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What is the dream of a person who likes dreamguns and interpretations of the meaning of sleep

What does the person you like mean if you see him in a dream

If you dream of a person who likes it, this does not always mean love, sudden passion, or even love. It all depends on the context of the dream.

Public opinion convinces: if a person who likes dreams, it is to great love, you are destined to be together, the appearance of this person in a dream is a sign of fate.

In fact, the constant appearance of this person in a dream may be a sign of a completely different kind, a warning that he is not quite the one for whom he claims to be, that there is some falsehood that is not caught at the level of consciousness, but is felt and manifested in the dream. Do not rush to the neck of a person without understanding their own feelings.

To confuse lust and sensual passion and the sense of danger that comes from a person of dubious morality is a common mistake of young ladies. Perhaps this is the secret of the strange attraction of the «bad guys.»

Consider what dreams a person who likes, according to dream books.

What is the dream of a person who likes dreamguns and interpretations of the meaning of sleep

Basic Values

The basic meaning of the dream in which you see the person you like is natural interest, you think about this person. Quite possibly, you are pondering whether he is suitable as a couple.

It is important to determine whether you are dreaming of a person, or you are afraid of him, expect some unexpected action. If there are concerns, it is better to refuse to consider this candidate, despite the craving that may be caused by the reaction of stress and self-defense.

Postpone the adoption of any decision for a period of about a year. If a person starts hurrying you, threatening, demanding, blackmailing or crushing — consider yourself lucky and your bad qualities have appeared now, and not after 5 years of marriage with a mortgage and a couple of kids.

If the guy from your dreams, to provoke you, begins to walk with another girl, applaud and clap your hands. You do not need him, he needs a certain functionality for the maintenance of his person.

If necessary, he will easily replace one woman with another. In an illness, a difficult situation, you can not count on it.

  • You walk together in a park or along the seashore — you are interested in a person, you find him interesting as a friend. Such a dream shows that you would like to know a person better and do not rush to conclusions. This is a very good dream, showing sincere interest in a person.
  • If a person who likes, acts as an elusive shadow in your sleep — he avoids your attention and is not ready for a relationship. In fact, you are not indifferent and can force it to retaliate, but this will not bring you happiness.
  • Immoral erotic dreams show sexual attraction. Unfortunately, erotic attraction has little to do with building long-term relationships.

What is the dream of a person who likes dreamguns and interpretations of the meaning of sleep

Interpretations of authorities

  • Female dream book warns about the cunning of dreams about a person who likes. The meaning of a dream in reality can have a completely opposite meaning. A nice guy from work in a dream smiles and gives candy, a chocolate bar — expect him to ask for a huge report for him and try to appropriate all the laurels of your work. A female dream book warns that outsiders who in your sleep are wasting smiles and tender gestures cannot be trusted. Keep friendly, but with extreme caution. Do not believe the sad stories about a difficult childhood and a cheat wife, who needs only money.
  • Dream Miller assures that the sweet manners of a man in a dream talking about deception. But if he behaves indecently in your dreams, it is quite possible that you will be able to get along nicely, even without realizing some of the moments of the dream. A stranger in a dream can be a woman who behaves bravely, independently and professionally and can expect a good career.
  • Dream Vanga examines several of the most common dream scenarios at once:
  • If a young man in a dream is imperfect, drunk, dirty, careless in clothes and manners — this indicates your doubts about your own strengths and attractiveness. Your consciousness as if suggests that it suits you well. You deliberately deny yourself personal happiness, crossing out yourself and your merits. Perhaps you need to first raise your self-esteem, and only then begin to meet with the guys. On the other hand, too handsome guy, whom you look at as an angel of heaven because he is perfect — also speaks about low self-esteem, but also about the lack of criticality and willingness to worship. In this case, it is very desirable to have several sessions with a good psychologist.
  • Swear, chastise a guy in a dream — you are ready for a complete rupture of relations and absolutely dissatisfied with each other. Try to soften the gap if you have already made a decision and parting.
  • The calm, judicious behavior of a young man in a dream — he is not indifferent to you, you have a good chance to try an interesting joint story.
  • Dreamboy Tsvetkova extremely skeptical of the young man from a dream. Trying to kiss, especially timid, means trouble and empty efforts in reality. Erotic dream threatens to turn into disappointment in real life. However, you can easily transfer this feeling, since the main storm of emotions is already experienced in a dream.

What is the dream of a person who likes dreamguns and interpretations of the meaning of sleep


To dream of a person who likes is a property of fond of natures. You are open to new relationships and will soon find your happiness.

Be choosy and attentive, do not rush to the neck of the first comer, do not give quick promises, do not rush to decisions. Enjoy life and the process of choice, but also understand that this moment cannot last forever.

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