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What is the dream of killing a person according to Freud’s dream book, Miller?

What do dreams mean with violent deprivation of life?

Most of us sincerely consider ourselves to be good people, so scary dreams in which people are killed (and if the dreamer himself was a murderer himself …) are simply thrown into a stupor. Why dream of such horrors?

How does the dream book see the death of someone you know, relatives?

What is the dream of killing a person according to Freud's dream book, Miller?

General interpretation of this bloody sleep

Surprisingly, most interpreters say: seeing a violent death in a dream is a good sign.

Killing a person you love warns: you understand that you are chronically “sick” with them and this is not normal. Finally you realized that it was time to work on such feelings.

You just saw the killing by

  • See the murder of a man, but get scared and run away — to a curious adventure in the «real». Or on the contrary, you are not afraid, rushing to save the victim? Someone from close soon deceive you.
  • Who was the executioner? If a stranger, a dream predicts a depressive state, and if someone of your kindred — to increase your own self-esteem.
  • Killer turned out to be your boyfriend, husband, lover (girlfriend, wife, lover)? You may get sick. Was it your girlfriend? You will get into an unpleasant situation, but do not lose face.
  • It was a skirmish in the middle of the street, like in an action movie: you will be invited to a party.
  • The man died from a pistol shot: something will pleasantly surprise you. Was the killer wearing a mask? Your problems will be resolved as if by themselves.
  • Someone stabbed: your personal life will be comfortable and smooth. Was it a masked criminal? Before each important decision to properly «turn on» the head.
  • The man was poisoned: your life will soon be in the key.
  • A woman was killed in front of her child: oddly enough, a dream promises many positive emotions in the future.

You became a victim

What is the dream of killing a person according to Freud's dream book, Miller?

  • Who was the killer? Darling: there will be a party in your house; a stranger who has entered your apartment: you will go on a business trip; a maniac, like in a movie: you get out into nature, to the country — in general, away from the city.
  • You were shot with a pistol: the trip will be very successful. From the machine: do not go anywhere alone, take friends. No, you were stabbed? In this case, be careful — there may be «overlays» and failures. Have you been strangled? You need to be alone.
  • You have well remembered the face of your executioner: sleep promises rest abroad.
  • You are bled to death: new experiences are waiting for you.
  • The dream in which you die persecutes you, that is, it was not the only dream of such a plan? You are tired, take a vacation and go to rest.

You committed the crime with your own hands

What dreams of killing a man in this way? Your subconscious speaks of some secret thoughts that you do not even confess to yourself.

And they can not always be shameful — perhaps these are dreams that you call weaknesses or «calf-like tenderness.»

You wielded a knife

  • The most common interpretation: it’s time to change something in your life. If the killing was easy, the changes should affect your lifestyle (maybe you should start running in the morning). If a person fought back, change jobs.
  • Who was that? Stranger — you will feel frustrated; your husband — a dream promises a trip to distant lands; your sister (brother) — moving to a new address; your other relative is a journey.
  • Was it a thief entering your home? Dream to career jump.
  • Murder committed in your home, dreams to success. You will learn something new about yourself — it will be some kind of talent that you successfully implement immediately.
  • The murder of a person in a dream, during which the victim suffered greatly, says: get ready, soon your boyfriend (spouse) will tell you something unpleasant.
  • There was a lot of blood: relatives would descend on a visit.
  • You not only killed someone, but also tried to bury the victim’s corpse: you are a perfectionist in life.
  • You killed a man, but he was resurrected: there are certain relationships that you want to “revive”.

You had a gun in your hand

  • The most common interpretation: you feel an acute lack of love, warmth or romance.
  • Who was killed? A man means mutual love, a woman means an inseparable feeling, and a child means news from afar. Was it your best friend? Neighbors will soon greatly envy you.
  • Shoot someone in front of those present: in life you will feel a strong confusion.
  • You killed a man in a strange house: guests will come to you.
  • Shooting in your office: invite to a great party.

It was a machine gun, automatic

  • Dream promises the envy of others. In the dream, you shot people, but you didn’t “kill some”? You have a secret admirer.
  • You fought by killing on the battlefield: friends approve of your thoughts (way of life).
  • Who was the victim? Your father: you face treachery; your mother: do not be «mummy», it’s time to show character and determination; distant kinsman; everyone is fascinated by you; your boss, boss: you specifically «got» your foes.

How do famous psychoanalysts see killing in a dream?

What is the dream of killing a person according to Freud's dream book, Miller?

Any dream is a reflection of the dreamer’s consciousness. It is not enough to interpret a dream only according to popular beliefs, one must also “delve” into the soul, thinking what exactly could have caused this or that “picture” in the head.

Therefore, we suggest you to know the opinion of world-class doctors — how do they see your dream?

Dream Miller

  1. As this dream book says, killing a person you saw warns: you will soon be upset by some person’s bad deed.
  2. Killer were you? You are “stuck in a story,” which is why your reputation will suffer.
  3. If you are the victim, the dream warns: the enemies are actively trying to ruin your life.
  4. Someone attacked you with a weapon, but you yourself “killed” him: to a career jump and money.
  5. A dream in which your friend killed himself: to the “nerves” because of making a difficult decision.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  1. Have you been a killer? There are some relationships that are very you. At last you throw away this “bag without a handle” and live peacefully.
  2. You’ve seen someone kill: you think a lot about cruel things. Perhaps in bed you like hard «games» like BDSM. Think, whether such «caresses» like your second half?

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