good: now “in real life” you have to “give up” something (say, lose). Sleep warns: be zealous and economical!
  • Did you feed her? Sleep promises wealth.
  • Did you run away from her? Someone will greatly envy you, and this bad feeling will ruin your life. Perhaps a person will fail you a lot or turn out to be extremely ungrateful.
  • She called you and you followed her? This is the worst dream. He may promise a serious illness or even the death of a dreamer.

Interpretation of the most famous authors

Since communication with the dead is often within the competence … no, not of the holy fathers, but of psychoanalysts, at the end of this article we cite extracts from the books of the latter. These people look at dreams not as on the subject of the other world, but as a product of our subconscious.

What will they advise and open to us?

Dream Miller

What is the dream of the deceased mother of Miller's dream book, Freud?

  1. A deceased mother in a dream is a sign that you will live richly without saving money on your Wishlist. Soon you will be able to afford not only what you have been dreaming about for a long time, but also a little “squatting” with money, buying optional, but such pleasant trifles.
  2. If you talked to the deceased relative, the emotions that you felt while doing so are very important. If your mother told you about something from your real life, try to fully remember her words. By listening to this advice, you will win.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

Most often, these visitors come to our dreams before some exciting event. Most likely, in your life a turning point, and you really lack the wise advice of the closest person.

If she warned you about something, be sure to listen to her — so you will avoid the painful consequences of a wrong choice or action.

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