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What is the dream of football in the dream of Miller, Freud

You saw soccer in a dream — how to interpret according to dream books

Explaining night visions with such a scenario will depend on the nuances of sleep. You yourself played or were just a spectator of the game at the stadium.

Maybe you watched the game on TV. The exact interpretation will depend on all this.

To learn about it, get acquainted with the proposed dream books.

Interpretation of various dream books

What is the dream of football in the dream of Miller, Freud

View of psychologist S. Freud

  • Played football in a dream — you have become a habit to impose your opinion on people around you. This is not for everyone. You have to change this rule.
  • See how others play football — do not take seriously the opinion of strangers. It is often erroneous. Better to trust your intuition.

Opinion of the white mage Y. Longo

  • To drive the ball in a dream — soon you will surprise your friends with your unusual act.
  • You probably decided to drastically change your life. Warn everyone about this so that they understand your actions correctly.
  • Watching a match from the podium of the stadium — someone you know will alienate something. You will need to stand either on his side, or to recognize the condemnation of opponents. In any case, you can not change the situation.

Autumn dream

  • See how the goalkeeper caught the ball — you successfully complete the job.
  • We watched the match on TV and the team you were ill for won a victory — your dreams will not come true.

Summer dream

Watch the game on TV — for a pleasant pastime.

Spring dream book

Goalkeeper on the football field — a barrier to the completion of the case.

Interpretation of Pastor Lofa

  • Playing alone on the football field symbolizes your lack of independence.
  • Watching others play is a sign that your authority is low among people around you. Nobody takes your opinion seriously, you gradually lose the respect of your friends.
  • See the goalkeeper watching the game — reports on your imminent campaign to watch a football match.

Modern dream book

  • Were on the podium of the stadium as a spectator — in reality you have no initiative. So it is impossible to achieve tangible success in life. You need to change your life position.
  • To take part in the game yourself — by example you have a positive impact on your children.
  • They saw that the football stadium was used for other purposes — it would take a lot of effort to achieve their goals.

Dreaming Housewives

  • During the game of football to hit the ball in the goal post talks about unexpected obstacles in your way.
  • Watch a football match — to refuse to help neighbors.

Esoteric dream book

Seeing yourself playing football promises monetary and property disputes.

Interpretation of the psychologist G. Miller

  • Watch the game from the podium of the stadium foreshadows trouble. Their reason will be excessive predilection on your part for dubious entertainment events.
  • It also means that you can get under the influence of someone, it will be difficult to get rid of it. This will cause feelings and affect your well-being.

What is the dream of football in the dream of Miller, Freud

Dream Dream Morozova

  • Playing football is about financial success. You will meet people sharing your aspirations. Together you can achieve success. It can be friends, colleagues.
  • Watching football on TV or in the stadium — the likelihood of being influenced by strangers. This may adversely affect your business.

Dream for girls

  • Played in a dream in football — take part in an interesting event. It will happen in your school.
  • In a dream I played football, but in reality I do not know how to do it. In the near future, you will have to do what will bring you difficulties and a lot of trouble. You will not be able to refuse this business.

Everyday dream book

  • Watch others play football. Listen to your intuition before you do an important act. Do not take into account other people’s advice.
  • Football in a dream symbolizes your real life. She, too, is like a game. Be mobile and always ready for unexpected turns of fate.
  • To play yourself — give up the temptation to influence other people. This is fraught with unpleasant consequences.
  • During the game, players attacked you from all sides. Use caution in reality to avoid injury.

Opinion of the esoteric E. Tsvetkova

Watch the decisive football match on TV — your buddy will be in a difficult situation. You will have to help him get out of it.

This will require a lot of effort on your part, which can cause poor health.

Dreams of characters

  • A dream with a similar scenario speaks of a quick change of events in your life.
  • Winning the game foreshadows the fulfillment of your plans in reality.

Family Dream

Playing yourself or watching the game from the side promises a lull in the business sphere, a waste of time, financial difficulties.

Moon dream

You had a chance to play in a dream in one team with a famous football player — thanks to influential connections, you allow yourself to be awake in reality. It does you no honor and may one day lead to disastrous consequences.

What is the dream of football in the dream of Miller, Freud

Interpretations from other sources

  1. To see a game of football in a dream promises a manifestation of jealousy in love relationships.
  2. Watching the game as a spectator foreshadows deterioration in health. You will have to forget about all matters for a while and listen to the advice of doctors. Your body needs rest.
  3. Seeing yourself as a player, but watching the progress of the match from the bench — you are really dissatisfied because you can no longer do your favorite business because of health problems.
  4. In the dream, you skillfully played on the field — you have a tendency in reality to put pressure on the people around you. Try to get rid of this addiction. By this you will raise your authority.
  5. During the game, you scored a goal that brought your team victory. This warns you against excessive pressure on your friend. So you can lose it.

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