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What is the dream of an old woman in the cananita, Meneghetti, Prozorov dream book?

The treatment of all dreams with an old woman — versions of many dream books

Many of us have very different associations with the word «old woman.» Someone will remember Baba Yaga, someone — a neighbor on the porch or just a grandmother. Also in dreams, many different plots and details are connected with this image, each of which has its own interpretation.

To find out what the old woman is dreaming about exactly in your case, it is worth remembering the dream as best you can, open the dream book and start interpreting.

General interpretation

If an old woman with a black headscarf appeared in your night vision, this is an extremely unfavorable omen. It portends a long-term illness.

A dream in which an old, shriveled old woman threatens the dreamer shouts at him, curses and threatens with a stick, warns him of impending danger. In the near future it is worth staying away from participating in dubious events.

What is the dream of an old woman in the cananita, Meneghetti, Prozorov dream book?

If you dream of a witch dressed in a black ryvanyo and cursing you — you should take a vacation, because in the near future in the workplace will begin a series of troubles. If you attend them, you risk falling under the hot hand of your boss.

An unfamiliar old woman, begging for alms from you in a dream, foreshadows the loss of money in real life. This may be the loss of property, accidental damage or theft.

A dream in which the old fortune teller predicts your future is auspicious sign. He foreshadows the respect and authority of the dreamer in the team.

If an old woman in a dream is not associated with something evil and unpleasant, but, on the contrary, looks cute and affable, is dressed beautifully, but has a handkerchief on her head, this dream foreshadows fun, joy and happiness in the family circle.

Treat unpleasant dreams

Dreams with the participation of an old woman can be extremely unpleasant, even causing disgust. And for such dreams there is its own interpretation, which helps to predict future events.

  • The late old woman lying in a coffin dreams of bad news. In the near future, you cannot give people around you a reason to suspect you of creating gossip and intrigue.
  • Night vision, in which a sleeping man stands above an old woman dying in bed, foreshadows deliverance from a heavy burden that has long prevented us from living a full life.
  • If you dreamed of a sick old woman whose face was disfigured by ulcers and ulcers, the dream personifies a liar who tries to circle you around a finger in real life.
  • The dream in which your grandmother dies, in real life is in good health, says that in fact she will live many more happy years.
  • If you saw a really creepy image of an old woman who scared you very much, imprinted in your memory, you shouldn’t panic. Sleep is a simple personification of not the best act that you have done in real life. Guilt is your fault, but do not let it exhaust your nervous system — just bring to the one who should be, sincere apologies.

What is the dream of an old woman in the cananita, Meneghetti, Prozorov dream book?

Interpretation on other details

Helping a blind granny to cross the road — in the near future we expect a pleasant walk with a person whom you like. If an unfamiliar old woman in a night vision asks the dreamer for help — soon in real life someone from the circle of friends will also need support.

If an old woman in a dream gave something to the dreamer — in the near future he will gain experience, wisdom and new knowledge. The main thing is not to miss the opportunity.

Dream Cananita

According to the interpretation given by this dream book, the old woman, if in a dream she was benevolent to you, calls on you in real life to heed the advice of your elders. An evil old woman speaks about the presence of ill-wishers.

An old woman with a hook calls to be on guard in order not to fall into a skillfully prepared trap.

Dream Dream Meneghetti

The old woman is a symbol of the dead center, regress, end of the path, decadence. Dreams with this image do not bode well — a bad life is not expected, financial and personal losses are possible.

What is the dream of an old woman in the cananita, Meneghetti, Prozorov dream book?

Dream interpretation of Simeon Prozorov

If you rely on the interpretation given in this dream book, the meeting with the old woman in the night vision is a favorable omen. It foreshadows the emergence of a strong patroness in real life.

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