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What is the dream of measuring boots by the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga, Hasse and Medea

What does dream mean, where you measure your boots: interpretation features

Various dream books give several interpretations of dreams when you try on shoes. We will try to make out the main question: “What dreams of measuring boots”.

What is the dream of measuring boots by the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga, Hasse and Medea

Measure boots in a dream — the value of sleep

To give an accurate interpretation of the dream, it is necessary to remember all the details of this dream: what kind of boots were it, the color of the shoes, the scene and other details. All dream books pay much attention to this.

Turquoise boots

For lonely people, such a dream is a symbol of the fact that soon the romantic relationship will begin. For couples in love — strengthening relationships, you will begin to understand your partner more.

Wear other people’s boots

If in a dream you are trying to wear someone else’s shoes, then a lot of responsibilities and problems will come over you, which will be extremely difficult to solve.

Dream Interpretation: to measure boots — interpretation for girls

Single girls who saw such a dream will soon get a partner. Such relationships will not be long, but they will bring a lot of positive emotions for both.

Lovers of people waiting for an unexpected journey together.

Measure different shoes

Such a dream is a symbol of poverty. Expected serious financial difficulties in the family, possibly dismissal from work.

Suede shoes

To measure suede shoes in a dream — to change. You can get a job offer.

Do not think of abandoning it. Changes in personal life are also not excluded.

Any changes in the near future will play into your hands.

High heel boots

You should stop wasting your money and your time. This can have a very negative impact on your future fate.

Measure new boots

You will have new useful acquaintances.

It is also a symbol of prosperity and success. Ahead of waiting for significant events.

Measure one boot

People who have not yet found their soul mate will soon have a fateful meeting. And couples in love will have to go through a long separation.

Torn boots

You will face great financial difficulties, but they will not last long, and at the end of this journey you will be generously rewarded for your patience. It is necessary to refrain for some time from unexpected purchases.

In addition, this dream marks a serious quarrel with loved ones.

The interpretation of sleep by the colors of shoes

  • White boots — you can easily overcome difficult obstacles on your way. Family relationships will improve, and single people will soon be able to meet their love. Also, the white color of the shoes symbolizes the white color of the sheet, that is, you may be offered a more promising job, or you will start a new life in another city;
  • In a dream, measure red boots — for a career takeoff. Single people will experience a stormy love affair;
  • Black color — it’s time to let go of the past, which bothers you. There are still many happy moments ahead;
  • Blue or blue boots signify pleasant new acquaintances that will benefit all;
  • Brown shoes — to difficulties. A lot of hard work is piling on you. It is not excluded that for its implementation it will be necessary to ask for help even those people who are unpleasant to you.

Choose shoes in the store

It is possible that the subconscious simply tells you that it is time to update your wardrobe. According to the dream book, such a dream symbolizes caution. As in the store, you need to take a responsible approach not only to the choice of things, but also to your social circle.

In your environment can hide a cunning person who is preparing intrigue behind his back.

Why dream of measuring shoes of the deceased

Of course such a dream may be one of the unpleasant, but it warns of impending danger. If the deceased is a person you know, then you should remember why he died. Perhaps this will help prevent trouble.

This dream may be a symbol that the dreamer will repeat his fate.

What is the dream of measuring boots by the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga, Hasse and Medea

Interpretation of famous dream books

Dream Miller

  • Dream Miller marks good times in the material plane;
  • If you watch someone put on shoes — to love wars, the betrayal of a loved one is possible;
  • Trying on old shoes — in reality someone is trying hard to interfere with your plans.

Measure boots — dream Vanga

  • For a woman to see a dream like this is a meeting with a man who will drastically change her fate;
  • If in a dream a person measures shoes that are small in size, then he himself subconsciously wants to strike out some people from his life.

To measure shoes on the dream book Hasse

Measure boots on the dream Hasse — for long trips or business trips. If the boots are dirty, there are some difficulties on the road.

Interpretation of the dream of Freud

To measure torn shoes for a woman is a sign of her infertility. In this case, you need to check your health.

If you measure several pairs of boots at once and you cannot make a choice, then in the near future an intimate relationship with several partners is possible.

Why dream of measuring boots on the dream book of Medea

  • If in a dream you try on someone else’s shoes, in reality you should listen to the advice of people around you;
  • Measure new shoes — a sudden rise on the career ladder and new useful acquaintances;
  • Old boots — to failure. On your way there will be many life difficulties that you can hardly overcome. On this way you should not be afraid to ask for help, this can help you out many times;
  • In a dream, you tried on many pairs of shoes — in the near future you will have to choose one of the many ways of life. The success of the dreamer will depend on how correctly the path is chosen.

What is the dream of measuring boots by the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga, Hasse and Medea

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