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What is the dream of the ball on the dream-book of Yuri Longo, Meneghetti

Is it good to see a ball in your dream — correct decoding

For some, it is a symbol of sport, and for someone it is a favorite children’s toy. How does the dream book look at the ball?

What dreams of this sports equipment, the «hero» of our men’s favorite game — football?

What is the dream of the ball on the dream-book of Yuri Longo, Meneghetti

General interpretation of this sporting dream

As a rule, esotericists unanimously assure: the ball in a dream is an excellent sign. He foreshadows a fun pastime, a lot of joy, as well as one hundred percent health.

What was this ball like?

  • Childish. Often this toy means a future meeting with people you are friends with almost from the sandbox.
  • See how the kids play a colored ball — for a great, joyful rest.
  • What was the baby ball like? Vivid: your plans come true. Lowered: you have a restless heart (or maybe you are just lonely). Bursting: what you have in mind, will remain just plans. Big: soon something very good will happen in your life.
  • There were a lot of children’s balls, because of them you could not take a step. Before you reach your goals, you will have to overcome many obstacles.
  • Football Most often it is a sign of your deliverance from the disease.
  • What was he like? Strange color: you are lucky in love. With a stellar autograph: you will become famous. Deflated: you can get sick. Strange size: you can offer something interesting; Don’t be in a hurry to say “yes” or “no” right away; carefully weigh the pros and cons.
  • Did they play it? He hit the net gate: you will win a personal victory. It was an out (he flew over the line of the field): serious intrigues will rage around you. See the ball just flying past you: you are seriously thinking about your future.
  • Basketball. You get rich by making a career. Particularly favorable in business terms is a dream in which the basketball hit exactly in the basket.
  • You have seen how the athlete «led» him: you will make the right decision. It was your friend: you will have to turn to this person for help.
  • The athlete threw the ball into the ring, and all the time missed: you are unhappy with your partner (partner). Perhaps this person has seriously disappointed you.
  • What was he like? With a picture: something will be presented to you.
  • Why dream of a ball that is lonely lying in a corner of a hall? You will find yourself in a very awkward, ambiguous situation.
  • To see a basketball, which was spinning in one place: you will work almost for days, like a workaholic. If he is stuck in the basket, the dream says: in your business (affairs), stagnation will begin.
  • You did not see a basketball, only heard how they knocked on the floor: important news will fly to you soon.

And what did you do in your dream?

What is the dream of the ball on the dream-book of Yuri Longo, Meneghetti

  • Played football. You care about your health. If you (your team) have won, your health will be stronger than that of everyone around you. If you personally also scored a goal, you will be a winner in life.
  • They played basketball. And this dream hints: do business, work. You will work well, “include” all your talents — and get good “dividends”. If it is you who threw the ball into the ring, you will occupy a good place in society.
  • They played a ball with a child. A dream says: you will have a good time soon.
  • Played a deflated ball. Plans that you have «pondered» for a long time and tried to implement, unfortunately, will remain plans. They are not destined to come true.
  • You pumped a blown-up ball to your child. There is a certain secret, which you dream to share with a friend, but have not yet decided to “open up”.
  • You bought the ball: a happy event will enter your life.
  • They gave it to you: life will soon “give” you a faithful comrade.
  • You kicked him: the task you are fighting will be solved soon. You will figure out how to do this, and the decision will be very original.
  • You twisted the ball on your finger: you are a very confident person.

And what do the books write “with the name”?

The dream books quoted below are not written on the basis of popular interpretations, but are the result of many years of work by their authors. They have not lost their relevance for many decades … Maybe not in vain?

What is the dream of the ball on the dream-book of Yuri Longo, Meneghetti

Dream interpretation of Yuri Longo (white magician)

  1. According to this dream book, the ball you played is a symbol of the upcoming meeting with someone you miss so much about. Maybe the person with whom you were closely friends in youth will move to your city forever?
  2. If you have no childhood friends, you can interpret a dream in a different way: you will meet a person who will become a very close friend to you.
  3. If this sports equipment lay motionless in your dream, this is a sign: replacing a hundred problems and daily troubles, spiritual harmony will come into your life.

Dream interpretation Meneghetti (Italian)

  1. If in a dream you won or lost with the help of a ball (billiard, football and so on), this means: this is how your ego interacts with your life.
  2. If you played the ball in a dream just for fun, you will get rich.
  3. If you aimlessly rolled it back and forth, it means: you will simply lose time on some nonsense.

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