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What is the dream of dreaming night Denise Lynn, Miller, Grishina, Danilova

Dreamed of the night — what kind of a sign, especially the decryption

Most often we fall asleep at night — and find ourselves in any place and time, but at the same time all events take place in daylight. But why dream of the night?

Does the dream book look at this phenomenon as something dark and gloomy, or vice versa — is it a hint that you should rest, because the night is the usual time of sleep?

What is the dream of dreaming night Denise Lynn, Miller, Grishina, Danilova

The overall interpretation of this «dark» dream

  • What is the dream of the night? The most popular explanation will be: it is a sign of curious events in your future life, as well as change.
  • Was she black and bleak? You are destined to work — hard, but profitable. The main thing — do not be lazy!
  • Bright, moonlit night promises positive prospects. Maybe you will get acquainted with the right person, successfully change jobs, or will your dream come true at last?
  • The sky was strewn with stars: you will rejoice at something.
  • The full moon shone in the sky: you are lucky.
  • It was raining in the dark, and strong: you will live richly.
  • The night was ending, and was the dawn breaking at the edge of the sky? Several ideas-fix will help you quickly and painlessly solve all existing problems. Think at once with both organs (and the heart and the head), and then luck will be on your side.

What did you do in your dream?

  • In the dream, you woke up abruptly (in the sense that this was the scenario of your dream): something bothers you a lot. Do not break your head in solitude, go for help to family people, they will support and tell you what to do.
  • You saw that it was night on the street, and you could not sleep? Before you stumbled, did something wrong, and conscience still nibbles you for it. You were spinning in bed: it was your fault that you spoke ill or acted with a loved one.
  • You danced in a nightclub: you will find yourself guilty in front of your beloved (loved one).
  • You traveled somewhere: in real life you will try to evade responsibility.
  • Seeing yourself as a lunatic: you yourself do not know what to think. You are confused in your own thoughts.
  • You worked all night: in the «real» you are worried about lack of money, and you are trying hard to earn extra money.
  • You went home: a dream warns you that something will soon disappoint you. Most likely, this will be a job where you have given a lot of energy — and she will not “shoot” with dedication.
  • You sat on the roof and looked at the stars: you are a dreamer. Now you are speculating how your future will be.
  • You considered the stars: if you are sick, you will recover, and if you are not sick, it means that bad thoughts will leave your soul. And the more the stars were in the sky, the better you will be.
  • The night sky was pierced by lightning: some stranger would threaten you. Lightning was accompanied by thunder: the matter is really serious, you will have problems. No, it was quiet? It means that the matter will “resolve” without touching you.
  • You walked all night in the city: you will soon rest. We walked through the night cemetery: do not run into danger, now any extreme can harm you.
  • You bathed in the river, the sea: daring to take risks, be prepared not only for «champagne», but also for losses.
  • You swam: a dream shows your determination. On the way to what was intended, it is impossible to stop you.
  • You spent the night under the open sky: your life will become more interesting, filled with new acquaintances, impressions, routes. It was a forest: you will get into stress. You had a tent, and you collected it: you will have a romantic date, or even a short trip.
  • Your night was filled with strange sounds: you are a conservative, suspicious of any changes.
  • You flew in the dark: you often use the “spear method,” especially in your personal life.

What is the dream of dreaming night Denise Lynn, Miller, Grishina, Danilova

Was it a special, festive night?

  • New Year’s Eve: you will live richly and successfully.
  • Christmas: in your personal life there will be positive changes.
  • Easter: to replenish your wallet.
  • Marriage: something new begins in your life. Maybe you will be called to marry or offer a new job, or maybe you will move.
  • Before the holiday of your birthday: life will give you gifts (and not only material).

What do famous books write about “night” dreams?

At the end we offer quotes from the most popular dream books. Different authors can see the night in different ways, and thanks to this the decoding of your sleep will turn out versatile and maximally expanded.

The dream interpretation of psychoanalyst Miller

  1. The night in a dream was deaf? Sleep is a big problem that will concern your affairs.
  2. Was she approaching dawn? Problems that seem unsolvable will suddenly begin to “dissolve”. Such dreams often signal the end of a black band.

Dream interpretation denise lynn

  1. Night is a feminine sign, so it is closely connected with the birth of something.
  2. If the sky was clear and strewn with stars, the dream suggests that you have a strong intuition.
  3. If she was «nasuplennoy», your subconscious hints that you are in something very confused.

Dream Grishinoy (nobleman)

What is the dream of dreaming night Denise Lynn, Miller, Grishina, Danilova

  1. The night sky is a sign of secrets that are rooted in the depths of our soul, that is, the subconscious.
  2. If you saw a dark sky without stars — get ready for a time of trials. You will have no time to think about the eternal or spiritual, you will have to solve a lump of household or work problems.
  3. In the dream you admired the stars? With God’s help, success, joy, and happiness will come to your life.
  4. Were the stars covered with light haze, clouds, fog? In your soul settled (or soon settled) light sadness.
  5. The star was one, but bright: you are destined to a happy future.

Dream dream Danilova (erotic)

  1. According to this dream book, the night, illuminated by moonlight, dreams to the bright moments of the intimate plan, which will give you an unexpected person, but not your «legitimate» favorite (favorite).
  2. If the night was dark, dark, this is a sign: treason could shake your relationship. However, it is quite possible that they can specifically tell you about her in order to divorce with a boyfriend or husband (girlfriend, wife). Do not rush to «beat the pots» until you get to the truth.

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