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What is the dream of dishes on the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

Why dreamed tableware — transcript by popular dream books

A new trend in cooking is edible dishes: glasses, plates, jelly cups, dough, fruit or sugar. Such a masterpiece is not only tasty, but also good for the environment.

What dreams of dishes, we learn in the famous dream books.

Two centuries worth of tableware

Ware is a household detail of our daily life, an element of an interior. It can create a certain atmosphere of space, reflecting the essence of the character and soul of the inhabitants of the home.

Beautiful and clean sets are a good sign for the dreamer. It means a period of true happiness, thanks to the favor of fate and luck in all walks of life.

What is the dream of dishes on the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

Take care of the glassware that the girl: you crush — you can not fix it

To ennoble your home, putting the dishes in their places is a good sign for talented housewives. Life will give pleasant surprises in the form of gifts and tokens from her beloved husband.

Dreamed of plates with the remnants of dried food — problems and difficulties in relations are coming. It didn’t go according to your intended scenario. Try to calm down and concentrate on solving one specific problem.

Gradually, everything will get better and go along the usual channel.

To wash cups in someone else’s apartment — to try to interfere in others relations, without having understood a situation. Your initiative and enthusiasm can harm an outsider family and quarrel with those who are dear to you.

What is the dream of dishes on the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

What else dreams of dishes:

  • empty — they will urgently need to return the debt or pay off the loan debt;
  • filled with tasty and fresh pastries — to an incredible profit or large dividends;
  • enameled — you will find a successful way out of a situation that seemed hopeless to everyone;
  • pure — order and harmony in the family;
  • shattered — fortunately, that will not be long;
  • prepare food — expect pleasant guests;
  • pickle — nostalgia about the past;
  • use the old and worn out — the lack of a stable and permanent job, financial difficulties and the constant search for means of subsistence;
  • to give a rich service — to increase the growth of welfare in a short period of time;
  • receive as a gift — you can not refuse to help relatives or close friends;
  • specially beat — fortunately;
  • accidentally drop — to avoid trouble, due to its caution and sense of proportion;
  • a set of a large number of items — to the support of influential and reputable people.

In men, sometimes broken dishes serve

For a man, a good sign if you dream to see a woman painting porcelain with paints and a brush. This means that soon the long-awaited comfort and feminine warmth will settle in your home.

In the evenings, it will smell like sweet cakes, and in the morning will wake a tender and affable voice.

Wash greasy dishes in the sink and do not cope with dirt — in reality it will have to work a lot to gain experience and get stronger in spirit. Sometimes you do not have enough worldly wisdom, and intuition gives way to youth, quickness and adventurism. Many do not take you seriously and do not try to entrust the solution of serious problems.

Time works for you, you will manage to gain credibility and respect.

What is the dream of dishes on the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

To clean silverware — to understand matters that go far beyond your qualifications and competence. This characterizes the dreamer as a very erudite and purposeful person. Such people always have great prospects for career growth, high income and are included in the highest circles of society.

Attention of the opposite sex to such persons may go beyond the bounds of decency.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Cups, mugs and other containers personify the female origin associated with the genitals. The dishes washed with brilliance, sparkling with novelty and beauty personify the excellent health, courage and sexuality of the dreamer. The richer the service on the number of items in it, the higher the sexual activity and diverse intimate life.

Attractiveness and good physical shape of the sleeper, allows him to enjoy great success with the opposite sex.

Dirt on plates and cutlery symbolizes promiscuity in connections. Thoughtless satisfaction of your own lust can lead to unforeseen health problems, as well as hit your career and financial well-being.

For a man to break a mug in a dream — to suffer a fiasco in love affairs due to health problems. Excessive self-confidence will fail at the most crucial moment.

Abstinence and spiritual development will help restore strength.

To clean and wash dishes means to get rid of the evil influence of depraved and licentious friends, to find love and give birth to healthy offspring. Serious relationships will be salvation for your soul and body, you will change your ideals, values ​​and goals in life.

Gustov Miller

New dishes symbolize a favorable future, the implementation of plans conceived, the implementation of goals. A young woman to choose a tea set in the store means to meet you soon.

Your eyes will focus on the man with whom you make the perfect, happy couple.

Carefully considered the vase, and she slipped out of hand — miss a good opportunity to change everything in your life. Do not be too picky and strict with those who wish to support you by offering a helping hand.

Privileges from an influential and authoritative patron will be easily transferred to someone else, and you will be left alone in your own interests.

To come to the china shop and see empty, dusty shelves — it means chaos and confusion in business. The general breakdown and pessimism will not allow you to solve problems in a timely manner.

It can not do without outside help. Do not refuse good advice, do not reject sincere intentions to change your existence for the better.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

All kitchen items are associated with everyday affairs and domestic concerns. The better, cleaner it looks in a dream, the more harmonious and calmer the family life will be.

To see in the sink a mountain of not clean dishes — to create around you a lot of unresolved issues. You are trying to avoid unpleasant topics of conversation, accumulated claims of loved ones, simply moving away and avoiding the conversation.

Buying new cups for tea — in reality you are trying to establish a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the family. You are on the right path to a happy marriage, loyalty and sincerity of relationships.

Putting kitchen utensils on the shelves — expect success in business and new opportunities in the near future. You strive to adhere to a clear plan, and this is the right way to achieve your goals.

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