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What is the dream of a tomato in Miller’s, Tsvetkov’s, Freud’s dream books?

Dreamed a tomato — transcript for different dream books

More than three hundred varieties of tomatoes are grown in Italy, considering these vegetables as the most refined and tasty. No less popular are tomatoes in Russia, they are harvested for the winter, canning in cans, they make tomato juice, and they are cut into salad.

Why dream of a tomato, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

Tomato in a dream — symbolizes the social optimism of a person who seeks love, joy, happiness in marriage. There is a juicy and sweet vegetable from the garden — a good sign.

This reflects a healthy atmosphere in the family, friendly relations with loved ones, stability of feelings and financial security.

What is the dream of a tomato in Miller’s, Tsvetkov’s, Freud’s dream books?

In some philosophies, tomatoes represent the popular disapproval, the revolutionary mood of numerous masses of people. In this context, the dreamer should be wary of seeing a field of overripe vegetables in a dream, which require early harvesting.

This suggests that you have delayed the solution of an important problem, and this may adversely affect the future.

Rotten tomatoes in dreams hint at disharmony in relations with relatives and the ripened conflict. Disappointment can befall those who are just about to tie the knot.

This union does not promise to be strong and durable. Secret love, which appeared in one of the spouses, will overshadow the existence of all family members.

Business people who have completely devoted their time to their own business, to harvest ripe tomatoes in their sleep is a sign of the successful realization of their goals. You will find that practical mechanism for making quick money.

Financial independence and stability will not give you a reason to rest on your laurels, you will persist in striving further, conquering new heights.

For a more accurate prediction, it is important to remember the color of a tomato in a dream. Red and burgundy — a symbol of power, wealth, victory, greatness and beauty.

He can express the tireless character of the dreamer, his rebelliousness and revolutionary spirit. Such people are not ready to go with the flow, they are militantly disposed to struggle with difficult circumstances, proving their own solvency and independence.

Yellow vegetables come in dreams to those who seek power, domination and control of others. You are not used to adapting to the existing conditions, it is important for you to suggest and impose your own rules of the game. In some interpretations this may indicate nobility of origin, pedigree, highly moral upbringing and education of the dreamer.

Such people are very wealthy, they easily find a worthy source of personal enrichment and do not need patronage and care.

Longevity and eternal youth promise unusual varieties of tomatoes, which differ in shape or stand out in color. And plucking unripe, green tomatoes is a sign that you are obsessed with quick success and recognition by others.

But in order to earn the authority and respect of people of high society, to join their circle, you need to gain experience, show wisdom, efficiency, show your leadership skills, and most importantly — surprise the result of achievements.

What is the dream of a tomato in Miller’s, Tsvetkov’s, Freud’s dream books?

What else to expect from tomatoes in a dream

  • salted and canned — to changes in attitudes, changes in taste and preferences;
  • lettuce or small sliced ​​tomatoes is a harbinger of material difficulties, losses, wage delays;
  • cook borscht — confess your feelings to someone who has long been waiting for reciprocity in love;
  • throw out rotten tomatoes — to deal with difficulties and troubles, to avoid major consequences;
  • to sort out vegetables in a bucket, discarding with a wormhole — be discriminating with friends and relatives, recognize the mercantile interest of those who are close by in time;
  • feeding ripe tomatoes to animals — a dream warns of future ailments and diseases, which can be avoided due to a more careful attitude to their own health;
  • to grow seedlings — to create their own difficulties and confusion in affairs, because of their lack of integrity and lack of organization;
  • watering the bushes of tomatoes — to a decent wage or large profits, which will have to be shared with the household;
  • collect brown or green tomatoes — there will be a delay in solving an important issue or a pause in the relationship.

Author’s dream books

Gustov Miller

Positive omen carries a tomato in a dream. Breaking a ripe vegetable means demonstrating personal success, being proud of material wealth and enjoying family well-being.

This is rightly deserved, since it was obtained through hard and hard work. You are not afraid of difficulties and understand that even a favorite thing requires mental and physical stress.

To rejoice and at the same time worry about your own crop of vegetables in the garden — have a strong motivation: you clearly see the goal, strive for it, and you are happy with the anticipation of the result. But on the other hand, in a lesser proportion, you feel a sense of fear that everything will fall apart and fail.

A woman dreamed of ripe tomatoes — in reality she will find happiness in marriage. To see the seeds of a tomato is to be a prolific special who easily becomes pregnant at the first opportunity.

Such visions of a man foreshadow fertility and large families.

Sigmund Freud

Girl taste red tomatoes in a dream — to experience the fear of first intimacy. Sex is perceived by you as something due to a man. You can not relax and enjoy the closeness, feel the tension and nervousness at the sight of a naked male body.

The reason for this problem are childhood memories or unsuccessful sexual experiences of youth.

Enjoy the taste of tomato juice — experience the passion and fully satisfy your desires and fantasies. In bed, you can express your essence, open up to a partner and appear more sensual and refined in kind.

A man putting ripe vegetables in a basket is proud of his past experience. Try a particularly beautiful and inviting tomato — to fall in love with a very mysterious and unusual person who will easily seal your relationship through marriage.

Such a union will bring a new meaning to your life and make you think about the continuation of the race.

What is the dream of a tomato in Miller’s, Tsvetkov’s, Freud’s dream books?

Evgeny Tsvetkov

Dreamed of a tomato — it does not foreshadow positive moments for couples. Most likely, a third will join the relationship, and this will be the reason for parting.

Taste the yellow vegetable — wait for a long separation. Some during this time will be able to test their feelings and understand each other’s true goals.

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