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What is the dream of baldness according to the dream books of Freud, Tsvetkov, Hasse, Loff and Miller

Dreamed a bald spot — what does this mean, dream interpretation

Bald head is certainly an unpleasant thing for any man. Especially if she appears at a young age. Why dream bald?

Dream books will help answer this question.

What is the dream of baldness according to the dream books of Freud, Tsvetkov, Hasse, Loff and Miller

Interpretation of the image

Remember all the details of the plot, seen in a dream: on whom did you see a bald spot, under what circumstances, what emotions did it cause and more. All this will help to increase the prediction accuracy.

Who is bald?

  • See a bald spot on his mother. Dream books advise not to neglect the help of relatives in difficult situations and more often to turn to them for advice;
  • See bald head on children’s heads — for family happiness and well-being;
  • Bald head of an old man. In a predicament, you can soberly assess the situation and emerge victorious with minimal losses;
  • Baldness on a teenager — to petty trouble in the family and at work. If your child’s bald head dreamed, it would bring small disappointments, but in such a period he would need parental help and useful advice. It is also worth spending more time with your children.

What is the dream of baldness according to the dream books of Freud, Tsvetkov, Hasse, Loff and Miller

bald girl

  • To see a bald spot in a dream at the young lady. This image marks quarrels and misunderstandings in the family. Perhaps on financial grounds. You can also become the subject of gossip and unpleasant conversations;
  • If a girl has one half of her head bald and the other with hair, then in the present life the dreamer will be betrayed by a loved one or betrayal of friends;
  • The girl’s bald head on the top — to a small quarrel in the family.

What is the dream of baldness according to the dream books of Freud, Tsvetkov, Hasse, Loff and Miller

Its bald head

  • Hair falls out during combing. Such a dream marks an unserious, but unexpected disease. Also, this image warns of deception. Anyone can cheat: from strangers to close friends and comrades;
  • Its baldness in a dream recommends to be extremely cautious, because financial losses may occur for some time. You can fall into the tricks of scammers. And also it is not necessary to invest money in projects that at first glance seem very profitable and reliable. There is a high probability that this case will burn, and you will lose a lot of money invested.

Other images

  • In front of your eyes lush hair in a flash showered. A loved one will lose confidence in you. This may be due to any reasons. A simple heart-to-heart talk will help prevent this. It is worth finding out exactly what a loss of trust can be caused, and, if possible, correct your behavior;
  • But when you see how baldness turns into a thick and lush head of hair, — auspicious symbol. It means that you will achieve any of your goals, no matter what obstacles and difficulties you may encounter on your way;
  • A woman dreamed that her lover formed baldness. Dream books recommend some time to be more compliant and refrain from scandals. At first glance, a harmless quarrel can turn into big resentment, which would entail intrigue and betrayal. Other sources give a different interpretation of this image. These dream books do not recommend for some time a young lady to respond to a marriage proposal, so as not to know the frustration in the future.

What is the dream of baldness according to the dream books of Freud, Tsvetkov, Hasse, Loff and Miller

Interpretation of a dream by a famous dream book

Dream Miller

  • Dreamed of a bald stranger? Some time with the money you need to be careful. It is worth protecting your bank account and not investing your cash savings in all sorts of financial adventures;
  • Bald heads of children dream of a long and happy family life in financial prosperity;
  • If a woman dreamed of her beloved who, for unknown reasons, is bald, then in the present life a marriage proposal will soon follow. Unfortunately, this union will be very short and will not bring happiness.

Interpretation of a dream by dream book Lofa

  • If your hair falls out, then in reality you subconsciously worry about your attractiveness. Perhaps you have a lot of complexes that interfere with a normal life;
  • Shave hair — you are very worried because of aging. Also, this image marks a serious illness that can overtake you and your family. Do not forget about the health of their loved ones, as well as the time necessary to undergo medical examinations.

Hyaspoke Hasse

In the future, you will find a quiet old age. Children and grandchildren will not disturb your «elderly» heart, and also will not be bothered by a financial issue.

Already, you have built a good future for your old age.

The interpretation of the image of baldness in a dream according to Freud’s dream book

Freud spoke out quite interestingly about the appearance of baldness in dreams. He believed that a bald head in a dream is a symbol of the buttocks, or rather, increased attention to them.

This applies to both your sex partner and yourself.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

  • Seeing a bald spot in his mirror is a bad symbol. It marks career difficulties that may arise through the fault of the dreamer himself. Dream interpretation Tsvetkova recommends to be extremely attentive and to defend their point of view, even if you are in front of the authorities. It will bring its benefits, and you will be pleasantly rewarded for your attentiveness and perseverance;
  • But a bald woman is an auspicious sign. It symbolizes success, both in career, and on the love front. Single people will soon meet their soul mate, and married couples will strengthen their relationship. You will also enjoy authority with people from your environment. Not far off take off the career ladder.

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