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What is the dream of a rifle in the dream books of Winter, Freud, Medea

What does it mean if you had a dream about a gun — interpretation features

For some, a gun is associated with hunting, ducks or hares, and if you dream about it at the beginning of autumn, then the running season in the forest is open. But what if the gun dreamed of a man distant from the hunt, or a woman working in the office in general?

What dreams of such a weapon, what does the dream book say?

What is the dream of a rifle in the dream books of Winter, Freud, Medea

General interpretation of your gun sleep

  • The most common interpretation of such a dream is a warning: soon fate will give you a serious challenge. What will be the test? Prompt the people who came to your sleep, as well as your actions.
  • Some interpreters say: to see a gun — to a serious quarrel or even grief.
  • The worst dream is the one in which the gun was in the hands of a stranger. Interpreters say: the vision warns that someone wants evil to you. If this person also bore you, be careful: the evil plans of your enemy may materialize.

What did you do with a gun in a dream?

  • Buy a hunting rifle: make your life be what you want. If you are worried about the chaos in business, after this dream, things will finally come in order.
  • Sell ​​weapons: in this dream, your destiny wants to warn you of a very big mistake that you are about to make.
  • Take a gun as a gift: soon something good will happen in your family. Maybe it will be a wedding, a bustling anniversary, a big purchase … In general, the event will bring you much joy.
  • You yourself gave this weapon: you will be invited to a holiday where you will not sit against the wall. Perhaps you will help with his organization, or perhaps assume the role of toastmaster.
  • Brought him to someone? Attack the enemy in your dream: you throw off aggression by arguing with people. Consider whether your loved ones deserve such treatment?
  • Did you shoot yourself? You are ready to answer for all your mistakes.
  • To die from a gun: soon you will begin a revaluation of values, as a result of which you will become a new person.

Weapons that did not fire

  • What dreams of a gun that hangs aimlessly on the wall or lies broken? The dream says: you devalue yourself, and meanwhile, the talents inherent in you could loudly show you.
  • It was very dirty or rusty, and you tried to return him a beautiful look, to clean it: you understood that your life is a lump of things postponed “for tomorrow”. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and start clearing your life. You may face home repairs.

Sleep with shooting

What is the dream of a rifle in the dream books of Winter, Freud, Medea

  • You shot, and very successfully: on a hunt, ducks or elks were whipped out on the hunt, 12 points were knocked out in a dash … Such a dream foreshadows success, and first of all — a material one.
  • Shot some other hunter. Who exactly? Sleep means that your close person will receive a profit, but in the same way that you will not be left behind. If in a dream you saw a particular person — a relative, acquaintance, it means that he can “gild” you soon.
  • Load ammo rifle in a dream while listening to the shooting of other hunters: to important news. And the lead will be very good.
  • Have you seen the battlefield on which the soldiers lay, holding guns in dead hands? Was sleep accompanied by blood? It means: conscience gnaws you, maybe for being proud of your loved one.

Opinion of authoritative interpreters

And now we invite you to familiarize yourself with the opinion of a world-renowned psychoanalyst, analysts who study the predictions of the Mayan nations (Dmitry, Nadezhda Zima), as well as the famous witch.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud

What is the dream of a rifle in the dream books of Winter, Freud, Medea

  1. This dream dream gun is seen as a phallic symbol, with all that it implies.
  2. In a dream, you loaded a gun with cartridges: in real life, you anticipate future intimate contact.
  3. Taking care of a weapon, admiring its appearance means: in order to gain sexual satisfaction, you do not always need a partner. You can handle it on your own.
  4. Have a weapon cabinet filled with different-sized rifles: in fact, it is a projection of your sexual relations, namely, a private collection of love victories.
  5. In the dream, you chose a gun for a long time: there are a lot of guys (girls) around you who are genuinely interested in you, but among them you are looking for not just a lover, but also a faithful friend with whom you would like to live life.
  6. A gun that can not shoot (rusted, broke): you can not satisfy your soulmate. That is, the dream speaks of either sexual “punctures” or frigidity (impotence) of the dreamer. The same interpretation has a misfire when shooting in a dream.
  7. Women’s dreams. You shot at some lady: a dream speaks of your «pink» inclinations. You were shot: you will have sex soon.
  8. Male dreams. Shoot a woman you know in real life: you would like to put her to bed. A man shot at you: a gay guy could “roll in” to you.

Dream interpretation of Nadezhda and Dmitry Zima

  1. If the gun was hunting, your subconscious mind warns: in order to achieve what you want, at the right moment you will have to “turn on” will power and character.
  2. To see this weapon in the hands of a stranger: among your friends, colleagues, or even relatives there is a person “on his mind”. All that he is waiting for to solve personal matters is a convenient moment.
  3. The gun was aimed at you: they can deceive you, or they use you against your will. And it will be the person from whom you will wait for such an act in the last turn.

The dream of the witch Medea

  1. A shotgun is the hidden wrath of a man to whom it has dreamed. Second interpretation: hidden danger. Often this weapon is dreaming before a collision with some person.
  2. You have heard a shot, or firing: get ready, soon unexpected news will come to you.
  3. You shot: you face a quarrel. However, it will not become protracted — soon you will peacefully reconcile with this person.
  4. You were cleaning, or you could have collected (disassembled) these weapons: you have to clean up your affairs. Among them are top priorities — label them for yourself and decide first.

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