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What is the dream of an elk in the dream books of Melnikov, Miller, Freud

What did the prey in your dream — the features of the interpretation of the dream?

It is difficult to see this king of forests in the wild — in our age, moose have become cautious, they avoid the roads, giving way to human vehicles on the slopes. But in our dreams, the elves may not be afraid of anything — but why dream about this proud and strong animal?

Dream Interpretation knows!

What is the dream of an elk in the dream books of Melnikov, Miller, Freud

The general interpretation of this «zoological» dream

  • Most often, interpreters say: Elk in a dream is a sign of your future well-being and enrichment.
  • If the dream was natural (you saw a forest in which a well-fed animal with shiny shiny hair was walking), it says that your financial situation will soon improve and become more stable. And the bigger the moose was, the thicker your wallet would be.
  • If you saw a sick, maimed, emaciated moose, and even in the city or on a busy highway — this is bad. Difficulties begin in business or at work.
  • Well, if in a dream a dreamer hunted for this animal (or for another large one — for example, a deer), the subconscious mind speaks of its readiness for action.

Where did you see the animal?

  • To see a moose in the reserve, in the forest — a sign of freedom. Your creativity, nothing will interfere.
  • A dream woman can promise a fateful meeting with a very interesting man to a dream woman. And if the weather was winter, you can wait for this meeting for a long time, and if it is warm, spring, then it is about to happen.
  • What is the dream of an elk bathing, swimming in a river, or drinking water there? In women’s dreams, it is a symbol of good health, as well as a prosperous life. If the water was clear and the animal was hornless, the dream promises: your spouse (or friend of the heart) will be a kind, docile man.
  • Elk in the city or among cars: colleagues (partners) consider you a fool. For a man, this may be a sign of his lack of communication, due to which the dreamer finds it difficult to meet new and necessary people.
  • In a dream, an elderly lady elk, lost in the city, symbolizes regret for the sins of youth. If this lady managed to catch, and even better — ride the animal, the dream says: Your current spouse always listens to your opinion.
  • In a man’s dream, an elk rushing between cars driving on the road is a warning about a possible accident, of which you can become a “hero”. If possible, do not drive a few days.
  • In your own apartment: you can be trapped.

What was this moose?

What is the dream of an elk in the dream books of Melnikov, Miller, Freud

  • With huge horns: you do not like being oppressed, you prefer to decide everything yourself. Sasha free will can only envy.
  • In a man’s dream, a moose cuckold means future career growth.
  • Hornless: you have a rather passive character. You do not mind working in a team, getting accurate instructions.
  • Evil, perhaps attacking you. For a male dreamer, a dream indicates that he has a competitor or rival, and an exceptionally intelligent and strong one.
  • Dead. For men, sleep means a defeated rival. For women — frustration.
  • In the form of a dish. For a man there is moose in a dream — a sign that in order to get what you planned you will have to work “like Papa Carlo”.
  • Saddled. In a man’s dream (and the animal was also hornless): you will win a competitor only at the expense of his complete inaction.
  • In the form of stuffed. In the men’s dream to get it as a gift, also with horns-plow: there is a danger of infidelity of your girlfriend or spouse.
  • Very young. The calf dreams of harmony and a happy life. To the ladies, he talks about a gentle and affectionate admirer who will be able to surround him with love and care. Man, he promises love for a sweet and gentle girl.

What did he do?

  • Very quickly ran. In the male dream, this is a sign of a secure life, when you can afford everything you want. That is, it is a symbol of such a creative freedom.
  • Walked on your heels. In women’s dreams, this is the «image» of a man who is nearby. He is “peaceful,” quiet and humble — such a partner will be faithful to you and will not betray, but he will not be able to make your life interesting and eventful.
  • Attacked you? Sleep warns of danger that may lie in wait for any «field». You can get sick, get into an accident, «plunge» into trouble at work.

What did you feel in your dream?

  • We were surprised at such a “guest” in your dream: to unexpected expenses.
  • You admired his horns, were surprised by their size: you will occupy a good position in society. If you admire wool, or how this animal runs, how big and strong it is — you will get a reliable partner in life.
  • Did you cry, grieve when you saw a dead or dead elk? Life will teach you something with the rake method.

Opinion of the most famous dream book

What is the dream of an elk in the dream books of Melnikov, Miller, Freud

If you have not found the interpretation of your dream in the general section, we suggest reading the quotes of the most trusted authors. They complement the national decoding of sleep, interpreting some points more fully.

Melnikov’s book

  1. According to this dream book, an elk in a zoo is a symbol of the future receipt of money, and in the forest — happiness and fulfilled hopes.
  2. The moose cuckold is a sign of wealth, and the hornless elk with the little calf shows poverty and its extreme economy.
  3. You hunted for this animal: if you do not be lazy, you will be happy. Shoot the moose: to the news. Kill him on the hunt: to a good inheritance.
  4. Butchering the carcass of this animal: you will successfully complete the job.
  5. Elk pelt: something will be offered to you, but it will be a “dummy”. His horns: to losses and other «non-prus».
  6. Fry elk: to material assistance. Eat this meat: you will go on a trip, and it will be interesting and fun.

Dream Miller

  1. The elk standing in the middle of the night on the track (you almost hit it) is a sign of a difficult situation that you will soon fall into. However, you can get out of it with honor.
  2. Hunting in the forest on the «stag» can people who are in real life threatened by deception. And it will come from a person from whom you do not expect it — maybe it will be the most dear.
  3. To find the horns of this animal in the forest is to treason. And if they were very large, with a lot of «branches», your half runs «left» for a very long time.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

An elk is a person with whom you currently share a bed. It is quite possible, the dream says that you are disturbed by some vulgarity, rude partner. Do you want romance, or maybe simple respect?

Alas, this man can not give them to you. If you put up with this attitude completely unbearable, you should look for a new lover — this will never change.

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