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What is the dream of a weapon according to Freud and Miller’s dream books?

What does the image of a weapon in a dream mean? Deciphering to dream books

Dream books give different answers to the question: “What is the dream of a weapon?” But they agree on one thing: in order to give a correct interpretation to a dream, you first need to remember all the details of sleep.

What is the dream of a weapon according to Freud and Miller’s dream books?

Weapon Interaction

  • According to the dream book, the weapon from which you fired symbolizes an easy victory over difficulties and enemies. In a dream, shoot in the head of another person — to a stormy and long romantic relationship;
  • If in a dream you start charging a firearm store, then in reality you will successfully complete all current affairs;
  • In the dream, you put the weapon on the fuse and / or put it in the safe — in the present you need to be careful with suspicious people in the environment and to avoid dangerous adventures, since personal forethought will help to avoid many troubles;
  • To see yourself in a dream with arms in hand, but at the same time to stand in the ranks — to serious difficulties. These problems can only be solved with the help of your friends;
  • To see a weapon in a dream for a girl is an extremely negative symbol, signifying quarrels and scandals that will begin because of their own fault. These differences will have a very bad effect on career, reputation and romantic relationships. Married women can catch their beloved on treason, and free girls for a long time will not be able to find a soul mate;
  • If you bury a weapon in a dream, then in reality you will easily cope with serious problems, and the enemies will be forced to admit defeat;
  • In a dream, you are threatened with firearms — to problems on a personal front. Couples in love will begin serious disagreements, and free people will unsuccessfully search for a partner for a long time;
  • Buy weapons — to disagreements with their surroundings, with regards to life positions;
  • Cleaning and lubricating firearms is a symbol of the fact that in real life you can get away from many difficult situations.

What is the dream of a weapon according to Freud and Miller’s dream books?

What was the weapon?

Edged weapons and / or knives

  • If you cut yourself with a knife in a dream, then in reality you are in for trouble, which you could not avoid because of your own stupidity and inattention. After a similar vision, car sleepers recommend not starting a new business for a short time in order to avoid serious setbacks;
  • Skillfully handle cold weapons or just look at him. Such a dream prophesies the successful completion of affairs, as well as new useful acquaintances with like-minded people.


A firearm in dreams is almost always a positive symbol if it is in your hands. The image of firearms marks the victory over the enemies, the strengthening of romantic relationships, the overcoming of all sorts of difficulties.

This effect is enhanced if the weapon is fully charged and well lubricated.

But, as previously stated, there are exceptions:

  • Automatic — enemies are waiting for you to make a mistake. It is necessary to give the slightest excuse to their enemies, so they immediately begin to act. Enemies can significantly ruin your reputation and career. It is worth being as attentive as possible and looking at your surroundings;
  • The rifle — numerous troubles and disappointments, as well as a long struggle with their enemies, in which there is a great risk of getting lost from it.

Pneumatic and traumatic weapons

Fully interacting with airguns is a “dummy” dream, which symbolizes nothing.

But a traumatic weapon can carry in itself, both a negative message and a positive one. If in a dream you shot from a weapon, but did not hit a person, then in reality dream books signify numerous disappointments and barriers that will be caused by your enemies.

To get to a person is to overcome these very obstacles without consequences for one’s reputation.

What is the dream of a weapon according to Freud and Miller’s dream books?

Dream Miller

  • A shootout in a dream marks a long struggle for your place, where you will eventually win;
  • If you were shot in a dream, then in real life it will not be easy for you to overcome the difficulties that fate will prepare for you;
  • To charge the store — to the successful completion of the started business;
  • If your ammunition is over during the battle, then in real life you will achieve your goals for a long time, if you do not change the action plan. Otherwise, you will never fulfill your dream;
  • Cold weapons in dreams symbolize enemies who are ready for any meanness to knock you off a chosen course. Injury with this weapon is a mistake that can become irreparable. It is necessary to carefully think through every minute of your life, otherwise the enemies will celebrate victory over you;
  • A broken knife — to the fulfillment of desires. But for this you need to work well.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  • For men, shooting from a firearm in a dream symbolizes that sexually they are very rude and selfish. Maybe you feel pleasure from it, but your second half may not like it and even offend such an approach to this case. Sometimes you can force a partner to have sex. If you really want to maintain an alliance with your partner, then you need to take some decisive action to change yourself;
  • Melee weapons in a dream symbolizes your certain anti-socialism. You’d better stay at home and read a book than go to simple harmless gatherings with friends. You tend to exaggerate the extent of your sexuality.

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