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What is the dream of a kiss on the cheek on the dream books of Freud, Miller, Lofa, Tsvetkov

I had a kiss on the cheek — the nuances of interpretation of popular dream books

Sometimes, in order to express our sincere emotions, we resort to tactile actions. Touching your dear and close person with your lips is one form of expressing love, appreciation, respect, and reverence.

What dreams kiss on the cheek, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

A kiss on the cheek in a dream carries very favorable events. The dreamer should prepare for unexpected changes. But the positive outlook is affected by circumstances.

A kiss should come from someone close, dear to the heart. This boosts your reach. Boldly and confidently go to the goals.

But they must be real and achievable, otherwise they will not avoid disappointment.

What is the dream of a kiss on the cheek on the dream books of Freud, Miller, Lofa, Tsvetkov

Such visions often predict changes in personal relationships with others or ways of self-realization. The more the kissing character matters to you, the bigger the altered reality will be. The dreamer’s kiss will indicate a personal interest in some significant event.

A sign of missed opportunities will be a dream in which you did not pay attention or did not remember the one who kissed you.

Mom kisses the young lady — in reality you will not find female happiness without a faithful and reliable companion. Striving for independence and freedom from male influence, you forget about simple weaknesses and moods.

Only a girl who feels masculine love and attention can afford them.

He kissed his father in a dream — the closest period of his life will not be without stress and overwork. Unpleasant situations can wait everywhere: at work, at home, in the company of friends.

In order not to fall into a prolonged depression, you need to find a way to deal with your own blues. A good way to do this is walking in the fresh air or spontaneous shopping.

One of the best options is sports. A beautiful, toned body will undoubtedly become a source of pride and raise a fallen self-esteem.

He touched his lips to the cheek of a colleague or boss — a dream indicates that you feel obliged to this person. For a woman, this will be a reason to doubt her abilities and professionalism. Perhaps you do not need someone’s protection, but all the time you feel the protection of this person.

It will be appropriate to openly express your gratitude and put an end to further concern for you.

What is the dream of a kiss on the cheek on the dream books of Freud, Miller, Lofa, Tsvetkov

The man was dreaming to touch the face of an unfamiliar girl — your formal communication with her can become very informal. A serious attachment to this person will change your freedom-loving disposition.

There is reason to think about the family nest and future offspring.

The girl has the courage to kiss a guy — a good sign for those who seek to make a dizzying career. You love to take the initiative and for this you will receive a decent reward in the form of a new position and high fees.

For a student, such a vision predicts a great chance to prove himself as a successful and purposeful high achiever.

Kissing the dead man’s cheek is a bad omen. Expect a series of troubles, the consequences of which will be large monetary expenditure and material difficulties.

But if the deceased dreamed alive and trying to tell you something, in reality listen to the voice of reason and your own intuition. You should not get involved in adventures and dubious affairs.

Easy and gratuitous money never brings people happiness.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

A kiss on the cheek in a dream symbolizes the dissatisfaction of the person being kissed. To a man to touch his lips to a woman’s face means to give free rein to feelings, emotions, to show more attention, which her lover so lacked. A woman such a scenario indicates a lack of tactile sensations.

You need to find a partner for sex. Do not tune in to find a person who, after the first intimacy, offers you to formally seal the union.

Get ready for flirting, seducing and changing lovers.

Watching out the window for someone hugging and kissing — to suffer from internal inferiority complexes, to prefer self-satisfaction to healthy sexual relations with the opposite sex. This is an attempt to deceive yourself that you do not need intimate contacts.

On a subconscious level, you experience severe discomfort.

Gustov Miller

Kissing and shaking hands with a high-ranking official — to cope with bureaucratic prejudices and to achieve the advancement of his business. For businessmen, this is a good opportunity to bypass the barriers and start implementing a new project.

You will surely recommend yourself as an imperious and influential person.

Parental kisses in a dream are a sign of blessing. If something confused and stopped to take an important, fateful decision, it’s time to act. Be bolder and more persistent.

As long as you hold on to stability and comfort, someone completely embodies your dreams and plans.

What is the dream of a kiss on the cheek on the dream books of Freud, Miller, Lofa, Tsvetkov

For spouses, such tenderness dreams of harmony and mutual understanding in the family. The band of quarrels, jealousy and claims was left long behind at the stage of your adjustment.

So that the romance does not pass and doesn’t jam life, flirt with each other, flirt, charm with surprises, share intimate conversations and support this spark of passion and desire. The partner who is interested and shows that he wants to be close is appreciated.

David loff

The interpreter draws attention to the feelings of the dreamer, which he experienced in a dream while kissing his cheek. Pleasant emotions and good awakening indicate the favor of fate.

The moment when you should trust your desires and persistently promote your interests.

Those who dreamed of observing the intimacy of a couple in love dream of hinting at the excessive participation of the sleeper in the fate of these people. You can cause a breakup or quarrel.

In any case, pay attention to your personal life and search for a worthy companion.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

Beloved kisses you on the cheek, and not on the lips — in reality there will be a reason to doubt the loyalty of the second half. Maybe you show excessive jealousy and suspicion, and perhaps your suspicions will have incontestable evidence.

The immutability of feelings for the second half is very valuable, even under the onslaught of fatal temptations.

You are very important loyalty partner of soul and body, loyalty to himself, his convictions, views. Do not hold a traitor, look for a person with truly valuable qualities.

After all, this is a gift of fate.

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