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What is the dream of a pig with piglets on dream books and basic values

What does a pig with pigs in a dream mean and why is it a good sign

Recently, pigs are experiencing a peak of popularity. They are even kept as pets in the house, although in a city apartment such experiments are contraindicated. Pigs are curious, playful, affectionate, love cleanliness, affection and especially eat.

Charming mini-pig in a very short time reaches its normal weight of about 100 kg. Pigs in a dream usually promise good fortune and wealth.

Let’s try to make out why a pig with pigs dreams about dream books.

What is the dream of a pig with piglets on dream books and basic values

Basic Values

  • A pig with pigs in a dream is a sign of complete and absolutely happy well-being, which will last for some time. The appearance of the mumps is important. If she is healthy, cheerful, cheerful and cheerful, has a good appetite and plump sides — everything is great.
  • A dream indicates perseverance, high intelligence and hard work that will help to succeed in the presence of luck. Sleep just foreshadows a bright band. Feel free to make new acquaintances and talk about your projects, without going into details.
  • Cheerful and funny piglets — your competitors. If there are a lot of them, you will have to try to prove yourself. Do not spare funds for a decent appearance and do not skimp on the pleasant treatment and gifts. Your main task is to like and evoke pleasant emotions. In this case, more likely to hold out at the trough longer.
  • An emaciated mumps with dirty skinny piglets — to chagrin. You will succeed, but you will have to overcome various obstacles and face unpleasant problems.
  • To feed mumps — to have significant superiority and implicit tools of influence, communication in power structures. The larger the pig, the greater the impact. A sow in a dream may mean that the businessman himself belongs to a family close to power and receives the most recent data first-hand.
  • A wild pig with piglets not far from home or in an apartment is a danger. You have conceived a case that you cannot handle without serious support. On your own, without the necessary equipment, equipment, you will only receive losses that may be significant. Wild pigs in a dream can be representatives of semi-criminal structures and just lovers of easy money.
  • Ride a pig in a dream — to an amazing party, the impressions of which will be mixed, because great pleasure is combined with risky actions and various incidents. Quite possibly, you will want to forget this party and erase it from memory.
  • A black pig with black piglets is a big problem with a bunch of little problems. Starting a solution will have to be a big problem, although it is obvious that it would be easier with a little.
  • To offend a piglet — to incur huge troubles, incomparable with the scale of the offense. Try to keep yourself in hand and avoid abusive behavior in the near future.
  • Pig squeal — to scandals.

What is the dream of a pig with piglets on dream books and basic values

Interpretations of authorities

  • Freud’s dream interpretation treats a pig with piglets in a dream, as a sign that you are not completely satisfied with your business relationship. You do not like rudeness and sharpness, excessive straightforwardness and cheekiness of partners. You even think that they are ready to eat you, devour your share with an enviable appetite. We’ll have to take relationships to a new level and look for an approach to people with whom fate has brought you together. Freud advises to listen to what they say to you and try to understand the meaning. In this case, the attitude to you will change, you will appreciate.
  • Dream Vanga claims that pigs with piglets are amazing creatures, because they eat garbage and often in the mud, they keep their spiritual purity and cheerful disposition. To see a pig in a dream means the ability to rise from mud to riches, a dazzling success.
  • The female dream book promises significant profits in the affairs and well-being of children. Pranks and childish leprosy do not harm children, thanks to the natural charm, they will be able to avoid strict punishment. A white pig with pigs in a dream means a happy mother of many children, who succeeds in everything and does not harm the envy of others. Work is in full swing, undertakings and even a hobby make a profit, whisper behind your back only adds charm.

What is the dream of a pig with piglets on dream books and basic values


A pig with piglets in a dream is a sure sign of health and well-being, material wealth. During pregnancy, the pig promises a good safe delivery. Despite the complete well-being of the sign, be careful and cautious, many envy you, and this is quite an unpredictable feeling.

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