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What is the dream of a wig on the dream books of Miller, Freud, Longo, Tsvetkov

I dreamed of a wig — features decoding for dream books

Make-up, dark glasses and other attributes help to refresh, embellish the image or hide from the eyes of the paparazzi. Why dream of a wig, we learn in the popular dream books.

General interpretation

A wig in a dream symbolizes a fake, a dirty trick, a delusion or an attempt to lead people away from the truth. To see this subject on yourself is to try to veil your true motives, desires, goals.

But such dreams warn that people see your insincerity and deception.

I dreamed of seeing this actor’s accessory on a colleague — he would make you suspicious of the dishonesty of his thoughts. His true goal is to take advantage of your experience, knowledge and creative ideas.

Contact and follow the lead of such a person will lead to great disappointment in people.

What is the dream of a wig on the dream books of Miller, Freud, Longo, Tsvetkov

The artificial locks of the stranger were interested in the dream — it is likely to succumb to curiosity and not notice the cunning tricks of the scammers. This period requires special care and vigilance.

The value of the hair color of a wig in a dream

  • to turn into a blonde for a while through a wig — the dreamer wants to appear feminine, peaceful, docile. You prefer to adapt to the desires of the partner, not demanding in bed, tender and unprincipled. But such a strategy drives you only if you conquer a potential groom. Your natural essence requires the exact opposite. You are quite obstinate and able to incline the situation in the direction advantageous for you. If you do not change the methods, such a plan can quickly become ineffective;
  • a man to try on the image of a long, black-haired macho — in reality seem like a fatal seducer with an active lifestyle. But your sluggish temperament is easily noticeable to the opposite sex. To be yourself is to meet a real love, a person who will accept your usual lifestyle, habits and inclinations;
  • Wearing a red wig — a dream indicates your inconsistency, wildness, flimsy. But all this can border on adequacy, prudence and patience. Thanks to your life energy, you can reach great heights in your career, but you are hampered by an unjustified craving for risk and adventure, which often end up not in your favor;
  • men to measure the golden-red chignon — the least strive to find a family and children. You want to know the diversity of the world, get carried away with new projects and ideas. And only a woman, superior to you in temperament, is able to curb and settle you.

What is the dream of a wig on the dream books of Miller, Freud, Longo, Tsvetkov

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

For a woman to wear a wig in a dream is to try to hide the flaws and flaws of the figure before intimacy with a man. You are dissatisfied with your appearance, experiencing uncertainty, stiffness without the image of a fatal beauty.

You are afraid that you will be taken by surprise and are used to always be with makeup and hair. This may be explained by the search for the ideal partner, whom you wish to reveal and expose your nature.

A man dreamed of trying on a wig — in reality, always resort to precautionary measures while having sex. It is quite reasonable with one-time and frivolous intimate relationships.

But making love with a regular sexual partner, you will not get true satisfaction if you do not retreat from the imposed rules.

A married young man to remove artificial hair from his head, exposing his true hairstyle to his mistress — in reality, confess his marriage to another person. You are tired of sharing a bed with two women and constantly deceiving.

The moment when your sexual activity will be directed to a new direction. Having a baby can strengthen a family union.

Gustov Miller

I was seen walking in a wig — being dissatisfied with the real state of affairs, trying to hide my own failures. Remove it from yourself and expose beautiful and shiny curls — to be mistaken in their despair.

Now the main thing is to straighten shoulders and proudly set all tests.

What is the dream of a wig on the dream books of Miller, Freud, Longo, Tsvetkov

To see the judges in wigs — someone is trying to mislead you and decide your fate without your participation. You have to firmly defend your opinion, your future depends on it.

Colleagues or friends in such a way in a dream — this indicates hypocrisy and betrayal of a person from close circle of communication.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

The wig personifies deception, betrayal or the desire to hide their real feelings, emotions, mood. For couples such a scenario would not be the best forecast. This means that their life, small troubles, shortage of material resources has seized them.

It kills romance, extinguishes a spark of love and passion for each other.

Hide your face under artificial, long hair — to hide the true intentions towards others. To see such a ridiculous hairstyle on a familiar one is to be wary of his proposals, even if they promise big money and a luxurious life.

Connect common sense, intuition, do not allow to use your knowledge, experience and material resources.

Yuri Longo

Wig marks gossip, slyness and lies. Feel comfortable and confident in a wig — in reality not allow the possibility of your double game exposed.

Surrounding people are quite capable of solving your secret, and until this happens, you should build up a relationship with them in a different way.

The colleague has dreamed in such an image — trying to put you in a bad light in front of the employer. Such rivalry can play a cruel joke with him and only increase your chances of successfully moving up the career ladder.

Try on a wig in a dream — you are afraid to experience disappointment in your own expectations. Having material resources, experiencing a surge of strength and vitality, you long for change.

But you are stopped by your own caution and indecision. The secrecy of plans from others, makes it impossible to know the opinions of people around them on this subject, to be inspired and to receive parting words. Close deserve the right to vote.

It’s time to listen to someone other than yourself.

Destroy artificial hair that was once worn — go ahead, contrary to the old rules. Now you are not inclined to constrain your emotions and desires.

A bright head keeps a lot of valuable ideas. Allow yourself to do and say what you want and what you have been thinking about for a long time.

For a woman to attach a chignon on the invisible bean and comb it — it doesn’t seem like it really is. The art of pretending can work when you first meet, but will not have an effect for long-term relationships.

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