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What is the dream of a kiss on the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

Why dreamed a kiss: interpreted by various dream books

Is it possible to imagine life without kissing. The more we kiss, the better our mood, memory, blood pressure. These lip touches are many times superior in the narcotic effects of morphine.

What dreams kiss, we learn in proven dream books.

With your favorite kissing — that honey revel

A kiss is the surest way to express your emotions and feelings, to understand how much a person needs you, whether your partner is suitable for you and what is the likelihood of developing further relationships. At a biological level, a kiss can tell enough about you, about your inner world, unconscious desires.

The language of kisses, with which the message can be conveyed, has existed since antiquity. It will not be difficult for the dreamer to recognize him.

I saw how the lips of the one whom you kiss are clamped — in reality this person is absolutely not interested in you. If, on the contrary, you see that your mouth is slightly open — expect a romantic continuation.

What is the dream of a kiss on the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

A kiss in the hand is a sign of worship and respect. For a woman, this is a demonstration of male sympathy.

After such a dream, you should count on cute courtship and gifts of a worthy fan.

A light touch of your forehead with your lips can predict the emergence in life of an influential patron who will be ready to take care of you and be always there.

A kiss on the cheek is a manifestation of friendly feelings. This will be for the dreamer a sign of decency and loyalty to the inner circle.

Kissing someone in the neck — in fact, passionately desire intimacy with this person.

Basically, such scenes suggest a positive interpretation, if in a dream you were not insanely disgusting or boring. The more sleep caused pleasant moments, the more interesting and meaningful the prediction will be.

Female lips cured many sick

For women, kissing in a dream is a way of self-expression. If you touch someone — in reality you want to command the thoughts, feelings and actions of this person. In real life, you need to get him to do something for you.

You are in a quarrel with someone, then this is your desire for reconciliation and friendship. The state of conflict is unacceptable for you, but you are afraid to take the first step.

You touch the neck of a man — in reality you try to become the initiator of acquaintance and continuation of relations with someone you have long liked. Try not to get involved with a colleague, this will not end with a long and serious relationship, but will only complicate the work in one team.

Felt someone touching your ear — love flattery and compliments. You are one of those characters who love the ears.

Sometimes this plot calls for vigilance, you risk missing something important, yielding to empty and insincere courtship.

What is the dream of a kiss on the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

What else does a kiss dream of:

  • in the chest — to the joy and positive emotions;
  • in the eyes — to the tenderness and romance;
  • in the back — show character;
  • in the shoulder — to the patronage;
  • in the crown — to warm memories.

For men kissing on the mouth there is no fasting.

Kiss someone on the cheek in a dream — to feel their obligations to some special. You have forgotten the past good deeds of this person, thanks to which you may have become more confident, strong or wealthy.

The sooner you fix the situation, the faster the conscience will let go.

I dreamed of someone caressing your lips with your tongue — in reality you arrive in a state of euphoria from unrealistic dreams and fantasies. The sooner you find a connection with reality, the more real you will begin to perceive people and events in your life.

For a business person to feel how someone kisses his hand — to be more vigilant when signing long-term contracts and commitments. Remove contracts that raise doubts about profitability.

All paper formalities leave for a more favorable period.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

The interpretation of a kiss in a dream comes down to the desire for intimacy. By virtue of your intelligence, decency, you are embarrassed to admit to yourself that you crave someone insanely. This stiffness can be explained by the fear of exposure, condemnation.

But from this your passion at the sight of this person does not fade away.

What is the dream of a kiss on the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

For a married man, such a dream can cause problems in the family. You have cooled to your spouse and feel complete indifference towards her.

Straight talk on intimate topics will help to avoid conflict. Perhaps a variety or change of setting will revive your senses.

For those who are not married, kissing different young people at a party means not to limit yourself to frivolous contacts. Sex without commitment is a way for you to express your mood, way of thinking and life goals.

You are comfortable to swim in love and enjoy the process.

Gustov Miller

The touch of someone’s lips is a bad sign that should alert and pay attention to details. Such a scenario can predict deception, fraud, treason and betrayal. But you yourself will provoke a desire to treat you so.

You should not trust hypocrites who are trying to veil the situation. Analyze what is happening, actions, words of those who have to engage in dialogue.

Those dreams where you saw the children kissing or kiss your close relatives will bring good luck.

I was seen kissing a stranger — the forerunner of your immoral acts that will leave a mark on your credibility and reputation. We’ll have to regret their deed, but nothing will be returned.

Spouses see themselves in the arms of each other — in reality a sign of harmony and comfort of your home. Quarrels and scandals are alien to you, all disagreements are resolved diplomatically and gently.

To kiss an opponent on the cheek is to find points of contact and a compromise with those with whom there was a long confrontation. Dialogue with a competitor will lead to a joint profitable contract and the establishment of a promising business.

Kissing with your mother is a good omen. Ended a series of adversity and failures. There comes a period of grace for self-realization and self-expression.

Take a moment to make your life more interesting, richer, more comfortable and richer.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

If, on the eve of an important event, you have dreamed how a woman kisses — wait for a trick, at the most crucial moment everything can go wrong. To avoid critical moments, you should carefully prepare and check everything, paying attention to detail.

In love, such a dream predicts to learn about the betrayal of the chosen one. Common sense and observation will help to avoid becoming a hero of jokes. This person has long used you as a sponsor, taking your patronage.

It has nothing to do with feelings.

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