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What is the dream of bed linen according to the dream-books of Tsvetkov, Miller, French dream book

Dreamed bedding — which means versions of several dream books

The world of dreams is whimsical and amazing. Sometimes in the pictures that we see at night, we can see the atmosphere in which we sleep, in particular — bed linen. This image is associated with rest, sleep, intimate moments, often causes pleasant emotions.

Dream interpretation will help to understand what dreams bedding, if we compare with him the details of what he saw a dream.

General interpretation

Auspicious sign — a dream, which featured clean bedding — this dream foreshadows the improvement of family affairs, the establishment of harmony and understanding in relations between spouses, coziness and comfort at home. Mutual respect and strong love will not leave you for dozens of years, while your financial situation will also significantly improve.

Do not worry about anything — enjoy the boundless happiness and serenity.

What is the dream of bed linen according to the dream-books of Tsvetkov, Miller, French dream book

The dream, which featured soiled sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers, encourages the dreamer to maintain wisdom and tranquility. These qualities come in handy in the upcoming period of quarrels and scandals. You should not take harsh and rash decisions, and also try to blame the partner for all the problems.

If you treat everything calmly and wisely — a difficult period will end quickly enough.

If bed linen in a dream was spoiled by rust stains — in the near future expect a visit from guests. Perhaps it will be people with whom you have not seen for a long time.

An unkind sign is a dream in which you happened to see bedclothes torn. Such a dream foreshadows a deterioration in the public opinion about the dreamer — unpleasant rumors are possible.

It is necessary to behave with dignity and remain calm — people will be convinced of the lie of such words.

Interpretation by action

The correct interpretation of the dream will depend on how the sleeping person interacted with the object of sleep.

  • Auspicious omen — a dream in which you ironed bed linen — such a dream promises you a successful marriage. Young unmarried girls can prepare for a meeting with their future spouse. For married women, such a dream foreshadows improved relations with her husband.
  • Night vision, in which the dreamer erases bed linen, says that in real life the dreamer is trying to atone for the fault, to eliminate the consequences of mistakes, and soon he will succeed.
  • A good sign is a dream in which the dreamer made a bed. This image foreshadows a happy period. Perhaps the emergence of a new friend or the beginning of a romantic relationship.
  • A warning is a dream in which the dreamer puts linen on the floor. After this dream, you should beware of accidental connections or intrigues.
  • Night vision, in which you were going to dry clothes, hanging pillowcases and sheets on a rope — a good sign. In the near future will improve your living conditions. Life will become more comfortable, you — happier.
  • Night vision, in which you squeeze underwear, says that in real life you will know some mystery. Dream interpretation advises to keep it.

What is the dream of bed linen according to the dream-books of Tsvetkov, Miller, French dream book

Interpretation on other details

The dream in which you observed bedclothes neatly laid out on the closets of the wardrobe foreshadows harmony and order in your life. No less a good sign — a dream in which you bought duvet covers or sheets — you will find family joy.

Night vision, in which a sleeping person saw bed linen hanging on a rope, symbolizes his desire to change the situation in real life. Perhaps a change of residence is not the most convenient way out, but it is definitely not worthwhile to neglect this desire.

It would be great at least to go on vacation.

A beautiful sign is a dream in which the dreamer observes a snow-white and fresh bed. In life comes the bright band, all anxieties and problems recede.

An unfavorable sign is the night vision in which you observed a mountain of unwashed bed linen. Such a dream warns you about the threat of fraud and betrayal by business partners.

What is the dream of bed linen according to the dream-books of Tsvetkov, Miller, French dream book

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

According to the interpretation given by this dream book, bed linen is an ambiguous symbol, and the interpretation of its appearance in dreams depends on many details. If you dream of washing sheets and pillowcases in your dream — in reality you will have a difficult task.

Holes in the sheet or duvet cover foreshadow discord in romantic relationships, which will begin on the basis of mutual misunderstanding. Dirty bed linen foreshadows disease.

Expensive and luxurious bed linen foreshadows an improvement in material well-being. A bed made of wood foretells financial stability and security.

If you spread the bed in places not intended for it — on the lawn or the ground — in real life you will find a non-standard way out of a difficult situation.

Dream Miller

Auspicious omen — night vision, which features fresh bed linen, white and clean. Such a dream promises to the sleeping person the attendance of good luck in new undertakings and, in general, a favorable life span.

If a woman in her dream happened to make her bed — in real life she is expected to do domestic affairs associated with a pleasant event, as well as the appearance of a respectable and well-provided suitor.

French dream book

A bed neatly made with bed linen foreshadows a quiet and peaceful life span during which no one and nothing will disturb the sleeping person. A less auspicious sign — a dream in which randomly wrinkled or scattered linen appears — in the near future, people around you will learn that you have been carefully and carefully kept secret for a long time.

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