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What is the dream of President Putin?

What is the dream of President Putin?

Sometimes famous or famous personalities come to dreams. In the old dream-books, a special place was given for the interpretation of such images.

The visions of the rulers or persons close to them promised honors and certain benefits. How are things in our time, for example, what is the dream of President Putin?

Consider this question.

What is the dream of President Putin?

The image of the head of government in a dream

It is not surprising if the citizens of Russia had a dream of their own president. In turbulent times, most compatriots closely follow world events and actively participate in the fate of the country.

We see the President every day on TV, listen to his address to the citizens on New Year’s Day, therefore the image of Putin in a dream is perceived quite regularly and naturally.

Psychologists believe that a dream involving the head of government dream of people too concerned about the political situation in the world. These people are not locked in the circle of everyday problems and think globally — the scale of the planet.

However, such a position can have negative consequences: a person is preoccupied with things that he cannot influence. Therefore, if you dream of political leaders, think about your citizenship: can you really contribute to world politics?

If you can not, stop putting the question at the forefront.

If you see in a dream your image in the place of President Putin, think about self-realization. You have unencumbered potential that seeks incarnation.

Good sign is shake hands to Putin — soon you will get to know a reputable person who will support you.

If you are dreaming communicated with the president in his office, expect good luck in solving important momentous questions. Probably, you will get a promotion or you will be offered a profitable and monetary place of work.

Hear the praise from the president in his address — to gossip from the inner circle, to receive a reprimand from the head of the state — to great advantage.

If you are in a conversation trying to prove something to the president, in reality you have to accept the shortcomings of a dear person. If a managed to convince the president of something in a dream, you will be able to make the right choice in life.

What is the dream of President Putin?

Other plots of sleep

Remember what the president was wearing. If you saw him in white suit, there will be hard work. The president in black suit dreams of an unplanned visit of guests.

Bright clothes on the president foreshadows the fulfillment of dreams.

If you dreamed of a head of government sitting on a white chair, to endure happiness and jubilation. Black chair foreshadows long happiness and joy.

  • If you change the head of government in a dream, you are expected to change at work.
  • Feast together with the president — to great losses.
  • A conspiracy against the head of the government is dreaming — you are expected by the machinations of your opponents
  • To be a guest of the head of government, to receive a reward from his hands — for success in business; inviting the president to visit me — things will go uphill.
  • If in a dream you are friends with the head of government, in reality you will have financial problems.
  • If Putin smiled at you, expect the envy of your neighbors.
  • If you had a chance to play chess with the president, a large cash flow is expected soon.
  • If you interview the head of government, events will unfold in an unexpected direction.
  • Listen to the speech of the president — you will be deceived by a close person.
  • Listening to a song about Putin — to joy and fun.
  • To see Putin’s speech on stage — to a significant event in life.
  • Putin is planting a tree in your dream-get dividends for your work.
  • Putin is visiting another country — you are trying to assert yourself.

See the head of government in a luxury limousine — to success in finance and prosperity. Putin is jumping on a white horse — to monetary damage, cost savings.

Meet the president at the bazaar — to successful (large) acquisition. President at school — to a meeting with a classmate.

See Putin, flying with cranes, — to easy communication with the opposite sex. See Putin as a hunter — expect reprimand from the authorities.

Tatami president in kimono — you should be more confident and courageous in life. Putin shoots a weapon — to a prosperous and long life.

Putin and Medvedev

If you saw President Putin with Prime Minister Medvedev in a dream, there will soon be a fun party. To hear Putin’s conversation with Medvedev in a dream — to respect with friends and colleagues.

See Medvedev’s quarrel with Putin — be careful in communicating with colleagues, do not allow in the statements of sharpness. You can pay dismissal from work.

Dreaming that Medvedev holds the post of head of state — your ambitions exceed imaginable limits. It is necessary to seek recognition by hard work, and not by claims to a higher post.

What is the dream of President Putin?

Opinion dream books

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova interprets the vision as follows: a conversation with the president — much to the disappointment, to be the president of the country — to the accident.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century: to be invited to an audience with the president — to great happiness, to talk with the head of the country — to the disappointment. See the entourage of the president — to successful events, promotion.

Being the president himself is a great deal of problems, difficulties and obstacles.

Dream dream wanderer: to see the image of the president — much to the disappointment.
Dream interpretation Hasse: the president dreams about troubles, conversation with him — to disappointments.

Esoteric dream book Warns: take care of your nerves. Communicating with the president, touching him — concern with global issues to the detriment of privacy.

To see an unfamiliar person in the image of the president — to obtain important information.

If the dreamer spends his evenings watching news and political programs, dreams with leading political figures have no meaning. The president and another high-ranking official may come to sleep in any way — a friend, patron, father, or seller of household goods.

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