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What is the dream of a kiss with a girl on the dream of Miller, Tsvetkov, Freud

Dreamed a kiss with a girl: interpreted by dream-books

What could be more pleasant than women’s love and affection, which is expressed through a warm look, gentle hands and soft touches of lips. It is not surprising if, after the emotions experienced during the day, a kiss is imagined with a girl in a dream.

Why dream of such a plot, find out in the popular dream books.

The most sincere form of recognition and flattery

The kiss symbolism is various. Initially, it was a demonstration of its life force through the power of exhalation. Later — became the personification of worship before someone.

In addition to personal significance, the kiss was a sign of spiritual union, loyalty, blessing.

For some, a kiss expresses submission, trust, affection. For others, it is a symbol of binding contract, respect.

In any case, a kiss with a girl basically marks the pleasant and delightful moments of life.

What is the dream of a kiss with a girl on the dream of Miller, Tsvetkov, Freud

There are differences in the interpretation of such dreams for men and women, which are associated with all the circumstances and nuances of sleep.

Sometimes only a kiss can make a woman silent

Not unmarried to the yoke to see your boyfriend with your girlfriend — a dream suggests to you that the suspicions of betrayal are not unfounded. The fan uses your gullibility and naivety, the main thing is to think again and not bring the matter to the wedding.

Saw a young spouse in the arms of a rival — in reality you are experiencing longing for young and carefree years. Perhaps the monotonous family life and the usual household chores made you boring and unattractive for your spouse. Make a highlight, change something in appearance or think up new joint hobbies, hobbies.

The husband will look at you with different eyes.

Met hot kisses with the former in a dream — your feelings do not let go and most likely the faded love will flood with a new force.

I dreamed of a couple in love, which is given to caressing in front of you — wait for melancholy and despondency from the feeling of loneliness in the coming days. So that depression does not linger, try to be more often in public and communicate more.

What is the dream of a kiss with a girl on the dream of Miller, Tsvetkov, Freud

Famous Hollywood stars kiss in your dream — this is rather a hint that you have accumulated a lot of envy, resentment and anger at someone. All the time you try to compare yourself and look no worse than your successful friends. But this is just a mask and controversial conclusions.

The problem is you and your dubious values.

A business lady saw a young mother surrounded by a hot fan — a good reason to plan profitable financial transactions and start implementing promising projects. A successful period for discovering new talents and opportunities.

Your hidden potential will manifest itself to the maximum, and you boldly prove to your partners what you are capable of.

The stranger is trying to kiss you in a dream — get ready for the temptation to do something very immoral that will be condemned by strangers. You are fed up with a boring and predictable life. It seems that having made a lecherous and immoral act, you will add a little bit of confusion and fun to your routine.

The main thing here is not to go too far, so as not to regret what happened.

Being a man is good already because you don’t have to kiss the three-day stubble.

Merging with the former — your streak of stagnation and failure was delayed because of longing for past victories. It’s time to make plans and dream of future exploits. You are not completely let go of old feelings and it seems that everything else can be returned.

But this is wrong, this situation only slows you down. Do not try to enter the same river twice.

What prepares a kiss with a charming girl, if:

  • she is a beauty — beware of significant expenses and unforeseen expenses;
  • young — something to be very surprised, but it will be nice;
  • village — expect additions to the family;
  • dancing — to the friendly and warm atmosphere in the family;
  • with an unhealthy complexion and very thin — get ready for the fact that someone in your family gets sick.

Make love to the one that has long been in the next world — a dream warns of impending health problems. If something worries, you should immediately consult a doctor and be examined.

We believe only first-hand kisses. Author’s dream book

Sigmund Freud

If you are passionately and greedily in a dream kissing a girl — this indicates your dominance over the weaker sex. Your character and the habits of the winning male help you achieve a new sexual experience. When a young person herself tries to kiss you — in reality you are too infantile and not used to caring for someone and seeking someone.

Show more activity, leaving behind a leading role, and see how much life becomes brighter, sparkle with new colors.

What is the dream of a kiss with a girl on the dream of Miller, Tsvetkov, Freud

You saw someone of your friends kiss your lady’s heart — to a real jealousy that you cannot cope with. Try to keep yourself in hand and do no nonsense.

We kissed together in a hot kiss with a friend’s wife — a dream promises pleasant, but forbidden pleasures, perhaps after this you will be condemned and accused of lecherous.

Gustov Miller

I saw how at dusk you touch your beloved lips — you have something to hide from it in real life. But your love affairs on the side did not bother you. This cynicism may soon turn in your favor.

The obvious can unfold, and you will be left alone.

Add to the tenderness with a charming miss in the light of the bright sun — a good sign. You will have a chance to show your noble masculine qualities, for which you will receive a generous reward.

Someone presses your beloved — get ready for serious trials on which her future attitude towards you will depend.

The frivolous hugs of a stranger mean frivolous acts in reality. Be more serious and prudent, otherwise you will not avoid trouble and slander.

Feel the lips of his wife promises harmony and prosperity of family life. Your love over the years only grows stronger, and loyalty becomes the key to your happiness.

See how children kiss — to reconciliation and to establish good and partnership relations with those with whom they previously avoided conversations and business contacts.

Joyful sister presses you — expect favorable days for rest and pleasure.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

Kiss the beauty that you see for the first time — expect tests for your composure and patience. For a married man, such a dream promises a test of love and loyalty.

If a woman has a dream that her husband is pardoning with someone — beware of deception and fraud while awake. During this period, it is better to avoid places of large crowds of people, to beware of public transport.

Chances of theft or loss of things.

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