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What is the dream of a shovel about the dream books of Miller, Danilova, Freud

Dreamed of a shovel — what can it mean by dream books

Some people say «as simple as a shovel.» Yes, this thing is considered the most mundane, without “frills” — but does the dream book treat it that way?

What dreams of this tool of labor?

What is the dream of a shovel about the dream books of Miller, Danilova, Freud

The overall interpretation of this «working» dream

  • Most interpreters agree: a shovel is a symbol of hard work. True, not always physical!
  • A shovel in a dream can also warn about the mass of worries that will soon “turn on” you.
  • If the dream was bright and pleasant, he says: after diligent work you will reap worthy fruits.
  • She was lying on the ground idle? When planning your work or personal affairs, you did not take into account trifles, and because of this, everything has stalled. It does not matter: you can fix it and bring it to the bitter end. And if this is work, then you will be able to get some good “profits”.

What was she like?

  • Dirty. This is a sign of many troubles that are about to fall on you.
  • Broken: do not postpone the case «for tomorrow», and then in one of these «tomorrow» it turns out that the whole mass is already beyond your power.
  • The second interpretation of this dream: you are waiting for problems, and very tragic.

What did you do in your dream?

  • Worked in the garden, digging beds: for money and wealth.
  • However, this dream has another interpretation: you are too “buried” in the past, separating yourself from real life. Break the connection with what has already ended, and heal in modernity, otherwise it will end in a nervous breakdown.
  • Plant potatoes — for success and profit. Dig — to the news from a friend who is very far away. Well, to see the shovel with which you spud potatoes — to the adventurous business that you are about to begin.
  • Did you dig a trench to lay a cable pipe? This is the «profits».
  • You saw yourself as a soldier digging a trench (also a sapper shovel): you do not believe in yourself.
  • They wore the ground: long and painstaking work is waiting for you, requiring great plodding or strong nerves. Perhaps the child will go to school and you will have to do homework with him every evening, or you will get an intern who will need an eye and an eye.
  • We cleaned the snow: you will try very hard to make your business profit or your career will get off the ground. If in a dream you have completely cleared the path or yard that you have worked on, you will succeed in real life as well.
  • Dug up a treasure: your life will change, and very well. First of all, this may mean getting a good position or a profitable marriage.
  • They beat someone with a shovel: treason will enter your life.
  • Did you dig the grave? This is a dream warning: for whatever you take in the near future, everything will be doomed to failure. Therefore, it is better not to change jobs, do not take loans and do not make major purchases.
  • You bought a shovel: this is also not the best dream, he warns that you can be fired or demoted.

Did someone else work?

What is the dream of a shovel about the dream books of Miller, Danilova, Freud

  • Why dream of a shovel in the hands of another person? The most common interpretation: you make a profit.
  • Man digging the ground? It is possible that a colleague (partner) is preparing compromising evidence on you. Think well what you are saying and to whom — why should you give your enemies “arms” against themselves ?! And of course, work responsibly.
  • Did someone dig a hole? And here you have already planned something — quite possibly, you want to cash in on someone’s negligence.
  • See the work of archaeologists who dig up, say, an ancient barrow or a pyramid: you may accidentally encounter a person with whom you will later work together for mutual enrichment for a long time.
  • If a person in your dream used a shovel not for digging, but, say, for food (not for its intended purpose): there are no generous sponsors and other «Samaritans» around you. If you want to achieve something, roll up your sleeves and rely only on yourself.

Quotes from the most popular dream books

And now we offer to get acquainted with alternative interpretations of dreams. And if Dr. Miller interprets dreams, not far from popular beliefs, then Sigmund Freud or Mrs. Danilova see in them completely different, unaccustomed to all of us symbols.

And, what is remarkable, each of these interpreters is right in its own way!

Miller’s book

According to this dream book, a shovel is a symbol of some kind of work that takes all your thoughts and has already pretty ruffled your nerves. Finish it finally and heal calmly!

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

What is the dream of a shovel about the dream books of Miller, Danilova, Freud

  1. If the dreamer is a woman, the dream means: you are looking at both men and ladies with the same interest, evaluating them as sexual partners.
  2. If the dreamer is a man, and in a dream he did something with the help of this tool, in real life he just dreams of sex.
  3. If the shovel was broken at the same time, she said: you have certain problems of the intimate plan. For women, this may be external unattractiveness, and for men — the troubles associated with the «faulty» erection.

Erotic dream book Danilova

  1. The main interpretation of the appearance of this agricultural instrument in a dream is that you are too pushy and self-willed, and this scares your partner. Beware, because what begins as a disagreement may ultimately ruin your union.
  2. If you worked with a shovel, soon you will have a special sex, and he may be completely unplanned (for example, with a stranger). Both you and this person remember the night spent together for life.

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