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What is the dream of furniture according to the dream books Grishina, Danilova

What does furniture in a dream mean — nuances of decoding by dream books

Furniture is a very broad concept, because interior can dream about us in absolutely different ways. This dream book will tell you what dreams of different furniture and your actions with it.

What is the dream of furniture according to the dream books Grishina, Danilova

The overall interpretation of this «interior» sleep

  • Furniture is a symbol of prosperity. This is how we look at it, as well as the dream book decodes it. Yes, he often writes: the more expensive the furnishings were in your dream, the better you will heal soon!
  • If she was a child, the dream assures: sometimes you should let your inner child out and have fun. And do not be afraid to lose the reputation of an adult and an important person!

Was she new and brilliant?

  • The most common interpretation of this dream is the promise of good changes in life. If the furniture at the same time was of high quality, the dream says: you are a confident person, and the “pruch” will surely follow you.
  • It is not enough just to see the furniture, you need to remember exactly where you noticed it. For example, if you dreamed that your office (or other place of work) was furnished with everything new, it means that your working life will boil over with a key.
  • Did you dream of new items in your house (apartment)? This is a positive change in your life or in the life of your family.
  • Have you seen your bedroom with a new interior? You will have a great vacation. It may well be that you go somewhere well.
  • New furniture lonely standing on the street? Sleep promises the support of strangers to you.
  • This new furniture was: a bookcase — to the beginning of a new business project; «Slide» — to a dramatic improvement in your financial situation; the sofa is for a romantic adventure or the support of the “powerful world”.

On the contrary, was it old junk?

  • What dreams of furniture in a state of «great-grandmother» rarity? The most popular interpretation: the events of bygone days still affect your life. It may well be that waiting for you annoying or just an important event.
  • On the contrary, was it an antique — expensive, antique, which your room was filled with? You will live richly, but nervously. Second interpretation: you live in pink glasses, deceiving yourself.
  • Handmade things dream to communicate with an interesting companion. And if the furniture was ancient and scratched, you will “intersect” with your long-time offender.
  • You rearranged old pieces of furniture — this means that you are worried about some things and you will try to solve them faster. It was a chest of drawers filled with linen: someone will reveal a family secret to you.
  • You tried to budge any rarity, but could not do it? You are a conservative.
  • You threw away: a broken chair or chairs — to minor annoyances; wall — to the illness of your grandmother or grandfather.
  • There was an old couch in the garbage bin: you feel that your relationship is a suitcase without a handle. It is necessary to «repair» it, and even better to throw it away.

What is the dream of furniture according to the dream books Grishina, Danilova

Did you rearrange the room?

  • To rearrange very heavy, massive furniture in a dream: you are “pulling” an unbearable burden of duties.
  • It was a sofa, new and littered with pillows: a lot of interesting things await you in the field of love.
  • Rearrange small items — to success on the working «front».
  • Loaders helped you at home, strangers helped you in business, and you would have to hire helpers at work.
  • No matter how hard you tried, you moved the sideboard only a couple of centimeters: you will be busy with something new, but not everything will go smoothly right away. Enlist the help of relatives and relatives, and success will come!
  • If the dreamer is a man, sleep with a shift in the workplace means wealth, a profitable change in work. A woman in years home permutation dreams of a good, curious rest, and a young woman — to pregnancy.
  • After rearrangement in a dream, you saw that a cupboard had disappeared somewhere: someone from your family would like to insert the nest separately.

Did you buy new furniture?

  • Most often, such an acquisition promises the dreamer happiness and a prosperous life.
  • In the dream, you were in a furniture store, filled with goods almost to the ceiling? This is a dream for cardinal changes: a child will be born in the family (or maybe a new son-in-law, daughter-in-law will appear), your social status will change.
  • In front of your eyes, cute wooden beds were brought into the store: a dream promises a wedding.
  • You bought furniture, and the movers brought it into the house: start building your own family nest.
  • You bought: a sofa — for a romance or a wedding; chair — buy upgrades; table with chairs — get ready to move; huge closet — life will change a lot soon; kitchen set — your whole family will be healthy and happy; trumeau — you will have a patron; sideboard — roll up your sleeves, a “working” strip is coming; computer desk — you can climb the career ladder.
  • You bought country furniture: you urgently need to get away from everyone and rest. If you did it yourself, it means that you do not like your present life and you are trying to change it.

What was its color?

  • White (light) furniture dreams of people who may get sick because of their own negligence.
  • Black (dark) — to the appearance of distrust of his own husband (wife).
  • Red — for the arrival of dear guests, fun.
  • Yellow — to the departure of a loved one.
  • Brown — to raise or change jobs.
  • From metal: you stand firmly on your feet, you can solve any problem.
  • From stone: to quarrels with relatives or comrades.
  • From a rod, a rattan (wattled): argue with someone at work.
  • From a tree: your problems will resolve themselves, you don’t even have to do anything.

And what did eminent master interpreters write?

What is the dream of furniture according to the dream books Grishina, Danilova

At the end, we offer you interpretations from the most curious dreaming people. They may differ slightly from the traditional vision of «furniture» sleep.

Well, are you ready to be surprised?

Noble Dream Grishin

  1. Hack furniture in a dream: you dream of change. Maybe you quarrel with someone.
  2. The lacquered, shiny furniture says: you will soon buy into a person’s external gloss, and then you will be disappointed in him, knowing closer to his rotten soul.
  3. She flew through the air: something strange would happen at your home.
  4. Furniture has disappeared: sleep to poverty and (or) losses.
  5. She was a “designer”, very strange form: you want too much from your beloved or loved one, so you cannot create a relationship.
  6. On the contrary, she was “clumsy”: relations in your family will be problematic.
  7. Furniture eaten away by bark beetles: your marital happiness may break.
  8. The furniture broke under you or in front of your eyes: to a quarrel among your relatives.

Erotic dream book Danilova

  1. As this dream book says, large-sized furniture promises quick solitude with a loved one. Finally, nothing will stop you from lying in bed!
  2. Upholstered furniture says: your personal life has become dull and dull. Visit the sex shop, buy the «Kama Sutra» — add something new to your sex!

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