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What is the dream of an evil dog in Nostradamus, Vanga, Miller’s dream book?

Why an angry dog ​​dreamed — nuances of interpretation

The dog is the very first of human pets. She is a faithful friend and guard, able to bestow her loyalty and devotion to her beloved master.

And what an evil dog dreams about, we find out in verified dream books.

The dog is biting only from the life of a dog

The dog in many nations was associated with honesty, courage and decency. She is not able to betray or stop loving her master, serving him faithfully, accompanying her everywhere and everywhere.

It is often compared with the bright side of a wolf, giving it strength and courage, courage.

Being tied to a person, she leads him along the road of life to the goal, guarding on the way and preventing dangerous situations. In some mythologies, she is the patron saint of travelers traveling, traveling for the dead, personifying the messenger of the gods.

In Christianity, it gives security functions. For the ability not to lose vigilance, and to foresee events, she was called a good shepherd or priest.

If in a dream an evil, aggressively-minded dog comes against you, this does not mean that the interpretation will be completely negative. Perhaps she warns you about something.

Or trying to draw your attention to a situation that goes out of control. She can also personify enemies who will soon become your friends, if not friends, then good friends.

Women are better to keep the dog on the chain, and the tongue at seven

An unmarried lady was frightened by a large St. Bernard — an excellent reason to think about a wedding dress. In the near future, a real protector, loyal friend and lover in one person will meet on your way.

What is the dream of an evil dog in Nostradamus, Vanga, Miller’s dream book?

The young lady saw a doggie on a chain in a dream that barks but cannot get you — in reality it is a sign of strong aggression of the envious who are trying to defame you and humiliate you in the eyes of the fans. But circumstances will be such that they will be powerless and incapable of harming you.

Run away from the barking and attacks of a big black dog — try to get rid of the old environment. By changing your values, attitudes, you want to change your life, completely eliminating the presence of these vulgar and mediocre people in your world.

By adding decisiveness, confidence, you will reach the goal, radically changing fate.

What else does an evil dog foreshadow:

  • drive off or beat — win the standoff;
  • black bitch — bad news that will require your help and participation;
  • bites — to listen to reproaches of a spouse or a loved one;
  • the old dog barks — a conflict with one of the parents because of your rash acts. The situation can be prolonged due to your incontinence and young maximalism;

See in a dream at a beautiful barking poodle, which the hostess is trying to keep — to an unexpected affair with a married man. In this situation, beware of a jealous and offended woman.

In a rage, a deceived spouse can do serious harm to your health and undermine authority among neighbors.

A good man is ashamed even before a dog

Watching the fox-hunting pack — your old business will suddenly come to life, you will be able to finish in time what has long been demanded to be completed.

What is the dream of an evil dog in Nostradamus, Vanga, Miller’s dream book?

See how a mongrel bitten a cat, — to experience the dubious pleasure that would rather ruin your reputation than inspire new victories.

Kill the attacked animal — to overcome the trials, to defeat all opponents, to preserve what they have long and stubbornly achieved with their work and diligence.

Rescuing a puppy from an aggressive wild pack is a good sign for those who want to find a faithful and faithful companion of life. Your union will be strong and happy, being an example for others.

Participate in the hunt with a barking pack — to profit and financial independence.

An angry dog ​​needs a lot. Author’s dream books

An angry dog ​​barks at someone, protecting you — in reality you are under the auspices of higher powers. If your thoughts are pure and kind, you have nothing to worry about, guardian angels will accompany and guide you everywhere.

What is the dream of an evil dog in Nostradamus, Vanga, Miller’s dream book?

A big black dog is attacking you — a black line has arrived, get ready to accept the misfortunes of fate. But such dreams come to strong personalities who are ready to cope with difficulties and take a punch.

Reflected the attack — opposed the evil forces.

A homeless mongrel barking at everyone, dreamed — your close relative is in a difficult position, embarrassed, afraid to ask you for help, he misses a chance to get out of a difficult situation. Take the first step, call and offer your support, otherwise you will lose a dear person.

To feed a street dog when barking at you means to be a kind, bright person. You are used to believing and trusting people, giving them a chance to correct their mistakes and smooth out bad deeds.

Therefore, enjoy great prestige and honor among others.


I saw a dog on the street in search of food — this personifies the impending crisis. The accumulated hard labor property and finances are easy to lose these days.

If you are aggressive, you can not cope with the impending tests, relying only on themselves.

Gustov Miller

Rottweiler bitten in a dream — do not expect these days friendly relations with colleagues, households. All the time you will have to argue about something, find out and prove.

Subsequently, health troubles, nervous exhaustion and stress are possible.

Skinny dirty dachshund — to petty losses, useless expenses and losses due to its own loyalty to relatives.

The growling behind you is a sign that one of the competitors is cleverly approaching you from behind, trying to attack. If you do not resist and take active steps, your vulnerability will remain and will be the reason for an easy victory of the enemy.

Watching the squabble of a pinscher and a cat means being defeated in love affairs. The one who recently pleased and inspired you will disappoint with actions. Try not to trust immediately those who impersonate the wrong person.

Try to contain emotions to explore personality.

Having heard the barking, you drive away the aggressive animal — mobilize all your forces and reveal your full potential in a difficult time for you. A good chance to prove to the environment what you are capable of in crisis situations.

After such actions, your career growth and salary increase will follow.

David loff

Lay wild indigo dreamed — these are your attempts to resolve a complex conflict, a dispute in a team. Try to peacefully settle what is possibly related to you indirectly. You want to recreate a friendly atmosphere and bring the parties to reconciliation.

But it is difficult to call for peace and friendship those who do not want it.

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