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What is the dream of a rooster dreaming Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov, Long

Why the rooster dreamed — we interpret on various dream-books

Intellectual abilities of poultry are greatly underestimated. It turns out that they can feel, have a good memory, their own language and are very picky about reproduction of offspring.

Why dream of a rooster, we learn in the famous dream books.

Live like a rooster in a big hen house

This poultry is distinguished by courage, superiority, cheerfulness, activity, good voice and a peculiar character. Showing their leadership skills, they love fame and popularity.

In Christianity, he personifies vigilance and is used as a weather vane, foreshadowing and protecting from evil spirits. By allowing hens to share food with him, he marks liberality.

Associated with the Apostle Peter, meaning human weakness and repentance.

In Buddhism, the black bird is the harbinger of war, the confrontation of life and death. According to Feng Shui — this is a very auspicious symbol of good luck and great wealth.

To dreamers whose business is connected with insurance, real estate, industry and energy, such a sign can be a harbinger of maximum profit.

Recognition and glory will come to those asleep, who saw a bright red bird soaring upwards. If you are busy in the creative profession and want to be popular and in demand, then this vision brings great changes in your way.

What is the dream of a rooster dreaming Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov, Long

For married couples, a cock look in a dream has a protective function, hinting at interference with the family idyll of a third person. The rooster in this capacity becomes an element of marital fidelity and devotion.

For chicken cock — tutor

For women, this poultry in a dream comes to confirm its beauty. This means that the dreamer enjoys great success with the opposite sex.

It will not be difficult for her to charm and seduce even the most sophisticated connoisseur of feminine charms.

The married lady was haunted by a hen house — in real life, you’ll have to smash potential infidelity: ward off a rival encroaching on your female happiness.

A business woman can see a rooster in his office on the eve of important negotiations — in reality he will be able to conquer partners with his professionalism and knowledge of all the nuances of joint business. A successful, promising transaction will bring good profits and consolidate credibility among the environment.

Good cock in any hen house will sing

For men, this proud and characteristic bird is an auspicious sign, promising the discovery of great opportunities in the presence of clearly set life goals. This symbol characterizes the dreamer as a highly organized nature that knows what it wants, seeks ways to realize its plans.

What is the dream of a rooster dreaming Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov, Long

The young man dreamed of a rooster stomping a chicken — it is not surprising if he is a romantic and loving nature. So the dreamer lacks in life feelings, inspiration, passion.

Such a vision often becomes a harbinger of a serious relationship and a quick wedding.

Chasing the poultry in the yard and finally catch — in reality get a long-awaited promotion, high-paying job, authority and respect from colleagues and relatives.

A rooster pecking in your sleep speaks of your lack of constitution and lack of organization in reality. It is necessary to have a diary to record all the important things and the time of their conduct.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

The rooster is a masculine symbol. He personifies loyalty and constancy, but this does not mean that he will be limited to one partner. For the dreamer, this means that he has a circle of admirers who trust and adore him, in exchange for his protection and care.

This characterizes the sleeper as a vain and powerful man who easily seeks the position of women. But he is quite selective and picky about beauties who must meet the high demands of beauty and the ability to give him pleasure.

I dreamed about the morning cry of this poultry — a banal curiosity can encourage you to change. You will feel free from family ties and obligations for a moment.

This passion will not be easy to justify before your spouse, so try to stop in time from a fleeting affair so as not to lose a proven, sincere and warm relationship over the years.

Gustov Miller

The interpreter personifies this bird with wealth, fortune and glory. If the dreamer dreamed a rooster, in reality he would definitely take the path of exceptional luck and wealth growth.

However, it can negatively affect your character, making you a vain and too arrogant narcissus.

Dreamed cock fight — in reality, have to defend their interests before competitors or spiteful critics. It is necessary to carefully prepare and gain strength, the confrontation promises to be long and cruel. Coming quarrels and rivalries can also be expected among those close to you.

Try not to succumb to provocation and be above the envy and meanness of the traitors.

For those who are planning to marry, hear a cock crow in a dream — a good sign. This is the forerunner of a happy marriage and strong family life.

Nighttime poultry singing calls for vigilance. They are trying to mislead you and to fraudulently take away all the property acquired through honest labor.

Do not allow yourself to manipulate and go on about the tricky, greedy persons.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

A handsome man with a red scallop and loud singing is trying to fly up — a favorable case will fall out to those who are seeking to make a successful career and make a huge fortune. You are on the right track to success, the higher the rooster soared, the faster you will achieve your goal.

What is the dream of a rooster dreaming Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov, Long

Catch a rooster in a dream — to provide his family with the means for a comfortable existence. Your leadership qualities, intelligence, wit and perseverance will help you find the gold mine that will be profitable for many years.

Yuri Longo

A rooster seen in a dream means that you have entered the path of aggression, rebellion and irreconcilability with the generally accepted foundations of society. Your pacifist inclinations can force you to change your place of residence, change your citizenship, or become an outcast among those who once loved and appreciated you.

Become a spectator of cockfighting — in reality trying to reconcile the opposing sides in a circle of colleagues or friends. You will be given the role of arbitrator, the fate of many people may depend on your subsequent actions and decisions.

Hear the morning bird singing — get unpleasant news from afar. This news can shock you pretty and put you into depression.

It will take a lot of time and patience to restore your emotional background.

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