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What is the dream of examinations in the dreamwork of psychologists Jung and Freud?

What to expect from a dream in which you have passed or not passed the exam

What dreams that your session has come, and you pour cold sweat near the audience, remembering everything you learned in a year? If a schoolchild or a student sees such a dream, then everything is clear: you are simply afraid to collapse in the “hour X” (and if you dreamed of this, you should not think that it is a prophetic dream — you just saw your fear).

But how does a dream book interpret the exam in a dream of a person who has long graduated from school and high school?

What is the dream of examinations in the dreamwork of psychologists Jung and Freud?

General interpretation of this nervous dream

  • Exam in a dream is a sign: it’s time to revise your life. Maybe you are somehow mistaken. If you can’t figure out what exactly you are doing wrong, ask a smart person to look at your life from the outside.
  • In the role of the subject was another person, and you only watched everything going on? Such a dream says: there is someone who needs your support. Do not refuse to help a friend, colleague or relative.
  • In the dream you were preparing for the exam? This is a sign: to achieve your goal in real life, you will have to try and work very hard. Also, such a dream can talk about your self-doubt.
  • Are you late for your exam in a dream? Sleep warns: in order to achieve a lot in real life, you need to “turn on” all your discipline and responsibility.
  • The second interpretation of this dream: in the «real» you are in a stressful situation, and this tension does not let you go in a dream. Sleep warns: in order to change your life and no longer be trapped, try to behave like an adult and not allow yourself liberties.

Did you pass the exam well?

  • You got a good rating. Your life is entering a white line. You will “rest on the laurels” of your past achievements, rest and gain strength for future victories.
  • To pass the exam brilliantly, best of all — this is not such a good dream. It means: in life you overestimate your capabilities, and this is sometimes dangerous. For example, taking on the work that you really can not afford, you can not cope and only discredit yourself. Look at things soberly!

Are you «filled up»?

  • You «fell asleep» in tatters. Such a dream means: in life you will find success. You see the goal and do not see the obstacles, and if they do appear in your way, you will easily overstep them.
  • What dreams exam, which you passed somehow, barely «pulling» C grade? The subconscious mind warns: you listen to the devastating criticism of others, concerning your personal life, and you have a lot of problems because of this. Solve family matters without the advice of all-knowing girlfriends or parents!
  • You prepared all night, but when it came time to answer the questions, did you forget everything? You are not confident in your own strength. At the same time you have a lot of positive qualities and knowledge. Believe in yourself — and you will roll mountains!

Did you use cheat sheet?

  • Yes, and she helped you get a high score. This is a great dream, it promises you good luck in business or at work. Feel free to risk, this is exactly the case in which the risk ends with champagne!
  • Yes, but she just messed up. And this dream, on the contrary, warns you against risk. Your path is honest and hard work, conservative methods, caution in business.

Have you been an examiner?

What is the dream of examinations in the dreamwork of psychologists Jung and Freud?

  • Subconsciousness hints: you are a born critic, and this sometimes makes your neighbors mad. Do not meddle in their lives with your “important amendments,” give advice only when they ask you to.
  • This dream can also clearly show you your own character. If a student in front of you frankly «fray», and you pity him, it means that you are a person compliant and gentle. This is not too good, because some individuals in real life are probably trying to sit on your head, and quite successfully.
  • If, on the contrary, you are not going to regret an unprepared student, you will like to dominate using your own official position. This is also not the best character trait, on which it would be nice to work until your loved ones began to suffer from your authority!

And what did famous psychoanalysts write?

Above, we told how we got used to seeing the esoteric exam and the magicians. If you are a fan of logic and science, you can not trust such interpreters.

However, there are books that will arouse your interest — the luminaries of science from the 20th century wrote them, and they are still very popular all over the world.

Sonny Jung

  1. As this dream book assures us, an exam in a student’s dream is a sign that a person has not studied well for the entire semester.
  2. If you have already been disaccustomed, and you dream about being late for the exam, you cannot find an audience, remember the answer to a question, it means: it is very important for you how you look in the eyes of others. It is also quite possible that you are an idealist, dividing the whole world (and the people living in it) according to the principle “black — white”.

What is the dream of examinations in the dreamwork of psychologists Jung and Freud?

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  1. You have passed the exam. There is a person from your environment who really needs your support. You know about it, but have not yet decided to lend a helping hand.
  2. You got a good score. You have worked diligently, and now you can rest for a while.
  3. You got a bad score. You are not self-confident in the intimate (that is, sexually) way. Once a partner sharply criticized you, and now you always listen to someone else’s opinion on your account. Believe in yourself! Even if once a person was dissatisfied with you, it does not mean that you are to blame for everything! Especially since the next time everything went fine …
  4. Exam passed to you. Even if you are a lover (lover) with experience and great experience, do not try to criticize others.

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