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What is the dream of blueberries in Miller and Prozorov’s dream books, Male dream books?

Treatment of different dreams with blueberries on all the details of sleep

Bilberry, which appeared in the dream, as a rule, is perceived positively and causes pleasant sensations. However, the interpretation of sleep with the participation of this berry is not so unequivocal and in some cases may portend something not very good. To understand what dreams of blueberries, it is necessary to compare the details of what he saw on the eve of the picture with what the dream book says.

Thus, you can get the correct forecast of future events.

General interpretation

A warning is the night vision, which featured the preparation of jam from this berry. After such a dream one should be careful at every step, especially in the business sphere.

Otherwise, the dreamer runs the risk of suffering an unpleasant situation.

If a sleeping man in his dream collected blueberries, — he should think about the state of his health. If the collection of this berry was carried out on a large spacious glade — it portends great trouble.

The unripe blueberry bush, from which it was possible to gather fruit, reminds the dreamer of unfinished business.

What is the dream of blueberries in Miller and Prozorov's dream books, Male dream books?

A bad omen — a dream in which clothes were soiled with blueberries. It foreshadows the person who saw him to meet soon with people who are unpleasant to him.

Even their visit to the dreamer’s home is possible. Quickly get rid of uninvited and unwanted guests will not work.

A somewhat different interpretation has a dream in which blueberries had to trade. After such a dream, it will be possible to get rid of unpleasant visitors without problems and unnecessary scandals.

If the dreamed berry was spoiled or sour, and especially if the dreamer poisoned her, this dream foreshadows trials on a life path, a difficult and difficult time. Another bad omen is a dream in which the dreamer’s lips were black after eating blueberries.

He foreshadows significant damage to the dreamer’s reputation.

Interpretation on the date of birth of the dreamer

Another interpretation is the interpretation of a dream by the months in which a person was born who saw a dream with the participation of this berry.

  • For people born in September or December, blueberries in a dream portend an expensive and rich feast. The scale of the holiday depends on how much blueberries featured in the night vision. The collection of these berries predicts an important event, and their purchase — to make the right choice.
  • For those who were born in May and July, this berry dreams of a passionate romantic adventure. However, you should not count on a serious and long-term relationship — your passion will be fleeting. The novel, despite this, is firmly fixed in the memory. Friendship with a partner after their termination is possible.
  • People born in March and April, dreams involving blueberries dream of deterioration of health, illness and disease. It is necessary to guard against the effects of low temperatures and drafts, as well as to take some preventive measures.
  • The ripe berry referred to in this dream book foreshadows a smile of fortune, if the dreamer who observed it was born in January or November. Long-conceived plans will suddenly begin to be implemented, and complicated relationships with people will improve.
  • Dreamers born in October and June, such nightly reference predict a large profit. However, in order for money to flow like a river, it is worth soberly and rationally to think about your needs and the possibility of their implementation. Attempts to surpass themselves many times and waiting for gifts of fate will not lead to anything good.

What is the dream of blueberries in Miller and Prozorov's dream books, Male dream books?

Interpretation on other details

If a girl has been trying to get pregnant for a long time, and in a recent dream she was lucky to eat blueberries, this dream foreshadows a long-awaited and successful conception. If such a dream had a dream to a man who had already got a family — he foretells an improvement in material well-being.

The ascent up the career ladder awaits those who in their night vision ate the large fruits of this berry. The preparation of morse or compote from it is also dreaming of a cardinal change in life, which will lead to new positive emotions.

Night vision, in which the sleeping man had a chance not only to see blueberries, but also to eat it in a large company, is a good sign. He foreshadows success and attendance of good luck in the foreseeable future.

Dream Miller

As stated in the interpretation provided by the famous dream book, blueberries are an ambiguous symbol. A wide clearing full of blueberries is a good sign, heralding the recovery of ill people and an improvement in the state of affairs for those who have lately not been doing well.

Collecting this berry in deep dishes suggests that the dreamer’s good intentions may turn against him, which will lead to undesirable consequences. Watch unripe berries — do not rush into the implementation of plans.

If a man, having a romantic relationship in reality, has a dream in which he treats his partner with blueberries, and she refuses to take it, foreshadows the break in this relationship. Most likely, nothing pleasant remained for a long time in them.

For a woman, such a dream foreshadows intrigue among friends of the beloved.

Dirty clothes with blueberries and trying unsuccessfully to remove the stain — such a dream suggests that the person who caused the evil dreamer will not suffer punishment for it.

What is the dream of blueberries in Miller and Prozorov's dream books, Male dream books?

Dream interpretation of Simeon Prozorov

The appetizing and ripe fruits seen in a dream foreshadow the well-being and success in any undertaking. Unripe berries also do not portend anything bad — success will come after such a dream, but you will have to wait for it.

Dried berries — a symbol of the fact that the dreamer earned material benefits for a long time. Rotten berries symbolize short-term success.

Male dream book

The collection of these berries foreshadows many empty household chores and the emergence of troubles. Eating blueberries is a good sign, predicting a pleasant time, small surprises of fate and positive emotions.

Unripe blueberries personify the dreamer’s haste in business, his emotional instability. Worm blueberry warns a sleeping person that a malicious person is present in his environment.

Blueberry trade dreams of financial trouble.

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