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What is the dream of the church according to the dream books and the interpretation of basic values?

I see the church in a dream — the interpretation of the values ​​of the popular dream books

The church serves as a refuge for the spirit of man in difficult situations when he despaired of getting help. the church helps to come to terms with its position and even begin to find pleasure in submission, hoping for an afterlife reward.

It is easier to experience the injustices of this world to a church person, there is always the opportunity to communicate with like-minded people, advice from an experienced person, a priest, the opportunity to pour out the soul before religious symbols.

Atheists in this respect more difficult. In a hopeless situation, even the most inveterate atheist is forced to turn to faith, because this is the only way to keep hope.

The church in a dream is a symbol of the last hope. Consider why the church dreams of dream.

What is the dream of the church according to the dream books and the interpretation of basic values?

Basic Values

  • It matters exactly where you saw the church. In the distance, as a pleasant and picturesque part of the landscape — you have peace and tranquility in your heart, everything is good and you put a lot of energy into ensuring that everything is exactly as it is. Do not reproach yourself for imaginary flaws, do not think that you can not move leaps and bounds to success. Success will certainly be, you will achieve it. Accept the help of your friends with sincere gratitude, but without commitment from you.
  • To admire the golden domes of the church — soon find a good job, a field of activity that is ideal for you.
  • If you are going to the church or to the monastery, who are not far from you — various doubts would be your thing, you would like to be alone and that the troubling problems should be solved by themselves. Perhaps you are confused by the lack of time to find solutions, you need advice. There is a small chance that you can find the necessary advice in the church, but it is better to turn to professionals, lawyers, and psychologists. Listen to different opinions and make your own.
  • If you are in a dream in a church, enter it — you are looking for ready-made solutions from the outside, looking for consolation, excuses for yourself and others. Unfortunately, there are no ready-made solutions. To give up your own will and rely on the grace of a universal deity is a controversial decision, but you are free to make any.
  • Face the Tsar’s Gate or in the altar — you are in despair or in a very difficult situation. Perhaps you are trying to experience some sublime feeling that will help overcome adversity and find support for your life. In this case, in reality, attending church will help you. Do not despair. Faith really becomes a support even in a hopeless situation and helps to overcome a lot.
  • If in a dream you do stupid things in church — you dance, you make faces — this does not mean that you have been possessed by evil forces and demonic obsessions. You are trying to force some higher powers or to draw public attention to your person with the help of provocations. So little spoiled children are lying on the floor and jerking their feet in the hope that they will buy a chocolate bar and a moped for bad behavior. Sometimes buy. But you can get a good slap. Evil forces absolutely nothing to do with. You just want more good for you personally.
  • A boarded up, abandoned church in a dream — you give up religion or consider yourself unworthy of church consolation. Kinda, this is the kind of arrogance in humiliation. You have to look for your own, special way.
  • To stand in the service in a dream — perhaps you are not only seeking spiritual comfort, but also looking for a life partner or the sphere of application of your talents.
  • Putting a candle is a sincere wish.
  • If in a dream, icons talk to you, cry, move, these are the answers to your strong desires, aspirations, supported by rich mythological experience. Take such actions as the answer of your own inner voice. The icon cries healing tears — you would like to get a universal medicine. Preferably the potion of immortality. Tears are burning or bloody — you are hardened and burn with a thirst for revenge, appealing to heavenly justice. Icons light up or spoil from your eyes — you are angry because the gods are not in a hurry to fulfill your desires, although you have convincingly explained everything. It’s time to abandon children’s egocentrism.

What is the dream of the church according to the dream books and the interpretation of basic values?

Interpretations of authorities

  • Dream Miller says that to dream of a church — to unprecedented, perhaps mystical events in life. Miller advises patience. You will need extraordinary composure and composure.
  • Dream Vanga interprets the church in a dream as a sign that you will have to face despair and strong emotional shock. Entering church premises from an official or secret move is a sign of selfishness. You want consolation out of turn, in a welcoming and exclusive manner.
  • A female dream book sees the church in a dream as the need to consult, reveal the soul, get a moral assessment of their actions and get rid of feelings of guilt. If the church is dark and the situation is not at all festive, not solemn, it means a strong emotional excitement, doubt. Perhaps this is a sign of depression. If such dreams are often disturbed, it makes sense to visit a neurologist and, possibly, visit a church or take a walk in a church or monastery park. Severe longing can seriously damage the ability to make decisions and just see reality. Modern drugs can dull the mental pain and help to survive a difficult period in their right mind.

What is the dream of the church according to the dream books and the interpretation of basic values?


The church is dreaming about the ordeal that you especially need support. Indeed, religion is able to provide assistance in critical situations, to give hope, to help find support in the soul.

You can just go to church and admire the beauty of ancient art. A trip to the temple does not hurt even the most convinced atheist.

You can recharge your mind, collect your thoughts, think through your actions.

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